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    Bespoke & Standard Lifting Solutions for all Commercial Environments

    Lifting Solutions

    Translyft Lifting Technology is the leading provider of scissor lifts for use in the commercial, industrial and public sectors, including large loading bay systems and manual handling systems for customers such as Asda, Sainsbury's and Comet.

    We are the exclusive suppliers of Translyft scissor lift tables in the UK. Translyft is manufactured in Denmark and installed all over the world- in factories, hospitals, warehouses, theatres, supermarkets and large distribution centres to name a few. Translyft Scissor Lifts set the benchmark for quality and reliability.

    Standard & Bespoke Scissor Lifts

    Translyft offers standard scissor lifts and manual handling equipment, and provide a bespoke service covering design, manufacture, installation and maintenance across the UK. In addition we supply a range of disability access platform lifts for those that need to meet the demands of the Disabled Discrimination Act (DDA).

    We work in partnership with all our customers to provide solutions that optimise efficiencies and costs through the supply chain.

    Scissor Lift Servicing, Maintenance & Repair

    In addition to delivering and installing Translyft Scissor Lifts, we are known for our after sales service which includes Scissor Lift maintenance and servicing ensuring your scissor lift maintains its optimal functionality. In addition to servicing your scissor lift our qualified and highly skilled engineers also specialise in scissor lift repairs, regardless of how old your scissor lift is � your first call should be Lifting Technology.

    Health & Safety Lifting Solutions

    In the modern working world with Health and Safety guidelines on manual lifting being very strict the use of scissor lift tables is becoming more and more widespread. A scissor lift is often the safe and sensible option when looking at ways of creating a safer and more efficient working environment. Translyft scissor lifts are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and conformity by Translyft Ergo A/S in Denmark. We ensure that every Translyft lift we sell or install is fully compliant with the latest, and in many cases proposed, changes to Health and Safety regulations.

    Loading Bay Solutions

    At Lifting Technology we have the expertise in a wide range of lifting products including solutions for loading bay environments. The lifting bay equipment from Lifting Technology offers a more flexible solution over dock levellers particularly where various types of transport vehicles are being used.

    Our lifts can also be pit mounted to enable loading to and from ground level.

    Vehicles ready to unload can be docked using a wide range of bridging plates including light weight alloy plates to heavy duty hydraulically powered lips.

    All of our lifts can be galvanized which we find is essential where outside applications prevail.

    Goods Lifts

    ...� Mezzanine Floor Lifts
    ...� Between Level Lift Tables
    ...� Mast Lyfts

    The Mezzanine Floor Lifts from Lifting Technology offer a fast and effective solution to the recent moving goods legislation regarding mezzanine floors.

    We offer a range of Scissor Lift Tables which once again meet all of the safety regulations regarding the handling of goods between floor levels.

    Our `Mast Lyfts` have been created to provide a range of benefits for environments where construction methods are not suited around the lifting area so why not get in touch to talk to us about your constraints, we will be more than delighted to find you a solution.

    Disabled Lifts

    Lifting Technology offers a wide range of solutions designed to help you comply with the latest discrimination act.

    We can help you to ensure your lifts offer access for both disabled and wheelchair users in your place of work.

    ...� Bespoke Disabled/Wheelchair Access
    ...� Low Headroom Wheelchair Access
    ...� Low Rise Platform Lifts
    ...� Standard Wheelchair Access

    Reel Handling

    Lifting Technology offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of solutions for reel handling applications.

    Manual Reel Manipulator
    Perfect for reels stacked upright on pallets

    Electric Reel Manipulator
    For handling heavy reels that would otherwise cause a handling problem when using manual means.

    Electric Clamp and Turn Units
    Clamps around the outside of the reel then turns to the horizontal via electrical actuators. Perfect solution for the lifting of heavy reels that cannot be picked via the core.

    Single & Double Boom
    Ideal for reels which have been stored horizontally on pallets.

    More About Us

    We work in partnership with all our customers to provide solutions that optimise efficiencies and costs through the supply chain.

    Translyft's range of industrial lifting equipment include:

    ...� Loading Bay Lifts
    ...� Dock levellers and associated loading bay equipment
    ...� Conveyor lifting
    ...� Goods Lifts
    ...� Mezzanine Floor Lifts
    ...� Disabled access platforms
    ...� Bespoke Scissor Lifts
    ...� Repair servicing & maintenance of Scissor lifts

    We at Lifting Technology Ltd hope that if you are currently faced with a lifting problem you will contact us to find out how Translyft scissor lifts can help you.

    For more information on our range of scissor lifts call us today.

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