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Griffen Engineering Ltd

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    Griffen Engineering Ltd

    Since 1984 Griffen Engineering has been providing Nottingham with one of the most comprehensive sheet metal fabrication services working to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

    Although specialising in high quality stainless steel enclosures Griffen Engineering is able to provide a complete manufacturing service from initial design through to production, inspection and final delivery.

    From our state of the art manufacturing facility based in Radford, Nottingham equipped with CNC punching machines, CNC bending machines, CNC lathes and machining capabilities Griffen Engineering is able to provide a fast and efficient sheet metal manufacturing service.

    Our customer base is extremely varied and to date covers sectors such as electrical engineering, power, rail, shop fitting and interior design, conveyor systems, street lighting, aerospace, motorsport, building contractors and thermos-plastics so whatever your requirements Griffen Engineering will provide a solution.

    Griffen Engineering offers a complete range of accurate and reliable fabrication services working in a wide range of materials such as stainless steel, mild steel, copper, brass and aluminium all of which can be processed in a range of thicknesses.

    Our range of state of the art CNC folding machines allows us to offer our customers a complete folding service which is accurate and repeatable allowing for virtually any folding specification to be provided either as a service or as part of a complete fabricated product.

    CNC Punching & Programming/Drilling/Welding
    All of the skilled welders at Griffen Engineering go through regular testing to ensure they are fully conversant with all of today�s modern welding techniques and able to produce work of the highest standard.

    Cut to Size Material
    Griffen Engineering has the facility and capability to cut different thicknesses of stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium to your exact specifications so to find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    EBay Sales
    We also offer customers an EBay shop whereby they can purchase certain bespoke items as well as material off-cuts, more information of which may be found on EBay itself.

    Griffen Engineering designs and manufactures a wide range of Cab Heaters for train cabs to enable the driver of the train to use immediately upon entry to the cab. This not only improves the all-round working conditions for the operative but reduces downtime caused by problems with the existing water controlled heating system.

    We design and manufacture custom enclosures which are now used all over the world.
    We can produce them in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium to include a variety of plated finishes to meet our customers exact specifications.

    With over twenty years of experience in high quality fabrication and a highly skilled and motivated workforce Griffen Engineering has the capabilities to manufacture your project to the very highest of specifications and within your agreed timescales so whether it�s a small bracket or a large refuelling cab for an ocean going tug we will deliver.

    Over the years Griffen Engineering has supplied many retail outlets and shop fitters with a vast range of fabricated and machined parts including clothing suppliers, restaurants, swimming pools, food outlets and museums.

    Our skilled fabricators will ensure that your final product is produced exactly to your specifications and what's more within your timescale.

    This is only a sample of the wide range of high specification fabrication services Griffen Engineering is able to provide so to find out more please visit our website of get in touch.

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    Products and Services

    1. Abs Enclosures
    2. AC Enclosures
    3. Accessories For Enclosures
    4. Acoustic - Enclosures
    5. Acoustic Enclosures
    6. Acoustic Noise Control Enclosures
    7. Acoustic Noise Enclosures
    8. Active Laser Guarding Enclosures
    9. Aluminium And Metal Large Enclosures
    10. Aluminium Desktop Enclosures
    11. Aluminium Enclosures
    12. Aluminium Extrusion Enclosures
    13. Aluminium Instrument Enclosures
    14. Aluminium Portable Enclosures
    15. Aluminium Rack Mount Enclosures
    16. Aluminium Sheet Metal Fabrications
    17. Aluminium Terminal Enclosures
    18. Aluminium Wall Mount Enclosures
    19. Animal Enclosures
    20. Assemblies Enclosures
    21. ATEX Ex Enclosures
    22. Bespoke Electronic Enclosures
    23. Bespoke Enclosures
    24. Bespoke Fabrication
    25. Bespoke Fabrication Service
    26. Bespoke Fabrications
    27. Blast Proof Enclosures
    28. Box Enclosures
    29. Brass Sheet Metal Fabrications
    30. CAB Heaters
    31. Cabinets And Enclosures
    32. CCTV Enclosures
    33. Chiller Enclosures
    34. Clean Enclosures
    35. CMM Enclosures
    36. CNC Machining Plastic Enclosures
    37. CNC Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication
    38. Coded Welders
    39. Command Enclosures
    40. Commercial Noise Enclosures
    41. Commercial Sound Proof Noise Enclosures
    42. Compact Enclosures
    43. Components Enclosures
    44. Composite Enclosures
    45. Compressor Enclosures
    46. Computer Enclosures
    47. Condenser Enclosures
    48. Contactor Enclosures
    49. Copper Sheet Metal Fabrications
    50. Custom Acoustic Noise Enclosures
    51. Custom Electronic Enclosures
    52. Custom Enclosures
    53. Custom Fabrication
    54. Custom Fabrications
    55. Custom Metal Fabrications
    56. Custom Noise Enclosures
    57. Customised Aluminium Enclosures
    58. Customised Aluminium Enclosures
    59. Customised Enclosures
    60. Desk Top Enclosures
    61. Desktop Enclosures
    62. Diecast Enclosures
    63. Din Rail Enclosures
    64. Din-Rail Enclosures
    65. Drive Enclosures
    66. Electrical Enclosures
    67. Electrical Industry Sheet Metal Fabrications
    68. Electrical Instrument Enclosures
    69. Electronic Enclosures
    70. Electronic Enclosures Plastic
    71. Electronic Instrument Enclosures
    72. Electronic Project Enclosures
    73. Electronics Enclosures
    74. EMC Enclosures
    75. EMI Shielded Enclosures
    76. Enclosure Solutions
    77. Enclosure Systems
    78. Enclosures
    79. Enclosures & Fixings
    80. Enclosures - To Specification
    81. Enclosures Accessories
    82. Enclosures Metal
    83. Enclosures Metal IP65
    84. Enclosures Plastic
    85. Enclosures Plastic Injection Moulded
    86. Enclosures To Specification
    87. Environmental Noise Enclosures
    88. Environmentally Controlled Enclosures
    89. Equipment Enclosures
    90. Equipment Enclosures Commission
    91. Equipment Enclosures Design
    92. Equipment Enclosures Install
    93. Equipment Enclosures Manufacture
    94. Exterior Enclosures
    95. Extruded Aluminium Enclosures
    96. Extruded Enclosures
    97. Fabricated Enclosures
    98. Fan Enclosures
    99. Fibreglass Enclosures
    100. Fire Extinguisher Enclosures
    101. Flame Retardant Enclosures
    102. Floor Standing Enclosures
    103. Flush Mounting Enclosures
    104. Front Panel Enclosures
    105. Fume Extraction Enclosures
    106. Generator Enclosures
    107. GRP Composite Enclosures
    108. GRP Enclosures
    109. Hand Held Enclosures
    110. Handheld Enclosures
    111. Hazardous Area Enclosures
    112. Heat Dissipating Enclosures
    113. Heat Pump Enclosures
    114. Indoor Enclosures
    115. Industrial Enclosures
    116. Industrial Noise Enclosures
    117. Instrument Enclosures
    118. Instrument Enclosures Electronic
    119. Insulated ABS Plastic Enclosures
    120. IP 54 Steel UPS Enclosures
    121. IP Rated Enclosures
    122. Ip54 Enclosures
    123. IP54 Rated Enclosures
    124. IP54 UPS Enclosures
    125. Ip65 Enclosures
    126. IP65 Rated Enclosures
    127. Ip66 Enclosures
    128. IP66 Rated Enclosures
    129. IP67 Rated Enclosures
    130. IP69K Rated Enclosures
    131. IT Enclosure Systems
    132. IT Enclosures
    133. Large Aluminium Enclosures
    134. Large Laser Safety Enclosures
    135. Large Metal Enclosures
    136. Laser Enclosures
    137. LED Enclosures
    138. Low Enclosures
    139. Machine Acoustic Enclosures
    140. Machine Enclosures
    141. Metal Electrical Enclosures
    142. Metal Electronic Enclosures
    143. Metal Enclosures
    144. Metal Fabrication
    145. Metal Fabrication Machinery
    146. Metal Fabrication Machines
    147. Metal Fabrication Paint Spraying
    148. Metal Fabrication Services
    149. Metal Fabrication Supplies
    150. Metal Fabrication To Specification
    151. Metal Fabrication Tools
    152. Metal Fabrications
    153. Metal Instrument Enclosures
    154. Micro Electronic Enclosures
    155. Mild Steel Enclosures
    156. Mild Steel Sheet Metal Fabrications
    157. Modern Enclosures
    158. Modular Enclosures
    159. Multipurpose Enclosures
    160. NEMA Enclosures
    161. Noise Control Enclosures
    162. Noise Enclosure Supplier
    163. Noise Enclosure Suppliers
    164. Noise Enclosures
    165. Outdoor Enclosures
    166. Pcb Enclosures
    167. Plastic Electrical Enclosures
    168. Plastic Electronic Enclosures
    169. Plastic Enclosures
    170. Polycarbonate Enclosures
    171. Polyester Enclosures
    172. Pool Enclosures
    173. Portable Enclosures
    174. Portable Instrument Enclosures
    175. Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication
    176. Rack Enclosures
    177. Rack Mount Enclosures
    178. Rackmount Enclosures
    179. Rapid Prototyping Enclosures
    180. Recording Studio Enclosures
    181. Rectangular Enclosures
    182. RF Shield Enclosures
    183. RFI Shielded Enclosures
    184. Rose Enclosures
    185. Sealed Enclosures
    186. Security Enclosures
    187. Sheet Metal Enclosures
    188. Sheet Metal Enclosures To Specification
    189. Sheet Metal Fabrication
    190. Sheet Metal Fabrication Assembly
    191. Sheet Metal Fabrications
    192. Sheet Steel Enclosures
    193. Sheetmetal Fabrication
    194. Shopfitting Equipment
    195. Shower Enclosures
    196. Small Aluminium Enclosures
    197. Small Electronic Enclosures
    198. Small Enclosures
    199. Small Laser Safety Enclosures
    200. Sound And Noise Enclosures
    201. Sound Enclosures
    202. Sound Proof Acoustic Enclosures
    203. Sound Proof Enclosures
    204. Sound Proof Noise Enclosures
    205. Soundproof Enclosures
    206. Special Design Enclosures
    207. Specialist Enclosures
    208. Stainless Steel Electrical Enclosures
    209. Stainless Steel Enclosures
    210. Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Fabrications
    211. Steel Enclosures
    212. Steel Sheet Metal Fabrications
    213. Structured Wiring Enclosures
    214. Suspension Arm Enclosures
    215. Table-Top Instrument Enclosures
    216. Terminal Enclosures
    217. Terminal Strip Enclosures
    218. Timber Arch Enclosures
    219. Transformer Enclosures
    220. Transformers Enclosures
    221. Tube Metal Fabrication
    222. Universal Enclosures
    223. Used Metal Fabrication Equipment
    224. Vending Machine Enclosures
    225. Wall Mount Enclosures
    226. Wall Mounted Enclosures
    227. Waterproof Enclosures
    228. Watertight Enclosures
    229. Wearable Enclosures
    230. Weatherproof Enclosures
    231. Wheelie Bin Enclosures
    232. Wire Enclosures
    233. Wired Enclosures
    234. Zinc Enclosures


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