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    GP Cases Ltd

    GP Cases provides one of the most comprehensive ranges of bespoke wooden packing cases, plywood riveted boxes, composite cases, ply batten cases and warehouse containers in the UK.

    As a family run business based in Royal Wootton Bassett Swindon we are able to provide a wide range of customers from many industry sectors with a complete packaging solution.

    This well placed location also has excellent transport links to enable a fast and efficient delivery service to all parts of the UK.

    Wooden Packing Cases
    All of the team at GP Cases have a wealth of experience in the industrial packaging sector. We design and manufacture completely bespoke wooden packing cases for any client that requires a non standard size. We provide wooden cases for all purposes, our range includes wooden packing cases, containers and pallets.

    This expertise includes understanding the customer's drawings and specifications so no matter what your requirements whether it�s a special packaging project for a fragile or sensitive product or something large or small, no matter what the size we can deliver.

    - Plywood Packing Cases
    - Plywood Riveted Cases
    - Plywood Battened Cases
    - Bespoke Cases
    - Softwood Cases & Crates
    - Pallets & Collars
    - Composite Cases
    - Reusable Cases
    - On-Site Packaging

    Bespoke Pallets
    G&P Cases offer a bespoke pallet solution where we can tailor make pallets to your specification in the quantities that you require. We have made pallets for all applications ranging Light Manufacturing through to the Aerospace industry

    Plywood Packing Cases
    One of our most popular products are our Plywood Packing Cases, they come in 2 forms, battened or riveted & can be manufactured bespoke to your requirements.

    Bespoke Softwood Crates and Cases
    Our softwood crates are commonly used for heavy equipment is sea freight shipments. Bespoke softwood crates can be lined with a range of barrier materials to provide extra protection and they can be manufactured in sizes to suit your requirements. The difference between Bespoke Softwood Crates and Cases is that a crate is open boarded and a case is fully boarded to all sides.

    Plywood Riveted Cases
    By far the most popular form of packaging we manufacture are plywood riveted cases all of which are constructed by riveting steel corner strip to plywood panels making them ideal for virtually any form of transport. Benefits include delivery in lay flat form taking up less volume at the customer's facility.

    Plywood Battened Cases
    At GP Cases we manufacture all sizes of plywood battened cases that offer strength and durability through the transporting process. These too can be foam lined to protect those sensitive products you need to transport.

    Composite Cases
    Manufactured from multiple elements taken from various materials our composite cases offer customers a very economical way of packing and transporting heavy items. Typical applications include items that do not require so much protection or no exposure to the elements.

    Working hard alongside foam engineers and corrosion material specialists we are able to ensure your products are fully protected throughout the whole duration of their journey and storage.

    If GP Cases is one thing it's flexible! From ones offs through to high volume production we are able to provide customers with a totally flexible service to meet their precise needs.

    On Site Packing
    Some of our customer's products require packing on site at their own facility either because of size or security. In this case one of our representatives will visit your facility to take down details and specifications needed and once manufactured our team of on-site packers will assemble, load and secure your products to complete the whole packaging process.

    All products manufactured at GP Cases are carefully constructed under the quality assurance ISO9001:2008 accreditation.

    We are also fully committed to following the ISPM15 regulations regarding the export of timber.

    Our Services
    The main activity of GP Cases is in the design and manufacture of plywood/timber cases including the machining of various materials to component form and final assembly.

    All of the machining processes undertaken use CNC machinery technology and equipment to ensure that quality, consistency and accuracy are maintained at all times.

    CNC Wood Machining
    G&P Cases has a long history spanning more than fifty years producing quality industrial packing solutions to our customers.

    With an eye to the future and our desire to constantly improve the services we offer, we have recently invested heavily in new manufacturing equipment enabling us to cut lead times, reduce waste and offer our valued customers additional services.

    Our plywood machining facilities have been upgraded with a Homag Beam Saw and a Holzer Wall Saw.

    The new Homag Beam Saw makes use of the latest technology allowing us to precision cut large quantities of plywood with optimizing software reducing waste and the new Holzer Wall Saw uses Cam software allowing for greater precision of cut for small works.

    Alongside the addition of these two machines, we have also invested in a new CNC Router that will enable us to offer a much wider variety of manufacturing options to our customers and opens a new and exciting opportunity for our company to expand into other sectors of manufacturing.

    With our expert knowledge and exemplary reputation in manufacturing industrial packing solutions, we feel that with the addition of the CNC Router to our facility will greatly enhance our ability to supply our customers with a much broader and more comprehensive service.

    For precision CNC wood machining enquires, please contact Jordan Ferreira on 01793 852 156 or email [email protected]

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    Our plywood packing cases, wooden packing cases, bespoke softwood crates and everything else are available to the following locations, surrounding areas and nationwide:

    Blandford Forum
    Blandford Forum

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