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  • National ACR & Heat Pumps Awards 2017

    National ACR & Heat Pumps Awards 2017

    We are proud to announce that we are finalists in the National ACR & Heat Pumps Awards 2017, Wholesa

    From: 26 January 2017 18:30 pm
    To: 26 January 2017 23:00 pm

Go Geothermal Ltd

The UK's Largest Independent Supplier of Heat Pumps

Go Geothermal Ltd, being a “specialist” in a specific market sector allows us to focus on and share our knowledge with our customers on renewable energy products, enabling us to respond effectively to existing and potential customers.

Go Geothermal Ltd – With interest and demand in Ground Source growing fast it is imperative that Heat Pump manufacturers and installers alike have a dependable source for advice and specialist products. To this end we continually look for Innovative and market leading products which is the cornerstone of our business.

All this but with a firm commitment to source within the UK wherever possible, but if not then Europe. In our years of trading we have never exceeded more than 2% of our spend out with this criteria we set ourselves. A clear practical demonstration of our values to ensure ethical sources & minimising our carbon footprint.

Ground Source & Air Source Heat Pumps

As direct partners of heat pump manufacturers such as Stiebel Eltron, Daikin, Vaillant and Dimplex, Go Geothermal can provide you with the heat pump to accompany all of our pipes, manifolds and glycol solutions. We continually strive for best practice and consequently enjoy all of the responsible leading manufacturers’ support in what we do. In turn we provide our own advice and support to all the leading brands, including their install partners, without any fear of compromise. For more information please visit our website. Here you can join our mailing list, download our brochure and contact us via our contact form.

Preinsulated Pipe

Designed for biomass and district heating systems, our pre-insulated pipes are perfect for minimising heat loss when transporting hot water. Available in single and twin configurations (utilising PE-Xa carrier pipes) we can offer a wide variety of the leading brands’ pre-insulated pipes. Our pipes operate at temperatures between -15°C and +95°C, they can be supplied cut to specific lengths, they come with a five year warranty and there’s no minimum order charge! Additionally, we can also offer Rauthermex and Rauvitherm pre-insulated pipe - which is available up to 400 metres (depending on the size). Get in touch with us for more information.

Chamber Manifolds

We have a range of chamber manifolds at Go Geothermal, available in 2 to 18 port configurations and even larger configurations are available on request. Our circular chamber manifold is space saving and made from solid PE pipe, bringing with it a variety of features including a compact design, ball valve on the flow legs, integral flow meters on the return legs, an anti-skid cover, lockable cover, fully leak tested (with certificate), watertight and more! For more information please visit our website or if you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Modular Manifolds

Ever popular, we have a variety of modular reinforced plastic manifold solutions. Pressure tested, self sealing and very easy to install on-site, this range of versatile manifolds are perfectly suited for plant room, utility room or outside installation, or, in our modular GeoSTACK chamber. Our manifolds are superior in quality because they aren’t prone to freezing or corrosion - and will therefore not crack! Each manifold comes with a three year guarantee - please note; this requires the installation to be in strict accordance with our instructions - which will be given at the time of ordering. Please visit our website for more information.

Collector Pipe

We offer a range of horizontal collector/header pipes at Go Geothermal. Manufactured in the UK, our collector pipes/coils are specifically manufactured for heat collection and are available in coil sizes from 50 metres to 400 metres. Our header pipes are available in a wide range of sizes too, up to and including 315mm outside diameter. We stock a range of products including PE100-RC (a new generation in ground source pipe materials), horizontal collectors and header pipes, slinkies, pre-insulated header pipe, spinning jeni/pipe de-coiler and helix probes. Please visit our website for further information. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Manufactured from high performance polyethylene - virgin grade black PE100, and to EN 12201:2003, these probes are designed to last for a minimum of 25 years. Additionally, you’ll find that the whole probe is awarded accreditation; which includes the probe weld and foot. With our probes comes a consequential loss guarantee, making this the only probe that comes with this peace of mind. For more information on our probes, pipe and all associated apparatus/equipment please visit our website; where you will also be able to download our RAUGEO ground source probes sales brochure. Any question, just give us a call!

Heat Transfer Fluid

We have a range of heat transfer fluids here at Go Geothermal including Kilfrost GEO and Sentinel R500C - a thermal fluid specially for ground source heat pumps, Sentinel R600 - a thermal fluid designed for air source heat pumps, Go Geothermal’s branded heat transfer fluid - designed for ground and air source heat pumps and a range of pre-commissioning fluids. For more information on each of these high quality products please visit our website. Here you can also learn more about our Glycol filling station. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Underwater Heat Exchangers

We have a number of products that can be used in conjunction with water source systems, for example our durable and corrosive resistant pond mats that are fabricated from stainless steel and provide an economical solution. We also supply lake weights with a 50mm diameter that can be used to ensure ground source collector pipes sink to the bottom of the water and stay put. Finally, we are pleased to be able to offer our customers access to the Frank GMBH Limnion underwater heat exchanger which provides and effective and extremely efficient alternative to pond mats, probes and horizontal collector systems. Please see our website to discover more about this solution and to view a video of it in action.

Underfloor Heating

Go Geothermal can offer a 24 hour turnaround on under-floor heating projects enquiries! Keeping all of our services in house means we can provide you with a full design service; which we recommend to ensure maximum efficiency, plus, it comes free of charge! We work with our partners Rehau, ensuring the under-floor heating system you have installed is fully supported and of the highest quality. Its many benefits include high density cross-linked polyethylene, long life (in excess of 50 years and to BS7291), a 10 year warranty, corrosion/limescale free and much more. Please visit our website to learn more about our under-floor heating service.

Vertical Thermpipe

Ideal in cases of a high water table, Vertical Thermpipe is the efficiently smart solution for extracting heat at restricted drilling depth. Easy installation using hollow auger drill or conventional drilling auger with a protection pipe.

...- Ideal for restricted drilling depth
...- Ideal for areas with groundwater flow
...- High degree of heat extraction (2.5kw from 6m stick outer-5cbm flow per day)
...- Ready to use for direct installation
...- Defined pipe distance of brine pipe
...- Standard lengths of 6 m and 12 m, other dimensions and lengths on request
...- Can be extended to a water well
...- Can be used as drainage for rainwater

Hot Water Cylinders

We offer a range of cylinders to meet all of your ground system, air source or biomass system requirements including buffer tanks (100L to 2,000L+), single or twin coil unvented hot water cylinders (120L to 1,500L+) and instantaneous hot water cylinders (600L to 1,500L). Each is available in a choice of sizes and arrangements to meet your needs and we are also able to work to your specifications in order to create bespoke cylinders and buffer tanks to meet your needs exactly. For our hot water cylinders we will configure the coil length to conform to your heat pump manufacturer’s specifications.


Go Geothermal stocks a wide range of fittings including Black Electrofusion, transition ad compression fittings. All Electrofusion fittings are manufactured to EN12201 and EN1555 and come with a standard 4.7mm pin (UK specification) and is suitable for Electrofusion control boxes of any standard. We also stock Everloc fittings; enough to cover all applications! Our range includes copper adapters, tees, elbows and male/female thread fittings. Proven since the 1980s, the Rehau Everloc joint has many advantages including being leak proof, scale resistant, quick to install (and flame free installation), it can be used on internal and external PEXA joints and more!


Awadukt is a ground to air heat exchanger system which takes advantage of the relative constant temperature of the ground which varies between 7°C and 12°C throughout the year. The system has various features and benefits including an antimicrobial inner layer, a solid wall polypropylene (PP) pipe, it’s Radon proof, it has high longitudinal rigidity and comes with the option of inlet units and more! You can learn more about all of these features and benefits on our website. The Awadukt system can be used in a range of domestic and commercial applications. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Electrofusion Control Units

Our ECU is an automatic electrofusion welding unit, designed to join bar coded PE and PP pressure fittings with a range of 8v to 48v. It has been designed to be used simply and its fast user interface allows fittings to be welded reliably.

The ECU is designed for UK projects and as such does not limit the user by "brand specific fittings use only" - many cheaper boxes particularly from Scandinavia are chipped to only work with a sole make of fitting. The GG ECU is compatible with all leading brands of UK and European fittings offering peace of mind when sourcing EF fittings from a variety of sources. Visit our website for more info.

How does a Heat Pump work

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Our News & PR

Events & Shows

  • National ACR & Heat Pumps Awards 2017

    National ACR & Heat Pumps Awards 2017

    We are proud to announce that we are finalists in the National ACR & Heat Pumps Awards 2017, Wholesa

    From: 26 January 2017 18:30 pm
    To: 26 January 2017 23:00 pm