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    'Accredited Health and Safety Consultants and Training Specialists'

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    Glenn Webb Ltd

    Accredited Health & Safety Consultancy Service

    Glenn Web Ltd offers a comprehensive range of Health & Safety services to meet the needs of businesses from all sectors.

    ..� Health & Safety Systems and Procedures
    ..� SSIP Accreditation
    ..� IMAPS CDM 2015 Principle Designer Services
    ..� CDM Regulations Advisor
    ..� Fire Risk Assessment
    ..� Health & Safety Training
    ..� Audits

    Safety Requirements and Procedures

    As a Health & Safety Consultancy Glenn Webb Ltd is able to provide a complete range of professional services that will help you meet your H & S legal obligations, so whether it�s just a one off service to meet a specific requirement you may have or a complete review of your current procedures we are just a phone call away.


    We also have a wide experience in assisting companies to gain SSIP Accreditation including:

    ..� EXOR
    ..� SMAS
    ..� Construction Line


    Health & Safety training is a key factor to ensuring your employees safety.

    We hold full PTLLS certification and certified certification and can provide a comprehensive range of highly effective services covering industrial sectors such as Warehouse, Education, Construction, Office, Nurseries etc so to find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch.


    Glenn Webb Ltd provides a fully operational Audit Service including regular site visits, monitoring your operational activities and assessment of ongoing compliance.

    Reports are then given which will advise on any areas that may need attention along with suggestions on further actions if required.

    This is only a brief description of the wide range of professional Health & Safety services Glenn Webb Ltd is able to provide so if you would like to find out more please visit our website, thank you.

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