Monowa Operable Wall Systems Ltd

Monowa Operable Wall Systems Ltd

Greenacres, Flaunden Lane, Belsize
Rickmansworth Hertfordshire

  • Operable walls and folding partitions.
  • Full nationwide installation service.
  • Over thirty years in the industry
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    Monowa Operable Wall Systems Ltd

    Monowa are specialists in movable walls and sliding, folding partitions which are made up of panels running along tracks. They are used to sub-divide rooms into two smaller rooms and can be stacked back to open the whole area.

    Our product range includes operable walls, movable walls, sliding folding partitions, vinyl concertina partitions, folding walls and glass walls and we have been providing solutions for projects for over thirty years.

    Our systems are used to create flexible working space in a range of sectors including offices, hotels, theatres, schools, churches, conference centres and many other buildings and environments.

    Operable Wall Systems

    Monowa Operable Wall Systems are UK-based market leaders in the supply, installation and maintenance of:

    Operable Movable Walls
    Single panels suspended from a head track (no floor track necessary) and available in glass

    Sliding Folding Partitions
    Panels are hinged together and run along a floor track and available in glass and top hung variations

    Frameless Glass Systems
    Single glazed panels suspended from a head track (no floor track necessary)

    Vinyl Concertina Systems
    Heavy duty vinyl curtain partition systems running along a head track

    We work closely with architects and main contractors as well as ceiling, office fit-out, partitioning companies and end users.

    Project Management

    Whilst a quality product is paramount, project management plays an equally important part of any successful project. Monowa Operable Wall Systems knows this and we work closely with many different clients to a high standard.

    Our project management team is well versed with all the major contractor project management suites and portals to make sure all of our projects comply with the latest protocols used. We also pay the same attention to detail to create dedicated solutions for office fit-out and refurbishment companies.

    Part of our process for new systems is a site survey. We also provide a drawing for your approval prior to the installation.

    We are committed to bringing your project to the best conclusion and are always on hand to overcome and resolve any site issues or snagging in a timely manner.


    We have a dedicated team to give you our aftercare services to comply with your PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) programmes fully compliant with SFG20 standards. We work with both facilities management companies and end users alike to give you a full tailor-made comprehensive service and maintenance package.

    See our MonoServ service and maintenance page for more details So, for all your operable walls, sliding folding partitions, concertina partitions, folding walls and glass walls solutions contact us on 01923 244 258 or email [email protected].


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    1. Accordion Partition
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    13. Concertina Partitions
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    15. Decorative Glass Partitions
    16. Demountable Acoustic Walls
    17. Folding Glass Walls
    18. Folding Wall Partition
    19. Folding Walls
    20. Frameless Glass Partitioning
    21. Frameless Glass Partitions
    22. Frameless Glass Walls
    23. Fully Glazed Glass Walls
    24. Glass Movable Walls
    25. Glass Partition For Office
    26. Glass Partition For Offices
    27. Glass Partition Panels
    28. Glass Partition Repair
    29. Glass Partition Systems
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