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  • Specialist pump distributor
  • Supply a wide range of pumps
  • Solid answers to fluid questions
  • Specialist pump distributor
  • Supply a wide range of pumps
  • Solid answers to fluid questions
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The Pump Company Ltd

The Pump Company is a specialist pump distributer. We can supply a wide range of pumps such as: end-suction centrifugal pumps, in-line centrifugal pumps, self-priming centrifugal pumps, cantilever pumps, multi-stage centrifugal pump, magnetic drive centrifugal pump, plastic centrifugal pumps, internal gear pump, external gear pumps, peristaltic hose pumps, piston pumps, twin- screw pumps, progressive cavity pumps, flexible impeller pumps, dosing pumps, double diaphragm pump, lobe pump and borehole pumps.

Established as a premier provider of pumping solutions, we can boast numerous completed and on time projects to blue chip clients in the process markets

The Pump Company provides Solid Answers to Fluid Questions and can help with all your gear pump needs. Whether your fluid is viscous, volatile, corrosive, aggressive or hygienic we have solid answers. We are able to draw from our past experience, a life time of supplying pumps, gear pumps and solutions to a variety of markets when defining your needs.

Our range of products, include positive displacement pumps internal gear, Chemical Pumps, Process Pumps, Gear Pumps, Rotary Lobe Pumps, lobe, peristaltic, piston and air operated diaphragm. We stock a wide range of gear pumps to suit all your gear pump requirements.

Our range of rotary pumps include end-suction centrifugal, horizontal & vertical pumps, self-priming units, close and long coupled, single and multistage pumps, in fact we have a pump or solution for most applications.

Pumping Systems:

End Suction Centrifugal Salvatore Robuschi

Feature Benefit
Four different types of impeller options available:
Closed Impeller RD
Open Impeller RG
Channel Impeller RB
Vortex Impeller RC
Pump can be suited to many different types of centrifugal applications:
Max flow rates: 1200m3/hr
Max head: 100mca
Can handle solids
Low NPSH requirements
Simple and integrated design Mechanical parts common between the four types of impeller options Reduced wear to increase pump lifetime
Pump can be modified to fit a new application
Flexibility of use Each frame size has its own casing cover in which six kind of seals can be fitted

Self-Priming Centrifugal Varisco

Feature Benefit
Simple design which incorporates an open impeller Improves solid handling & non-clogging performance, this means the pump can handle a mixture of liquids and solids
The suction port incorporates a check valve Liquid is retained in the casing when the pump is stopped, this means it is always ready to pump immediately when restarted
Easily renewable impeller & wear plate for in-expensive & simple maintenance. This ensures the pump has a long service life and low maintenance downtime.
Different types of seal options Suitable for all types liquid applications, offering good seal protection
Superior self-priming design Ensures the pump runs reliably & regularly every time. Pump can handle entrained air without damage

Plastic Centrifugal - Argal

Feature Benefit
Plastic Materials of construction All components that come into contact with the pumped liquid are exceptionally resistant to chemicals
Flanges and armour in stainless steel Connections can be supplied complete with armoured flanges a customised stainless steel guard plate designed to protect the front casing from accidental mechanical shocks of various nature
Mag Drive Version Hydrodynamic balancing of impeller No seal or leakage

Hygienic - Grundfos

Feature Benefit
All wetted parts are electro-polished Improved corrosion resistance & surface finish - as standard
Speed of the pump can be controlled by an inverter A large range of duties can be achieved with the same pump
Optimised hydraulics for high efficiency Reduced power consumption
Hygienic Centrifugal Pump

Multistage - Grundfos

Feature Benefit
Optional Mag-drive configuration A seal-less pump to handle nasty products which will not be leaked into the atmosphere
Speed of the pump can be controlled by an inverter A large range of duties can be achieved with the same pump
Special design Dry running protection and motor protection via LiqTec

Vertical Cantilever Pump Salvatore Robuschi

Feature Benefit
Available in many different construction options:

RC: Impeller: VORTEX Materials: AISI 316/CAST IRON

RB: Impeller: CHANNEL Materials: AISI 316/CAST IRON

Closed and open impeller available on request.

RCC: Independent bearing.
RCD: Independent bearing External Installation.
RCE: Independent bearing Extreme.
Temperatures RCF: Close Coupled RCG: Close Coupled External installation

No seals in contact with the liquid
Suitable for handling solids, even abrasive types, without external flushing.

Temperatures can exceed 500 C degrees and the pump can operate dry.

Primes automatically when the liquid covers the impeller, so it can even run without level controls. Almost no maintenance costs.

Internal Gear Pump Varisco

Feature Benefit
Special version with more space between rotors Perfect for chocolate applications.
Simplistic design with only 2 moving parts Increases reliability while reducing maintenance costs
Mechanical Seal, Cartridge, Mag Drive)
Packed Gland (Flushed, Heated)
Suitable for all types liquid applications, offering good seal protection
The pump gives a smooth flow without pulsation or pressure peaks Reduces vibrations which can destroy the pumped fluid

External Gear Pump Cucchi Pompe

Feature Benefit
A special internal grooving assures perfect internal washing Makes the pump suitable for CIP and SIP cleaning requirements
Very accurate flow rates can be achieved Pump can be used for accurate dosing applications
Several options on pump configuration and materials The pump can be heated flushed and free from over pressurizing which may lead
Smooth flow without pulsations No need to apply a pulsation dampener to achieve a continuous flow.

Flexible Impeller Liverani

Feature Benefit
Quick production turnaround time Average delivery time is 5 days
Self-priming capabilities Capable of Self-priming up to 6m
Flexible mounting position The pump will work in any mounting position
Reversible Flow The pump operates in both directions
Solids handling capabilities Pump will easily handle liquids with high amounts of solids
Flexible Impeller  Liverani

Peristaltic Hose Pump - Albin

Feature Benefit
Only the hose and hose inserts are in contact with the material being pumped No seal Handles abrasive, aggressive and contaminated fluids with little wear
Hoses are constructed of natural rubber, Buna, or EPDM Provides high levels of volumetric accuracy for sampling, transfer, and metering applications
Seal-less design Eliminates leaks, contamination and wear problems, Ability to pass solids, Dry-run capability

NOVALobe - Grundfos

Feature Benefit
Unique rotor mounting design which incorporates precision ground cylinders as drive and rotor location device. This makes the connection between the rotor and the shaft very accurate and eliminates any play.
Seal is front loaded and mounted on a replaceable shaft sleeve in a cartridge arrangement. Very service friendly which helps to significantly reduce downtime
Various Rotor designs (Uni-wing, Standard Bi-Wing & Cycloidal Multi Lobe) Makes this pump suitable for very delicate products
Feet height adjustable Allows easier installation
NOVALobe - Grundfos

Air Operated Double Diaphragm - Dominator

Feature Benefit
All wetted parts are in polished SS AISI 316. Very suitable to meet hygienic applications. Can be sterilised by autoclave of CIP cleaning at up to 130C
Discharge capacity is proportional to the stroking speed and can be infinitely varied from 0-100% Extremely precise flow rate can be achieved and varied to meet application demands
Equipped with a patented air valve system Eliminates any chance of the pump to stalling which would cause production breakdown.
Clamp bands and wing nuts are fitted to the inlet and outlet connections This allows for rapid disassembly, cleaning and reassembly.
Air Operated Double Diaphragm - Dominator

Air Operated Double Diaphragm

Feature Benefit
Patented Flexible Diaphragm Suspension (FDS) & patented air motor system - pivoting valve technology (FPV) 70% lower pulsation than traditional AODD
Feathered PEEK Flap Valves They function regardless of how the pump is positioned upside-down, sideways or vertically ensuring maximum flexibility during installation.

Dosing - Grundfos

Feature Benefit
Precise capacity
Full diaphragm control
Stroke speed control
Pump can be used for accurate dosing applications

Dosing - SERA

Feature Benefit
Single or multi-headed
Fixed speed or convertor
High-quality materials
Long service life of diaphragms
High dosing accuracy
Low maintenance
Safe to Run Dry
Dosing - SERA

The benefits of using The Pump Company:

... You will speak to an engineer not a salesman
... We will give you the best solution to match your application
... We draw on experience built up from a life time in the pump industry
... We will look for the pump solution giving you the lowest life costs
... We only offer quality products.

How we work:

... Working from your data or following site visits ensures we work closely with you.
... We will offer a choice of pump type/style where possible.
... Our focus is to provide value and lower life costs not quick fixes.
... Faster Quotation shortest delivery times.

The Pump Company represents a number of world class European Manufacturers of Chemical, Process, Gear and Rotary Lobe Pumps most on an exclusive basis.

Companies that trust us to distribute their products include Albin Pump, ARGAL Chemical Pump, Cucchi, Grundfos, Liverani, Salvatore Robuschi, SAER and Varisco to name a few but; we can always find an answer to your fluid questions.

Our range of pumps to suit viscous liquids draw from pumps such as the Varisco V Series, Cucchi Internal gear, Albin peristaltic hose, Albin double diaphragm, Liverani flexible impeller, Leistritz screw and the Grundfos / Hilge NOVAlobe. All can be supplied certified according to the ATEX directive.

Our range can suit most applications from water to acids, oils to solvents. Our hygienic systems are suitable for use in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical or personal care markets and include single, multistage and scavenging pumps.

We can offer these in many materials: cast iron, stainless steel, various thermo plastics and other exotic alloys.

If you need Solid Answers to Fluid Questions you do not have to look any further than
The Pump Company for all your requirements.

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