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F&R Products Ltd

  • Agents for Hyfra Pedia
  • Industrial Water Cooling Equipment
  • Dry Air Coolers & Cooling Towers
  • Cooling equipment for all sectors of industry
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F&R Products are a UK manufacturer of specialist industrial water cooling equipment, specifically coil-in-tank water chillers. Coil-in-tank chillers offer a high degree of versatility in flow rates and temperature range.

F&R Products was formed in 2000 following the collapse of F&R Cooling who had built up a range of package cooling equipment over a forty year period. The new owner, an employee of F&R Cooling, purchas
ed the intelligent assets from the receiver, formed F&R Products in May 2000 and using the established designs and as built records commenced trading. The company has since steadily grown, based on sound knowledge and good customer service to the point it has had to move to larger premises this year.

Product Range Includes:

Water Chillers

F&Rs established range of coil-in-tank water chillers, the RCU range vary in size from 0.5kW to 90kW and the SCU range which are designed for laboratory applications feature low noise and flush electronic cabinet design. Both can be used for -5C to +30C cooling ranges of as low as 1C or as high as 20C or greater, with a control setting of minus 5C to 30C or greater. Applications include plastics injection mould cooling, scientific equipment, lasers, extrusion processes, vacuum pumps and food processing. The latter application being particularly suited to the RCU range as the water can be cooled to 1C without the use of glycol.

F&R Products are also agents for Hyfra Pedia range of industrial water and oil chillers which with the use of modern refrigerants and small footprints make them very efficient.

Refrigerated Water Chiller Ranges Available:

.. RCU
.. Sigma
.. Sigma-C



Dry Air Coolers

Fully packaged 1kW to 200kW or flat bed design 10kW to 1000s of kW, designed to cool water to temperatures above ambient. Fully packaged range designed to your specification incorporating pump, tank and wide variety of controls to suit your needs based on our standard frame sizes.

Flat bed or V block design of free-standing air blast coolers (sometimes referred to as free cooling). The range can be configured to suit site location and again have a wide range of options and accessories. These can include adiabatic systems enabling water to be cooled to above wet bulb ambients which can be lower than dry bulb temperatures during peak summer conditions. Applications include cooling of hydraulics, furnaces, printing processes, condensers, heat pumps etc.

Dry Air Coolers are available in 2 ranges:

.. Fully Packaged
.. Freestanding

Evaporative Cooling Towers

Induced draft, GRP structure manufactured totally of non-ferrous materials except louvres and motor support.


F&R Products are Refcom registered and operate a network of service engineers across Britain and Ireland, all of whom have extensive experience of F&Rs range of equipment. Our aim is always to have an engineer to a breakdown within 24 hours. Maintenance contracts are also available to ensure you are in compliance with EU Directive 842/2006 which requires all refrigeration plants within excess of 3kg of refrigerant to be checked for refrigerant leaks annually.

  • Sigma-C Range
  • eChilly Range - Process Water Coolers
  • VP Air Cooled Chillers
  • SCU Water Chiller
  • RCU Water Chiller
  • Air Blast Water Chiller

5 stars based on 6 customer reviews
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By M Chatterton ,

We always use F&R products as there service is fantastic and are able to exceed our expectations repeatedly.

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By H Syme ,

Excellent company, who deliver on commitments and provide a reliable professional service to our production equipment.

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By D Binding ,

Engineer always arrives early in the morning which is ideal for us, if a repair is required it is always done as soon as possible, very happy working with this company.

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By S Perry ,

Extremely impressed with the level of service received from F&R Products, very quick to respond when a breakdown occurs, also prices are charged at a realistic level.

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By F Bolton ,

Always find your service prompt and efficient and a pleasure to deal with

Was this review useful?
By F Bolton ,

Always find your service prompt and efficient and a pleasure to deal with

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News & PR

Compact Water Chillers

Eco-friendly, small footprint, fluid cooling equipment

F&R Products Ltd Website

F&R Products Ltd's website hacked but now back on line!

Want a packaged dry air cooler with a small footprint?

Want a packaged dry air cooler with a small footprint? Contact F&R Products Ltd who offer a range from 3kW up to 200kW that can be designed for any application.

NEW! Hyfra Sigma FleXX Water Chillers

The new Sigma Flexx range of water chillers comply with EU regulation 2016/2281 which became law in January this year. The design provides flexibility and adaptability for many applications giving a competitive advantage to both manufacturers and end users of industrial water cooling equipment.

Reliability of F&R Products Ltd's Water Chillers

F&R Products Ltd, one of the oldest and most experienced manufacturers of industrial cooling systems in the UK.

Key Contacts

Linda Nightingill

Linda Nightingill
Technical Sales

Tel: 01823 663281
Email: sales

Colin Waller

Colin Waller

Tel: 01823 663281
Email: sales

Gil Searle

Gil Searle

Tel: 01823 663281
Email: sales

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