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    Fronius UK Limited


    Fronius offers a range of innovative welding solutions and is now the world's leader in arc welding technology for robot applications and manual gas shielded arc welding for MIG/MAG, TIG and MMA.

    All customers of Fronius have one thing in common and that is looking for the perfect solution for their particular welding application. As a leader in this technology we are able to help them find it!

    Over the years we have made countless partners across a vast range of industrial sectors by providing them with answers for their welding applications. We are here to work closely with you and provide you with a perfectly tailored solution by drawing on our decades of experience along with our extensive expertise.

    These solutions cover welding processes, production solutions and automation and system solutions for the most demanding of environments.

    MIG/MAG Welding
    MIG/MAG welding is probably one of the most widely used welding processes in the world. Today Fronius offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of MIG/MAG welding solutions in the world with power sources to cover many types of applications.

    TIG Welding
    Whether in a manufacturing environment or in on-site welding operations TIG welding is well suited for thin to medium thickness applications and Fronius guarantee to deliver the perfect equipment.

    The Intelligent TIG Welding System from Fronius is precise, intuitive which offers a range of durable and future proof benefits to help you smash the days welding tasks.

    - Targeted Heat Input
    - Intuitive Operation
    - Multiprocess Pro
    - Reproducible Ignition Processes
    - Industry Ready

    The IWAVE guarantees mastery of a full array of welding challenges so why not get in touch with Fronius today to find out more.

    Robotic Welding
    As a full service provider Fronius is able to supply welding systems for most technologies all of which have been designed for all formats of manufacturing robots. Our MIG/MAG Single wire robotic welding equipment includes Push Systems, Pushpull systems and Powerdrive Systems.

    Whatever your welding equipment needs Fronius provides a range of tailored, long lasting and high quality solutions capable of producing visually flawless weld seams even at the highest speeds.

    Battery Charging

    With over 70 years of experience in battery charging technology we are able to offer the Fronius perfect charging solution to provide cost optimisation for the charging of traction and starter batteries.

    We are able to work closely with our customers in order to provide them with a complete solution that can be tailored to meet their specific needs.

    Our range of products and services enable us to deliver impressive levels of performance, cost effectiveness, sustainability and efficiency, so whether it's for a reliable power supply for a vehicle starter battery or an electrically powered forklift truck we will have the perfect solution.

    Battery Charging Systems

    - Battery Charging Systems for Lead Batteries
    - Charger Accessories
    - Lithium-Ion Solution

    Solar Energy

    At Fronius it is our mission to provide the technologies needed because the solutions needed are already in existence.

    We believe in a future where we can cover 100% of our global energy requirements from renewable sources, we call this the energy future of the sun. This is because the future lies not in the stars but in the sun.

    In order to achieve this we focus on three main principles for every product we offer including:

    - Reliability of Supply
    - System Optimisation
    - Future Proofing

    To find out more about Fronius please visit the Fronius website.

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