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    Focus Packaging Ltd

    As specialists in pallet wrapping machine solutions Focus Packaging offers a fantastic range of high quality products including equipment and the stretch film needed to complete your packaging needs.

    Quality & Price

    This means when you purchase a pallet wrapping machine from Focus you'll also be provided with the very best stretch film products on the market today and what's more at a competitive price to keep your wrapping costs low.

    Pallet Wrapping Solutions:

    - Nano Pallet Wrapping Films
    - New Pallet Wrapping Machines
    - Used Pallet Wrapping Machines
    - Pallet Wrapping Rental
    - Robotics and Automation
    - National On-Site Repair Service
    - Pallet Wrapping Film

    Nano Pallet Wrapping Films

    The new film range of high quality products from Focus Packaging includes our Nano Pallet Wrapping Films. These have been manufactured from 55 layers of different polymers making them extremely high in strength to offer huge resistance where puncturing could cause an issue.

    Higher Wrapping Speeds
    Although very thin the Nano wrapping films supplied by Focus are perfect for fast pallet wrapping operations that require strength and load retention.

    Focus Packaging offers the widest range of Shrink Wrap Machines anywhere else around. All have been meticulously developed and manufactured to carry out an equally wide range of cost effective, reliable and robust operations.

    Pallet Wrapping Film Machines - Stretch & Shrink Wrap

    Focus Packaging supplies 4 main group types of pallet Wrapping Machines each of which require a different specification of stretch film.

    Group 1 Machines - (Stretch Films between 0 %and 100%)
    For Group 1 machines we supply films that do not necessarily need to stretch and these are ideal for products that need to breathe, keep cool or to freeze.

    Group 2 Machines - (Stretch Films between 100% and 240 %)
    Machines in this group usually fall into the category of older power stretch machines so if you have any requirements for stretch films in this category please get in touch.

    Group 3 Machines - (Stretch Films between 250% and 300%)
    The New Generation of Power Stretch Machines will find its possible to make savings of 20 to 40% when using these newer hiteck films and these also include B/Orbital Wrapping Machines.

    Group 4 Machines - (Stretch Films between 300% and 400%)
    This is a relatively new area for the manufacture of films that need to match pallet wrapping machines, however to date we have installed 4 Alpha 508 Pallet Wrapping Machines without a single complaint so if you would like to find out more about the Group 4 Machines and the appropriate stretch film we supply please contact Focus Packaging.

    Used Pallet Wrapping Machines

    Focus Packaging also supplies a range of used pallet wrapping machinery so to find out more about our current stock list please visit our website of get in touch with your machine requirements.

    National On-Site Repair Service

    Focus Packaging offers the widest range of Shrink Wrap Machines anywhere else around all of which have been meticulously developed and manufactured to carry out reliable and robust operations and able to cover an equally wide range of cost effective wrapping operations.

    For most pallet wrapping machines today it is recommended that your equipment should be serviced every 1000 hours of operation.

    We can attend your site to repair and maintain your equipment significantly increasing its working life so if you would like to avoid compromising the production processes normally associated with costly downtime call us today to talk to one our team.

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