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  • Bespoke high temperature food grade hot melt hoses
  • Custom made heat controlled adhesive industrial hose
  • Frost protected insulated commercial hose assemblies
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    Flexible Heated Hoses Ltd

    If you've been looking for a company that specialises in the supply of flexible heated hoses we are your one stop shop and can guarantee to cover all of your electric surface heating needs.

    We supply one of the largest ranges of high performance surface heating solutions so whether it�s to maintain elevated temperatures for your particular application or you're looking for a solution that performs well in both hazardous and non-hazardous environments we can help.

    Our Product Range to Date Includes:

    � Flexible Heated Hoses
    � Hot Melt Hoses
    � Heated Panels
    � Trace Heating Cables
    � Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings
    � Radiant Heaters
    � Cartridge Heaters
    � Combined Heated & Cooling Jackets
    � Drum Heating Solutions
    � Surface & Air Sensing Thermostats
    � Bespoke Control Panels
    � Band Heaters
    � Specialist Temperature Controllers

    Hot Melt Hoses
    Designed specifically to convey molten adhesive at high pressure the range of hot melt hose solutions we supply are of extremely high quality and manufactured from highly flexible materials. They range from 8mm to 20mm so you can benefit from the total flexibility they offer.

    All are totally Valco Melton and OEM compatible and built to last so to find out more please head over to our website or get in touch with one of our experts.

    Bespoke High Temperature Food Grade Hot Melt Hoses
    Where the food manufacturing industry is concerned we stock and supply a range of food grade hot melt hoses which are well suited for applications ranging from hot melt machines and wax processing equipment through to food processing and filling machines.

    Custom Made Heat Controlled Adhesive Industrial Hose
    For the transportation of high viscosity materials Flexible Heated Hoses offers you the complete solution. We have years of experience in this industry and will be more than happy to pass on this knowledge for your custom made products, quickly and efficiently.

    Frost Protected Insulated Commercial Hose Assemblies
    For the protection of frost in hazardous environments our range of frost protected insulated commercial hose assemblies incorporate the following features:

    � Good Temperature Stability
    � Flexible Construction
    � Built to Withstand high temperatures and Pressures
    � Suitable for Both Liquid and Gas Transfer

    If you have any bespoke requirements then we can manufacture a solution for your own specification or reverse engineer to an existing pattern.

    Drum Heaters
    We design and manufacture drum heaters in any size so please do not hesitate to get in touch and let us know your particular application.

    Heater Control Panels
    To provide you with accurate temperature control, Flexible Heated Hoses range of state of the art electronic controllers can be made to suit your exact requirements.

    Flange Heating
    We provide a range of flange heaters to significantly reduce heat loss around the flanges assembly itself so if you're involved in transferring liquids over a long distance and need to maintain a constant temperature we can help.

    Trace Heating
    We offer a range of trace heating solutions which are available on a supply only basis or provide you with a full installation service.

    For further information about Flexible Heated Hoses and the full range of products and service we provide please visit our website of get in touch.

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