Eviction Management Services Leeds

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  • Expert tenant eviction services in Leeds and the North East
  • Highly experienced eviction specialists
  • Give us a call for a free appraisal
  • Expert tenant eviction services in Leeds and the North East
  • Highly experienced eviction specialists
  • Give us a call for a free appraisal
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Eviction Management Services Leeds

At Eviction Management Services it is our aim to take away the stress from the situation you find yourself in when your tenant doesn’t pay their rent and you need to secure possession of your property.

As landlords ourselves we are more than aware of the problems that often arise when renting out a property. This means we are more than well equipped to deal with a wide variety of problems, in fact we tackle them on a daily basis so we are well placed to provide you with a service that will save you time and money.

Tenant Eviction Services Leeds
As with many other areas up and down the country Leeds is struggling to keep up with the demand for properties in the private rented sector.

Leeds alone has around 24,000 households waiting for a home so there has never been a more challenging time for landlords.

If you fall into the landlord category and have problems with your tenant and need an Eviction management service we can help. It’s important not to cut corners in order to save money because if you get it wrong you may lose more than you bargained for.

Today the courts are not as favourable as they were to landlords with many cases being thrown out on a minor technicality. We are here to help you throughout the whole procedure, from taking the first step to securing your property and what's more save you time and money in the process.

Leeds and Bradford Eviction Management Services
Backed by our team of highly experienced Leeds and Bradford eviction specialists we have an expertise which is second to none so for whatever reason or whatever issue you are experiencing we can help you with a wide range of tenant problems including:

    • Tenants not paying rent
    • Recovery of unpaid rent
    • You need your property back to sell
    • Squatters
    • Property damage
    • Illegal sub-letting
    • Anti-social behaviour
    • Drug activity

The process of eviction itself involves three stages but whatever stage you`re at we will offer advice and support every single step of the way.

Stage 1
Stage one involves serving the tenant with a Notice along with a strongly worded professional letter advising them on the implication of non-compliance.

Stage 2
Where the tenant has not complied with the first notice we will complete the relevant court paperwork to obtain a court order. A letter will also be sent to the tenant making them aware of you applying for possession.

Stage 3
In stage three where the court order has expired we will apply for a warrant of possession which entails physically evicting your tenant.

This is only a brief summary of the process that needs to take place in order to take back possession of your property.

For landlords in the Leeds, Bradford and surrounding North East of England we can help so don`t struggle on your own let us remove the risk of having your claim thrown out of court, call us today.

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five stars
Karl Windsor, Eviction Management Services

Perfect services from start to finish. Had to evict a tenant in Bramhope Leeds. Had an excellent service from Eviction Management Services from the moment i appointed them to evict a tenant to when i the bailiffs secured possession. cannot fault them and will use them again.