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  • Environmental testing
  • Aerospace; Automotive; Construction; and more.
  • Calibrate and repair any test chamber.
  • Environmental testing
  • Aerospace; Automotive; Construction; and more.
  • Calibrate and repair any test chamber.
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Proactive Test Solutions Ltd

At Proactive Test Solutions Ltd, our mission is to offer our customers a means to improve product reliability and performance. We have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge from many years of working in the Environmental Test Industry and we can apply this to the needs of our clients to significantly enhance the quality of their products.

In order to confirm that a piece of equipment; a product or device; material or substrate etc is robust enough to operate in the environment for which it was designed an Environmental Test programme is carried out. Examples might include high and low temperature; rapid temperature variations; humidity such as damp or dry conditions; high and low pressure; corrosive environments; different types of radiation, rainfall, dusty environments and also combinations of these environments. We can generate any of these environments in controlled spaces so that the tests carried out can be measured and repeated over and over again to maintain quality.

We operate across all business, research and educational sectors and supply test chambers for product validation or compliance, stress screening, accelerated ageing and accelerated life testing. We also provide a full range of services to environmental test equipment users including basic advice and consultancy, equipment hire or leasing, equipment repair and calibration, refurbishments and upgrades.

We have successfully supplied equipment and services to companies in the following industries: Aerospace Testing and Manufacturing; Automotive Testing and Manufacturing; Building Design and Construction; Defence; Electronics and Telecommunications; Oil & Gas; Pharmaceuticals; Scientific Research; Packaging; Agriculture, Horticulture, Food & Drink

Environmental Test Chambers
We supply test chambers and equipment that can reproduce the following environmental conditions and effects: Temperature; Humidity; Altitude (pressure); Corrosion; Pollution; Sand and Dust; Ozone; Rainfall and various types of radiation in enclosures ranging from bench-top to walk-in rooms. All types of products and materials can be tested from small electronic devices, composite materials and prototypes up to large vehicles and aerospace components. We are able to assess test specifications and apply suitable solutions worldwide.

We have found that for most of the environmental tests and processes being carried out in industry today, our standard range of test chambers is perfectly suitable. However, if something special is required; we are able to design and build bespoke solutions.

Air Treatment Units
Occasionally we find that the product presented for testing might be very large, is an awkward shape or size or it comes with a complicated test rig and will not fit inside a standard or conventional type of test chamber. In this case we would propose an Air Treatment Unit (ATU) (sometimes called a Conditioned Air Rig or CAR) which is a device for delivering treated air into a bespoke insulated test enclosure which can be constructed around the test item. Connection to the ATU is by way of insulated ducts, or for more flexibility, insulated hoses. We have designed and manufactured ATUs for temperature / humidity cycling, high and low temperature soaking and stability applications.

Thermal Platforms
Thermal Platforms use thermal conduction to heat and cool the test item which is bolted directly to the heat exchanger (thermal plate). This technique is particularly useful when there is a requirement to adjust or tune the test item while it undergoes temperature cycling.

Service and Support
In order to safeguard the long-life and minimise the downtime of your environmental test equipment we recommend a preventative maintenance regime. We offer service, repair and calibration of any type of environmental test chamber whether or not it was originally supplied by us; our provision includes:

Servicing on demand at a standard daily charge
Preventative maintenance, emergency breakdown provision and annual calibration contracts
Extended warranties of up to 5 years on new purchases (subject to terms and conditions)

As well as simulating various environmental conditions we realise that many of our customers also need to make accurate measurements and log conditions over time. We have a comprehensive range of high quality measurement and logging instruments for the following environmental parameters:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure / Vacuum
  • Wind Speed
  • Vibration
  • Acceleration
  • Velocity
  • Displacement
  • Sound
  • Light
  • Conductivity
  • pH
  • CO2
  • Dissolved Oxygen

The latest additions to the range can take SD memory card to record data which can be downloaded directly into an Excel spread sheet for storage and analysis; no other software is required. Most instruments are supplied with the appropriate probes and sensors and we also stock accessories including batteries, SD cards and thermocouples. Calibration certificates to National Standards or NAMAS can be provided for most parameters.

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