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Electron Beam Processes Ltd

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    Electron Beam Processes Ltd

    As Europe's leading beam welding specialist Electronic Beam Processes (EBP) offers a range of high performance welding and machining services.

    Total Manufacture

    By combining these two engineering practises we are able to provide a complete service to our customers, from sourcing materials and proprietary parts through to design, manufacture and specialist treatment.

    � Electron Beam & TIG Welding
    � X-Ray & Non-Destructive Testing
    � Design For Manufacture
    � Hard Metal CNC Machining
    � Complete Manufacture
    � Assembly & Testing

    Electron Beam Welding

    Beam welding offers a whole range of advantages when compared to the more conventional types of welding such as TIG, MIG, Arc and Gas.

    � High Weld Speeds
    � Minimal Distortion
    � Welds Difficult Materials
    � Deep Narrow Welds
    � Exceptional Quality

    When combined together the above attributes result in cost savings, faster lead times, size and inventory. EBP offers an unsurpassed electronic beam welding service to customers over a broad spectrum of industrial sectors.

    Hard Metal CNC Machining

    We have a wealth of experience in hard metal CNC machining. We utilise state of the art CAM software, expertise and technologies such as Ceramics to achieve high precision components on a fast turnaround basis.

    Design for Manufacture

    In order to achieve the best value for money for our customers EBP always examines the design for ease of manufacture including materials, required tolerances and product features.

    X-Ray & Non-Destructive Testing

    EBP offers a highly efficient range of non-destructive testing services including:

    � Vacuum & Air Leak Testing
    � Radiography
    � Fluorescent Dye Flaw Detection
    � Micro to 500 Magnification
    � Material Evaluation, Macro, Hardness Testing

    Assembly & Test

    EBP also provides an assembly and testing service, so from design, manufacture and testing through to final assembly and packaging we will take care of the whole process of producing your precision components.