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    Eco-Sol Ltd

    With more than thirty years of experience working in the supply of timber and textile retardant treatment services Eco-Sol is able to offer a quality range of fire retardant products that are extremely competitive in both cost and performance.

    We are not just stockist or retailers!

    Our experience in hands on application and testing on many types of decorative and technical textiles gives us the edge over our competitors.

    We can offer our customers the correct technical advice on each product for their own particular application including areas such as construction, workwear, hotels, schools, universities, painting and decoration so why not head over to our website to find out more.

    Spray Applications include:

    - Curtains
    - Carpets
    - Wallcoverings
    - Bedding
    - Seating
    - Tents/Marquees
    - Decking/Fencing
    - Paper/Card
    - Foam
    - Sheds/Log Cabins
    - Ropes/Cords
    - Wood/MDF

    Listed above is only a small sample of the wide range of applications we are able to cover.

    Fire Retardant Spray for Wood
    Flametect CWD+ is a unique fire retardant spray designed for use on interior and exterior wood (decking, sheds, log cabins, cladding and partitions). Flametect CWD+ Fire Retardant Wood Treatment Spray is exclusively developed and manufactured by Eco-Sol Ltd. It is tested and certified to BS EN927-6, BS476 Class 0 & 1 and tested to Euroclass EN13501 Class B-s:2 d:0.

    Flame Retardant Spray for Fabric
    Flametect Nitro is a skin safe, water based Flame Retardant Spray for Fabrics both synthetic and natural. Flametect Nitro is the only Flame Retardant Fabric Spray that has been tested independently with a full pass result by the 'Institute for Skin and Product Evaluation' for dermal reaction.

    Treatment Service
    As one of the leading fire retarding companies in the UK we can fire retard any site anywhere both the UK and Europe. We will even carry out work outside normal working hours if required.

    - Value for Money
    - Quality Products
    - Delivered On Time
    - Manufactured to Budget
    - Green and Environmentally Friendly Methodology

    Lowest Prices in the UK
    We will beat any competitors quote and offer next day delivery on all orders if placed before 3.30pm!

    We will also provide you with free technical advice along with a certificate with each purchase made!

    Test Reports and Downloads

    Why not visit our website to print off test reports for your own records; all reports performed by UKAS accredited Laboratories.

    If you would like to find out more about Eco-Sol or have any industrial or commercial flame retardant projects either now or in the future please visit our website or get in touch.

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    Products and Services

    1. Christmas Tree Fire Retardant
    2. Christmas Tree Flame Retardant
    3. Christmas Tree Safety
    4. Fabric Fire Retardant Spray
    5. Fabric Spray
    6. Fire Paint
    7. Fire Proof Fabric
    8. Fire Proof Paint
    9. Fire Proof Spray.
    10. Fire Proofing
    11. Fire Proofing Spray
    12. Fire Rated Spray Foam
    13. Fire Resistant
    14. Fire Resistant Building Materials
    15. Fire Resistant Cloth
    16. Fire Resistant Coating
    17. Fire Resistant Fabric
    18. Fire Resistant Paint
    19. Fire Resistant Spray
    20. Fire Resistant Wood
    21. Fire Retardancy
    22. Fire Retardant
    23. Fire Retardant Carpet
    24. Fire Retardant Chemicals
    25. Fire Retardant Christmas Decorations
    26. Fire Retardant Christmas Trees
    27. Fire Retardant Cloth
    28. Fire Retardant Clothing
    29. Fire Retardant Coating
    30. Fire Retardant Coatings
    31. Fire Retardant Curtains
    32. Fire Retardant Fabric
    33. Fire Retardant Fabric Spray
    34. Fire Retardant Foam
    35. Fire Retardant For Fabric
    36. Fire Retardant For Wood
    37. Fire Retardant Material
    38. Fire Retardant Materials
    39. Fire Retardant Paint
    40. Fire Retardant Paint Additive
    41. Fire Retardant Paint For Wood
    42. Fire Retardant Paints
    43. Fire Retardant Paper
    44. Fire Retardant Plastic
    45. Fire Retardant Plywood
    46. Fire Retardant Products
    47. Fire Retardant Spray
    48. Fire Retardant Spray Foam
    49. Fire Retardant Spray For Christmas Trees
    50. Fire Retardant Spray For Fabric
    51. Fire Retardant Spray For Paper
    52. Fire Retardant Spray For Wood
    53. Fire Retardant Spray Paint
    54. Fire Retardant Sprays
    55. Fire Retardant Treatment
    56. Fire Retardant Wood
    57. Fire Retardant Wood Treatment Spray
    58. Fire Retardants
    59. Fire Retardent Spray
    60. Fire Spray
    61. Fireproof Fabric
    62. Fireproof Foam
    63. Fireproof Paint
    64. Fireproof Paint For Wood
    65. Fireproof Spray
    66. Fireproof Spray Foam
    67. Fireproof Wood
    68. Fireproofing
    69. Fireproofing Material
    70. Fireproofing Paint
    71. Fireproofing Spray
    72. Fireproofing Steel
    73. Fireproofing Wood
    74. Flame Fabric
    75. Flame Resistant
    76. Flame Resistant Fabric
    77. Flame Retardancy
    78. Flame Retardant
    79. Flame Retardant Chemicals
    80. Flame Retardant Christmas Trees
    81. Flame Retardant Coating
    82. Flame Retardant Curtains
    83. Flame Retardant Fabric
    84. Flame Retardant Fabric Spray
    85. Flame Retardant Fabrics
    86. Flame Retardant Material
    87. Flame Retardant Materials
    88. Flame Retardant Paint
    89. Flame Retardant Paper
    90. Flame Retardant Spray
    91. Flame Retardant Spray For Fabric
    92. Flame Retardant Treatment
    93. Flame Retardant Wood Treatment Spray
    94. Flame Retardants
    95. Flame Retardent Spray
    96. Retardant Spray
    97. Spray Fire Retardant
    98. Spray Fireproofing
    99. Spray On Fireproofing

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