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  • EasyFlow Liquid Floor Screed & Underfloor Heating
  • EasyFlow liquid screed can be walked on in 24-48 hours
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    Easyflow Ltd

    As a leading underfloor and liquid screed specialist Easyflow offers a highly professional range of innovative heated floor solutions.

    Hassle Free Liquid Floor Screed Service
    We supply a range of innovative, pumpable liquid screeds guaranteed to suit your specific floor needs.

    Easyflows liquid floor screeds are extremely well suited for Underfloor heating and provide many advantages when compared to the more traditional types of heating systems.

    Benefits include:

    �� Fast Installation
    �� Precise Floor Coverage
    �� Energy Efficient
    �� Works Well With All Floor Coverings
    �� Void Free Finish
    �� More Comfortable and Even Temperature
    �� Guaranteed Improved Thermal Performance
    �� Minimum Air Movement Resulting in Less Dust
    �� No Radiators
    �� More Space and Design Freedom
    �� Maintenance Free

    Hassle Free Underfloor Heating System
    Easyflow offers a complete trouble free package for underfloor heating and Liquid screed.

    What's Included?
    From manifolds for boilers, flow rate adjusters, pipe fittings and mixing valves through to actuator heads, wiring diagrams, CAD drawings and more, every single component required is included and comes on a supply and install basis.

    2 Year Workmanship Guarantee!
    All work carried out is covered by a 2 year warranty with all call out charges and labour absolutely free.

    Additional Services
    We also offer a range of additional products and services such as flowing concretes, floor preparation, laitance removal, screed sanding and moisture testing so you can rest assured when you deal with Easyflow we've got all of your floor covering installation needs covered.

    From initial enquiry through to installation and the commissioning of your new undefloor heating system Easyflow has over 25 years of experience in the formulation of self-levelling screeds.

    Get In Touch
    We will take care of every step of the way throughout your underfloor heating project so why not get in touch to find out more.

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    Key Personnel
    Dean Suter
    Dean Suter UFH Consultant
    Jennifer Jones
    Jennifer Jones Manager

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    Richard Timmis
    Richard Timmis Director

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    Dan Houlston
    Dan Houlston Install Manager
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    2. Cementitious Screeds
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    15. Epoxy Resin Screed Systems
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    18. Fast Curing Floor Screeds
    19. Fast Curing Screeds
    20. Fast Drain Screed
    21. Fast Dry Screed
    22. Fast Drying Floor Screed
    23. Fast Drying Screed
    24. Floor Coatings (Screed Applied)
    25. Floor Leveling Screed
    26. Floor Levelling Screed
    27. Floor Levelling Screeds
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    30. Floor Screed Contractors
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    40. Flow Screeding
    41. Flow Screeding Services
    42. Flowing Concretes
    43. Flowing Screed
    44. Hard Wearing Screed
    45. Heated Floor Screed
    46. Heated Screed
    47. In-Screed Underfloor Heating Cable
    48. Industrial Floor Screeds
    49. Laitance Removal
    50. Latex Floor Screeds
    51. Levelling Screed
    52. Lightweight Screed
    53. Liquid Floor Screed
    54. Liquid Floor Screed Supplier
    55. Liquid Floor Screeding
    56. Liquid Screed
    57. Liquid Screed For Underfloor Heating
    58. Liquid Screeding Services
    59. Moisture Testing
    60. Plastering And Screeding
    61. Polished Floor Screed
    62. Pump Screed Flooring
    63. Pump Screeds
    64. Pumped Floor Screed
    65. Quick Drying Screed
    66. Radiant Underfloor Heating
    67. Reaction Resin Screeds
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