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Walters & Walters Ltd

  • Dykem Engineers Marking Steel Blue & Red Layout Fluid
  • Wide range of Dykem Industrial Markers
  • Manufacture of Industrial Wax Crayons
  • Chalk Sticks, Blocks, Lump & Powder

Walter and Walters offers an impressive range of industrial markers and Steel Layout Fluid from Dykem

Walters & Walters Ltd began in the late 1800s in London as Manufacturers of Fine Sealing Wax. The Company then diversified into the manufacture of Industrial Wax Crayons which is still our main business today.

We are a small family run business who pride ourselves on our friendly customer service and product knowledge and hope very much to hear from you soon.

Dykem Industrial Markers

Walter and Walters offers an impressive range of industrial markers from Dykem

This is a comprehensive range specifically manufactured by Dykem for industrial applications, ranging from high temperature paint markers, high purity paint markers and high temperature TXT paint to textile markers, fine markers and Dykem layout marking fluid.

Dykem Industrial Markers
Dykem Engineers Marking Layout Fluid

The range of Dykem industrial markers from Walters and Walters also includes a range of engineers marking blue and engineers marking red layout fluid which have been specifically designed to provide a new level of high performance marking properties for machine shop and engineering environments.

Dykem Steel Blue and Dykem Steel Red Layout Fluids provide a perfect uniform deep colour which dries in minutes.

This thin film illustrates clear precise lines when scribed and with no thickness to the work piece it remains flexible with no chipping or cracking.

The Dykem Steel Blue and Steel Red Layout Fluids uniform deep colour also prevents glare which reduces eye strain.

Dykem Engineers Marking Blue Layout Fluid
Dykem Engineers Marking Red Layout Fluid
Industrial Crayons

We manufacture a range of Wax Crayons suitable for making a long-lasting mark on most surfaces. Our very popular WWT Crayons mark Timber and Cold Metals whilst our WRB heavy duty Rubber Crayon will also mark Timber, Metal, Stone and much more!!

Some of the other Crayons we can provide:
Specialist Crayons, Road Marking Crayons. Heavy Duty Crayons, WSR Roadmarkers.

Industrial Crayons
Engineers Chalk Sticks

Our Engineers French Chalk Stick are a high quality grade for making a long lasting smooth white mark on metal. The Flat stick is widely used by Welders and a Holder for this size is available. We can also supply this material in had-sized Slabs for heavy duty marking.

Some of the other Chalks we can provide:
Chalk Blocks, Chalk Powder, Liquid Chalk Pens, Lump Chalk, Chalk Spray and more.

Engineers Chalk Sticks
Road Marking Crayons

We supply several different sizes of moulded Chalk for different marking needs. We have Handi-Chalks for Chalk Lines. We can supply Lump Chalk, as dug out of the ground for marking out. Also Calcium Carbonate and French Chalk (Talc) Powder in various size packing's.

Some of the other Road Markers we can provide:
Road Marking Crayons, Road Marking Chalk, Railway Chalk, Monster Chalk and more.

Road Marking Crayons
Paint Markers

We stock a range of Ball Paint Markers that can be supplied in Tubes, Bottles or Aluminium Barrels with a variety of Ballpoint sizes. Dykem Dalo & Texpens have a Rubber pressurised bulb to ensure smooth paint flow which enables them to work upside-down and even underwater!!

Some of the other Paint Markers we can provide:
Ball Paint Markers, Paint Pens, Solid Paintsticks, Suremark Metal Markers

Paint Markers
Ink Markers

We work very closely with Edding UK and can supply their complete range of Markers as well as their UHU Adhesives and Legamaster products. Their comprehensive Range includes markers suitable for Industry, Education, Automotive and Craft applications.

Some of the other Ink Markers we can provide:
Permanent Markers, Industrial Markers, Office & Presentation, Home & DIY

Ink Markers
School Chalk

We offer a wide range of Chalk especially for schools, they come in a variety of colours and different types: S
choolboard Chalk, Monster Chalks, Playground marking Chalk, Powders and Sticks, Chalk Blocks, Lump Chalk, Liquid Chalk and Block Chalk.

Some of the other Ink Markers we can provide:
Blackboard School Chalk - White and Coloured, Whiteboard Markers.

School Chalk

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