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Glen Castings Ltd

  • Specialists in Gravity and Drainage Castings
  • Rapid Prototypes and Casting Samples
  • Accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2008
  • Castings Using The Latest technology of CAD/CAM
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Aluminium Casting UK
Square Gully Grids
Engineering Castings
Oval Access Plates
Square Hinged Grated & Frame

Aluminium Casting UK

Welcome to Glen Castings specialists in Gravity and Drainage Castings. We concentrate on small and medium size runs from 2,000 to 100,000 pieces and are fully accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

Glen Castings
have the ability to produce rapid prototypes and samples using the very latest CAD/CAM technology and our Sand Foundry.

Providing Aluminium Casting UK we specialise in two main product areas:

Drainage Castings

We manufacture a wide range of Drainage Castings that include:

     - Round Gully Grids
     - Oval Access Plates
     - Square Gully Grids
     - Rodding Point Castings
     - Inspection Covers
     - Round Hinged Frames & Gates
     - Steel Manhole Covers & Frames
     - Round Sealing Plates & Frames
     - Deans Gully Buckets
     - Square Hinged Grated & Frame
     - Square Sealing Plates & Frames
     - Perforated Gully Buckets

Engineering Castings

Our team of expert engineers can create you and Engineering Castings you require. We have over 30 years experience within the industry, producing the finest Aluminium Castings in the UK. We can also manufacture from a range of different materials.

Please contact a member of our team with any questions you may have, alternatively you may visit our website where you will find more detailed information about everything we have to offer.

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  • ICI005 Inspection Cover
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  • Rodding Point Casting
  • Round Gully Grids
  • Round Hinged Grates and Frames
  • Round Sealing Plates & Frames
  • Square Gully Grids
  • Square Hinged Grated & Frame
  • Perforated Gully Buckets

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