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DP Seals Ltd

  • Custom precision rubber seals, gaskets & mouldings
  • Manufacturers of precision rubber seals & mouldings
  • Simple O-rings to large custom mouldings
  • Rubber-to-metal bonding and cryogenic cleaning
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Custom Precision Rubber Seals, Gaskets and Mouldings

DP Seals is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high precision custom seals, mouldings and gaskets for a diverse range of applications, from the well-known London underground ticket machines to applications involving Formula 1 racing cars and aerospace where our involvement includes products for Airbus and Dreamliner as well as the latest military fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

With over 40 years of experience, three manufacturing facilities and a team of fifty dedicated staff DP Seals is well equipped to take on some of the more demanding projects where others have failed.

Guide to developing
custom rubber seals

This problem solving knowledge combined with our ability to specify formulas and compositions for materials has proved invaluable particularly where customised seals and mouldings are required for some of the more hazardous applications such as deep sea installations where fibre optic cable connectors are used for oil well logging equipment.

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Key Industries Served

Aerospace, Food & Dairy, Instrumentation & Electronics, Medical, Motorsport, Specialist Automotive, Subsea, Oil & Gas. While we specialise in supporting these industries as a custom rubber seals, gaskets and mouldings manufacturer we are always happy to take on new challenges.

Custom Rubber Moulding

Focused on precision, miniature and micro rubber mouldings designed and manufactured to the highest possible tolerances in the industry today.

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Custom Rubber Gaskets

Precision gaskets to any profile or shape in a wide range of materials, colours and shore hardness. If you need a gasket that can be subjected to extreme temperature change as well as chemicals and hostile environments then give us a call.

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Custom Rubber Seals

Precision manufactured seals from small irregular batches up to 500,000 units per month. Specialists in high tolerance flash free seals.

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Rubber Moulding Innovation

Over our 40 years experience we’ve helped design engineers with numerous challenges from complex sub millimetre detailing to over-moulding to parts that perform in extremely hazardous environments. We have a patented moulding system enabling us to produce small, close tolerance, flashless mouldings that no-one else can match.

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3D Printing & Prototyping

Speed up your development process and identify design faults early with our fast service.

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Rubber To Metal Bonding

As experts in rubber to metal bonding we utilise innovative solutions and moulding techniques to provide, high performance, high-specification products. We were one of the first companies to successfully bond Optimised HNBR to stainless steel!

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Quality Control & Cleaning

AS 9100 and BAE Systems approved we were one of the first custom rubber moulding companies in the UK to achieve ISO 9001 accreditation. This was soon followed by ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001. Our fully-automated CNC-controlled cryogenic de-flashing machines make the essential cleaning process faster, more efficient and effective and are some of the most advanced of their kind in the world.

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Tool & Mould Making

With our in house state of the art manufacturing facility including vertical machining centres, CNC lathes and milling machines we are able to produce accurate tooling for one off prototypes through to multi-cavity tooling for mass production. So whatever your needs DP Seals is here and ready to meet your targets.

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Design & Manufacturing

We offer a complete design service and CAD support with extensive experience enabling us to provide design solutions for virtually every type of application.

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Ideal for reducing friction on small or complex rubber components the precise control helps to deliver consistent and repeatable improvements.

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Rubber Materials Expertise

DP Seals are specialists on material selection to meet extreme performance criteria. We create custom blends for bespoke applications and have mastered production of exciting new materials.

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Company Videos

DP Seals The Unseen Advantage In Conversation: Video 1 - Rubber Hardness
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Rubber Tolerances
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Rubber Chemical Compatibility
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5 stars based on 6 customer reviews
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By Andy Cowell , Mercedes AMG

On behalf of everyone at Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains (HPP) and Mercedes-Benz, we would like to thank you once again for the contribution that you have made towards our success in the 2018 Formula One season, allowing us to win the fifth World Championship title on a row. Andy Cowell, Managing Director, Mercedes AMG

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By Andy Cowell , Mercedes AMG

I would like to offer our heart-felt thanks for the incredible contribution that you and your team have made towards the achievements of the 2014 season.

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By Mathew Cocksey , Integralp

It is nice to work with people who support you as best they can, in a fast paced challenging environment. As seal manufacturers go, in my experience DP Seals are head and shoulders above the rest. Long may it continue.

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By Andy Cowell , Mercedes AMG

On behalf of everyone at Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains (HPP) and Mercedes-Benz, we would like to thank you once again for the amazing contribution that you and your team have made towards our success in the 2015 Formula One season.

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By Colleen Pray , Cubic

The level of customer service you provided exceeds the level of most companies in the world today. Outstanding. Simply Outstanding.

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By Andy Cowell , Mercedes AMG

I would like to offer our heart-felt thanks for the incredible contribution that you and your team have made towards the achievements of the 2014 season.

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Approvals & Certificates

AS9100: Rev C

ISO 14001 Environmental management

OHSAS 18001

ISO 1:2002 Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) – Standard reference temperature for geometrical product specification and verification

News & PR

DP Seals are really on the ball

A high-spec natural rubber ball for the hydraulic engine mounts made by DTR VMS Ltd

DP Seals to supply vital part of police breathalyser units

DP Seals, a leading supplier of high precision custom seals, gaskets and mouldings, has begun supplying a manufacturer of specialised breath alcohol analysis equipment...

Dp Seals Success with Patent

Poole based seal and moulding specialist, DP Seals, have now been granted a UK patent for their unique tooling and moulding system.

NORSOK M-710. Working to a World-Class Standard

Leading seal and moulding manufacturer DP Seals is setting an unrivalled standard in components conforming to the rigorous NORSOK M‐170 benchmark

DP Seals cleans up in a flash

Leading custom rubber moulding and seal manufacturers, DP Seals, has significantly increased its cryogenic cleaning and de-flashing facilities with the addition of another state-of-the-art machine.

DP Seals and Ridgemount Technologies build great connections

DP Seals, the Poole based manufacturer of custom rubber, seals, gaskets and mouldings has completed development of an intricate seal for Ridgemount Technologies.

DP Seals goes underground with belting success for Cubic

DP Seals is playing a vital role in the everyday lives of millions of London commuters.

Friction falls to fluorination

Gas fluorination is another of the comprehensive range of services DP Seals offers its customers...

DP Seals drives standards higher for Penny & Giles

Having developed high-performance seals for the Jaguar Grand Prix car, DP Seals has now demonstrated its expertise at the opposite end of the speed spectrum...

DP Seals helps Metro Technologies pick its place in nozzle shoot-out

DP Seals has developed a set of custom rubber mouldings that are helping Metro Technologies lead the world in replacement nozzles for surface mount pick-and-place machines.

DP Seals helps Limpet Technology defy gravity

DP Seals has manufactured a smart diaphragm for Limpet Technology’s revolutionary height safety system – The Limpet.

DP Seals keeps the sea at bay in Seacon’s subsea optical cable connectors

Seacon has chosen DP Seals to supply high-performance seals and boots for its latest range of subsea optical fibre cable glands.

DP Seals adds third dimension to prototyping rubber mouldings

DP Seals has added 3D printing to its tool room process.

DP Seals helps Waters Corporation launch new family of LC/MS instruments

DP Seals, one of the UK’s foremost suppliers of precision custom rubber seals and mouldings, has helped Waters Corporation create an award-winning family of LC/MS instruments.

DP Seals plugs capacitor safety vent for Aerovox

DP Seals is providing a key safety component in all screw terminal aluminium electrolytic capacitors manufactured by BHC Aerovox.

DP Seals helps Gill Instruments sensors

DP Seals has again demonstrated its expertise with components intended for use in demanding situations...

DP Seals adds specialised sub-sea manufacturing unit

DP Seals has expanded its manufacturing capacity with 4,800 sq feet dedicated to its sub-sea customers.

DP Seals and FR-HiTEMP get to grips with waste

DP Seals can now count the new double-decker Airbus A380 among the blue chip users of its precision products.

DP Seals excels in medical silicone mouldings and custom rubber seals

For design engineers in the medical sector, uncompromising quality and precision are critical to their work – and where that involves rubber seals and mouldings, DP Seals has proved the perfect partner.

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Andrew Piper
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