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  • DMN-WESTINGHOUSE offers tailor-made solutions
  • Developing these components for over 35 years
  • DMN products are distributed world-wide
  • Worldwide Delivery
    Servicing & Repairs
    UK Supplier

    DMN UK Ltd

    DMN UK Ltd specialise in the supply of Diverter Valves, Rotary Airlock products and other components like slide valves, Morris Pipe Couplings and Discharge Units for the bulk solenoids industry.

    We have been in this industry and developing these components to the highest standards for over 35 years. DMN even provide tailor made solutions for the pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics and food industries. All of our products can also be distributed world-wide.

    We are able to provide all of our products as standard components or we can supply special components like ones that:

    - Conform to USDA requirements
    - Flame proof
    - Pressure shock resistant to 10 bar
    - ATEX compliant to Directive 94/9/EC
    - And much more...

    For any of our specialist components please contact a member of our team with your requirements. To view our complete product range please click through to our website where you will find detailed information on everything we have to offer.

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    Products and Services

    1. 3 Way Ball Valve
    2. Actuated Ball Valve
    3. Actuated Ball Valves
    4. Actuated Butterfly Valve
    5. Actuated Butterfly Valves
    6. Adapters And Couplings
    7. Aluminium Butterfly Valves
    8. Automatic Diverter Valve
    9. Ball Valve
    10. Ball Valve Seats
    11. Ball Valves
    12. Ball Valves-Hydraulic
    13. Ballvalves
    14. Banjo Ball Valves
    15. Blowing Seal
    16. Blowing Seal Fast Clean Valve
    17. Blowing Seal Modular
    18. Blowing Seal Modular Cleanable
    19. Blowing Seal Modular Fast Clean
    20. Blowing Seal Valve For Vehicles
    21. Blowing Seals
    22. Brass Ball Valves
    23. Butterfly Valve
    24. Butterfly Valves
    25. Carbon Steel Ball Valves
    26. Cast Iron Ball Valves
    27. Control Ball Valve
    28. Conveying Plug Valve
    29. Couplings
    30. Couplings Hydraulic
    31. Delayed Action Ball Valves
    32. Diverter Valve
    33. Diverter Valve Bulk Handling
    34. Diverter Valve Bulk Material
    35. Diverter Valve Powder Handling
    36. Diverter Valves
    37. Diverter Valves Bulk Handling
    38. Diverter Valves Bulk Material
    39. Diverter Valves Powder Handling
    40. Diverting Valves
    41. DoubLE Flange Butterfly Valve
    42. Double Flanged Butterfly Valve
    43. Double Flanged Butterfly Valves
    44. Equilibrium Ballvalves
    45. Extra Heavy Duty Blowing Seal
    46. Extra Heavy Duty Rotary Valve
    47. Fast Clean Valve
    48. Fill Vent Valve
    49. Filterball Valves
    50. Flap Diverter Valve
    51. Flowseal Butterfly Valves
    52. Foreign Body Detection
    53. Foreign Body Detection Systems
    54. Heavy Duty Fast Clean Rotary Valve
    55. Heavy Duty Modular Cleanable Rotary Valve
    56. Heavy Duty Modular Fast Clean Rotary Valve
    57. Heavy Duty Modular Rotary Valve
    58. Heavy Duty Plug Diverter Valve
    59. High Performance Butterfly Valves
    60. High Pressure Ball Valves
    61. High Pressure Hydraulic Ball Valves
    62. Hydraulic Ball Valves
    63. Hypergienic Rotary Valve
    64. IBC Ball Valves
    65. Lugged Pattern Butterfly Valve
    66. Pigging Diverter Valves
    67. Pipe Selector Diverter Valve
    68. Plastic Ball Valves
    69. Polypropylene Ball Valves
    70. Raised Ballvalve Boxes
    71. Rotary Shoe Valves
    72. Rotary Valve
    73. Rotary Valve Actuators
    74. Rotary Valve Bulk Handling
    75. Rotary Valve Bulk Material
    76. Rotary Valve Gearbox
    77. Rotary Valve Powder Handling
    78. Rotary Valves
    79. Rotary Valves Bulk Handling
    80. Rotary Valves Bulk Material
    81. Rotary Valves Powder Handling
    82. Sanitary Ball Valves
    83. Slide Valve
    84. Slide Valves
    85. Smart Elbows
    86. Spring Return Ball Valve
    87. Stainless Steel Ball Valve
    88. Stainless Steel Ball Valves
    89. Stainless Steel Butterfly Valves
    90. Stainless Steel Full Bore Ball Valves
    91. Steel Ball Valves
    92. Two Way Ball Valves
    93. Valve
    94. Valve Accessories
    95. Valve Action Markers
    96. Valve Actuators
    97. Valve Applications
    98. Valve Automation
    99. Valve Bagging Machine
    100. Valve Coatings
    101. Valve Control Cables
    102. Valve Control Equipment
    103. Valve Distributer
    104. Valve Distributor
    105. Valve Engineering
    106. Valve Extension Spindle
    107. Valve Extension Spindles
    108. Valve Fittings
    109. Valve Grinding Paste
    110. Valve Interlocking Systems
    111. Valve Lubrication
    112. Valve Manufacture
    113. Valve Manufacturer
    114. Valve Merchants Valve Merchant
    115. Valve Mnufacture
    116. Valve Monitoring Equipment
    117. Valve Reconditioning
    118. Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries
    119. Valve Regulation
    120. Valve Repair
    121. Valve Repair And Refurbishment
    122. Valve Repair Service
    123. Valve Sack Bagging Machines
    124. Valve Sacks
    125. Valve Sales
    126. Valve Seals
    127. Valve Services
    128. Valve Spares
    129. Valve Spares And Accessories
    130. Valve Springs
    131. Valve Tags
    132. Valves
    133. Valves Precision Engineers
    134. Volt Ball Valves

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