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Thermoformed Recycled Food Packaging Trays by DMD 2000 Ltd

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  • A wide range of bakery, butcher/processing packaging products
  • Thermoformed food packaging trays from recycled materials
  • Manufacturers of vacuum formed food contact packaging
  • Award Winning
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    DMD 2000 Ltd

    Considered as one of the UKs leading manufacturers of high quality food packaging, DMD 2000 delivers first class thermoformed and vacuum formed packaging products made from recycled materials to meet the requirements of today�s constantly evolving markets.

    Fully Recyclable Food Packaging Trays
    DMD 2000 specialises in the manufacture of 100% fully recyclable food packaging trays and thermoformed packaging. Our food packaging trays are made with fully recycled material, available bespoke thermoformed or vacuum formed.

    Thermoformed Recycled Food Packaging Trays
    With an ongoing programme of investment in product development DMD 2000 is able to provide both bespoke designs and standard products including thermoformed food packaging trays made with recycled material.

    By working alongside our customers we truly believe we will achieve the needs of today's eco conscious society by producing quality food packaging in particular using recycled materials.

    Vacuum Formed Food Contact Packaging
    We have over 100 years of combined experience in vacuum forming food contact packaging for the bakery sector alone and are 100% confident in being able to meet every single one of your packaging needs.

    Whether bespoke thermoformed or standard vacuum formed recycled packaging we�ve got all of your packaging needs covered so please do not hesitate in getting in touch with DMD 2000.

    Bakery Packaging and Trays
    For the bakery sector DMD 2000 supplies top quality thermoformed packaging comprising of products ranging from single cavity square trays, plain rectangular trays and shallow trays through to hinged lid trays and oblong pound trays to name but a few.

    Butcher/Processing Food Packaging Products
    We design and manufacture high quality packaging for meat and pie produce, biscuit production and more. Additional information may be found on our website/online store.

    Quality and Technical Management Policy/BRC Certification
    All of our products are manufactured in accordance with the British Retail Consortium Institute of Packaging Standards with DMD 2000 certified as the manufacturer of thermoformed plastic food packaging for direct food contact. Our standard is 'AA' which is the highest available.

    Most stock available next day or two day delivery service throughout the UK mainland.

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    Monday 08:00 to 16:30
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