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Display Cabinets Direct

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  • A wide selection of display cabinets and counters
  • Single, double, extra wide & corner glass displays
  • Luxury high end cabinets to budget solutions
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    Display Cabinets Direct

    For a wide range of luxury high end cabinets and counters to more budget friendly solutions, Display Cabinets Direct have a solution for you. All our counters and cabinets have been designed and manufactured professionally to exacting specifications conforming to all EU regulations. For safety we only used toughened glass preventing it from breaking into dangerous shards, should breakage ever occur.

    We supply cabinets and counters for displaying merchandise, products and memorabilia to a variety of industries and sectors including shop fitters, boutique stores, retail sector, jewellers, colleges, schools & universities.

    Glass Displays and Showcases
    We source the stylish and practical display counters, plinths and glass cabinets for the UK market. Below are some of the benefits of purchasing cabinets and counters from Display Cabinets Direct:

      - All our display cabinets have lockable doors as standard for safety and security.
      - A choice of self-assembly cabinets or fully assembled cabinets.
      - Installation available with all counters and cabinets.
      - Solutions for all needs be it high end or budget.
      - Cabinets can be purchased online 24 hours a day.
      - Bespoke cabinets are available upon request.
      - Special options for extra tall or extra wide cabinets not available from other suppliers.

    Custom Made and Bespoke Cabinets
    If you require a special made to measure glass display, cabinet or counter and styled to match your unique environment, Display Cabinets Direct can help. Our bespoke displays are completely tailored to your individual requirements, so please get in touch with the details and we will provide you with a no obligation quote.

    Optional Extras For Displays
    Our experienced team will work with you to ensure the display cabinet or counter you choose is exactly to your liking, this can include optional extras like:

    Specialist Glass
    You can change the standard glass for low reflection glass, laminated glass or UV filtering glass to protect your items from sunlight damage.

    Extra Security
    Every display piece comes with a lock as standard, however you can upgrade to our high security locks to protect high value items, and can even have an audible warning system added for extra security.

    If you want to illuminate your cabinets for extra effect we can include LED lighting and fibre optic lighting when needed.

    Environmental Temp and Dust Control
    For items that can be affected by a poor environment we can add optional dust proofing, dust filters, humidity control and positive pressure.

    Whether you are looking for a trophy cabinet to show off your collectables, a display showcase for your reception/office or want to fit out an entire retail environment, you have come to the right place.

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