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    Hone-All Precision Ltd

    Deep Hole Boring Company

    Originally formed as a sub-contract honing company, Hone-All Precision discovered a recurring problem experienced by the purchasers and specifiers of sub-contract machining:

    In order to produce a single component, it was often necessary to involve several companies to complete it. This resulted in increased costs and administration and wasted valuable time. We became the UK's leading
    Deep Hole Boring Company specialising in Boring Services, Hole Boring, Deep Hole Drilling and much more...

    The investment in new technology, CNC machine tools, deep hole boring and deep hole drilling equipment, premises and Inspection facilities was specifically tailored to ensure we could meet and exceed the requirements of our customers to ensure their & our competitiveness.

    This investment also included working toward the Business Excellence Model, Best Practice, and Lean manufacturing techniques. These enabled new perspectives and processes to develop in order to ensure that our levels of service matched the unique and extensive range offered.

    The Guide To Deep Hole
    Drilling, Boring & Honing Costs

    The result is a single source manufacturer able to supply materials and completely machine components up to 3 metres in length to the highest quality standards and within one facility. This ensures the control of cost and quality, effective communication and traceability second to none. This combined with a positive commitment to excellent customer service; effective communication through teamwork and partnerships ensures the highest standards of service and quality at the most competitive rates.

    Deep holes are defined by a high ratio between hole depth and hole diameter. Deep-hole drilling is the preferred method for drilling hole depths of more than 10 x the diameter up to 150 x diameter.

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    CNC Turning
    With a program of continual investment Hone All's range of state of the art and professionally maintained machinery means we are able to provide our customers with a CNC turning capacity of 550mm diameter and 4 metres in length between centres. This capacity also means we are able to react immediately for our customers turning, trepanning and boring to precise tolerance requirements.

    CNC Honing
    Having been the primary foundation of our business this key element remains at the forefront of the wide range of precision services Hone-All provide. Investment in the very latest CNC honing technology enables higher stock removal whilst at the same time maintaining the precise standards of surface finish and geometry.

    Deep Hole Boring
    Hone-All are masters of deep hole boring and able to provide you with the very ultimate solution where deep precision boring is required. By using the latest cutting and machine tool technology Hone-All can achieve close tolerances, precise accuracy and surface finishes.

    Deep Hole Drilling
    With the best deep hole drilling machine technology we regularly achieve between 2mm and 25mm diameter hole drilling of up to 2500mm in depth. This impressive range of machines allows us to provide our customers with a totally cost effective and fast response service for their specific deep hole drilling requirements.

    CNC Gundrilling
    Where the demand for CNC Gundrilling is required we are the best. Our wealth of experience, expertise and CNC technology means we can provide a service which often exceeds the requirements of our customers some of which include the aerospace, petrochemical, medical and automotive sectors.

    Precision Rollers
    As experts in this field Hone-All now manufacture the highest quality rollers and shafts for the print and packaging industry. Perfectly balanced and machined to the highest quality our precision rollers and shafts are all machined and finished in house. This manufacturing facility means we can guarantee you a cost effective, accurate and prompt service for all of your needs.

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    156. Precision Machining Milling CNC
    157. Precision Machining Milling Horizontal Conventional
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    159. Precision Machining Nickel
    160. Precision Machining Nuclear Industry
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