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    David Bowler and Sons Ltd

    Specialists in Metal Pressings & UK supplier of Deep Drawn Components

    David Bowler and Sons Ltd is an innovative and highly motivated manufacturing company that produce and supply metal petrochemical industry pressings and component assemblies. We particularly specialise in the manufacture of challenging components such as deep drawn and complex shaped components made from carbon, steel and non-ferrous materials. Our customer base is extremely varied and includes industries such as defence, automotive, heating and ventilation, aerospace, metal packaging, electronics, metal packaging and petro chemical metal pressings.

    We also have an excellent record of customer relations and are proud to currently hold a number of major customer and industry individual awards which further proves our dedication to our client base.

    At David Bowler & Sons Ltd we constantly review and assess our position in this market and continue to invest in high technology, state of the art machinery and equipment which in turn help us to stay at the forefront in this field.


    We have an excellent reputation in providing consistent high quality products and this has only been achieved by investing heavily in our quality control process which we believe plays a large part in enabling us to provide total customer confidence and satisfaction. To date we have full BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard Qualification as well as a further series of National and Mandatory Awards.

    Manufacturing Processes

    We use a number of processes in the manufacture of our metal petrochemical industry pressings, some of which can be technically challenging, and so each production method is chosen to achieve uncompromising quality and give a cost effective performance. The four main types of production methods are listed below.

    Single operation
    Individual tools are employed in separate presses.

    Employs one tool and a number of operations following each other.

    Transfer Tooling
    Tools are employed in (components are transferred automatically).

    The previous 3 processes are assembled creating the final component.


    Our capacities are basically divided into two, being the Sheet Metal division and the Presswork Division. Our Sheet Metal Division includes shearing, punching, general spot welding, projection welding and surface finishing and an impressive cad cam and Draughting system which is coupled with PEPS and installed on a computer which has plotting capabilities.

    The presswork division includes presses, feed equipment, inspection equipment, various sundry equipment and a toolroom which houses machinery such as CNC milling machines, lathes, cylindrical grinding machines and surface finishing equipment. We have an extremely impressive range of presses, both hydraulic and mechanical with tonne ratings ranging from 12T right up to 315T and stroke lengths which span 6mm to 800mm. Much more information on our plant list may be obtained from our main website.

    If you would like to learn more about our company and what we could do for you, or discuss any technical issues or existing orders, please give our friendly team a call and we will be happy to supply you with further information and address any queries you may have. Alternatively you can send us an e-mail or visit our main website.

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