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    Dash Dynamics

    3D Domed Labels

    Dash Dynamics are the UKs leading designers and manufacturers of 3D Domed Badges and Bubble Badges.

    �- Bespoke Badges
    �- Number Plate Letters
    �- 3D Domed Labels
    �- Bubble Badges
    �- Custom Keyrings
    �- Domed Auto Badges
    �- Custom/Specialist Products

    Custom Plastic Gel Coated 3D Label Designers
    We can design and manufacture custom 3D Domed Labels and Badges in a wide range of finishes and colours such as chrome, silver, gold, white, brushed aluminium and more.

    Every single one of our Plastic Gel Coated Domed Labels are designed and manufactured to individual specifications and manufactured on Metamark� self-adhesive vinyl for easy application. Whether it's the bodywork for a car, the centre of an auto wheel, a product or piece of machinery they will not fail.

    Made from two part polyurethane material the finished product will not fade or go cloudy in sunlight. They`re also scratch resistant to ensure your logo will stay clear and visible for years to come.

    Bespoke Resin Poly Domed Name Badge Manufacturers
    Why not bring your name brand alive with our bespoke Resin Domed Name Badges.

    The manufacture of these cost effective poly domed name badges involves the use of highly durable resins with excellent full colour definition whereby transforming the otherwise lifeless flat vinyl name badge into a contoured and eye catching name badge.

    Whether you need Poly or Resin Domed Name Badges for indoor or outdoor use Dash Dynamics manufacture a wide range of products in every shape and size to ensure we cover a wide range of industrial, business and tradesman applications.

    Bubble Badges
    Our bubble badges are an excellent choice for cars, vans, motorcycles and more. The adhesives we use are suitable for bezels, wheel centres and even directly to the bodywork. Our Bubble Badges are available in a wide range of finishes including silver, brushed aluminium, chrome, white and gold. All bubble badges are fully bespoke so please get in touch with your unique requirements.

    Tamperproof Warranty Labels
    Dash Dynamics are now able to manufacture tamperproof warranty labels. Our tamper proof labels are custom made to your requirements, so please get in touch with any enquiries.

    Domed Stickers
    Dash Dynamics offers a professional bespoke design and manufacturing service to customers requiring Domed Labels.

    Our Domed Labels are made from highly durable materials and made to last withstanding damp, sunlight UV and scratches making them extremely long lasting which is particularly useful for giving your customers a constant reminder of you, your brand and the services you provide.

    �- UV Stable
    �- Scratch Proof
    �- Water Resistant
    �- Colourfast

    Just a few applications include:

    - Tradesman
    - Manufacturing
    - Electrical Engineers
    - Heating Engineers
    - Plumbers
    - Security
    - Vending Machines
    - Automotive
    - Caravans
    - Marine
    - Gifts
    - Office Equipment
    - Equipment
    - Point of Sale

    Whatever your requirements the customer service team at Dash Dynamics will be more than happy to guide you through the various processes and options available.

    3D Gel Number Plate Letters
    High quality black 3D resin domed number plate letters manufactured to meet with BS AU145e. Unlike many of our competitors our 3D letters will not interfere with legibility of registration marks and do not contain any reflective properties so there will never be an issue with the authorities.

    Of course this is subject to the correct approved spacing of the letters and that's where our unique Jig system comes in. Our number plate letter systems are only supplied to DVLA number plate approved suppliers.

    4D Acrylic Number Plate Digits
    We manufacture Acrylic number plate digits using only genuine Perspex� and the highest quality double sided tape available on the market. Our digits are cut to the same pattern as our Gel digits meaning he two can be combined to create a really high-end product. Our Acrylic digits are designed to meet BS AU145e specifications so are fully legal on the UK roads.

    We support all of our digit styles with highly accurate jig systems which make the production of number plates simple, fast and highly accurate.

    We supply digits to the trade in the following types:

    �- UK Charles Wright Font (Car)
    �- UK Charles Wright Font (Motorcycle and import Vehicles)
    �- Metro 50mm Style
    �- Republic of Ireland Legal 73 x 36mm

    Custom Keyrings
    Dash Dynamics will manufacture keyrings made to meet your exact specifications. They can be produced in a range of finishes including luxury chrome metal in either one or two sided designs.

    We can also supply you with a genuine leather keyring with your own design.

    �- Specialist Club Badges
    �- Staff Badges
    �- Promotional Keyrings
    �- Event Keyrings
    �- Sports Clubs
    �- Tie Pins
    �- Lapel Badges
    �- Large and Small Volume

    Whatever your requirements Dash Dynamics offers an efficient, professional and personalised domed badge, 3D number plate and custom key ring manufacturing service so to find out more please visit our website or get in touch.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 08:00 to 16:00
    Tuesday 08:00 to 16:00
    Wednesday 08:00 to 16:00
    Thursday 08:00 to 16:00
    Friday 08:00 to 16:00
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed
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