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    Howard Butler Ltd

    Leading suppliers of Analogue and Digital Panel Meters

    Howard Butler Ltd Howard Butler specialise in the design and manufacture of instrumentation and controls for worldwide export.

    Having been manufacturing for over 85 years Howard Butler has built a reputation for its range of high quality products.


    All manufacturing facilities are equipped to the highest standard including production and testing equipment.

    Due to the comprehensive range of products kept in stock also means we are able to offer a fast delivery service of both standard and special products.


    With a team of specialist engineers Howard Butler is able to add, update and review all products on a regular basis all of which are mostly designed to IEC, BS or DIN specifications.

    We are also able to offer a bespoke design service for customers who require products for their specific needs.

    Analogue Panel Meters:

    Howard Butler provides a range of analogue meters in the form of 90 degree DIN meters, 240 degree DIN panel meters, Prodin panel meters and R68 panel meters.

    Current Transformers:

    We supply a comprehensive range of current transformers so if you are unsure which one you need why not download our `CT easy selection guide`


    Transducer products from Howard Butler range from AC current, DC current and special AC voltage to frequency, reactive power, active power and more so please visit our website for more detailed information.

    Power Meters:

    We offer a comprehensive range of multi-function power meters to cover a wide range of applications.

    Digital Panel Meters:

    Digital panel meter products from Howard Butler include group types: - AC Volts, Amps, Milliamps, DC Volts, Amps, Milliamps, Millivolts and Frequency.

    Selector Switches:

    Two way rotary arm switches for switching of ammeters and voltmeters.

    Earth Leakage Relays:

    Variable earth leakage relays in compact 35mm din rail mounting cases for use on 3 phase electrical systems.


    Standard brass ended shunts, compact brass ended shunts, plate type shuts, wire type shunts and special shunts.

    Hours Run Counters:

    Hours run counter types from Howard Butler include the D48HR the D72HR and the D96HR.

    Multi-function Transducers:

    The M560 Powersig complete with 3 analogue outputs and the M550 Powercam complete with RS485 output.

    Protection Relays:

    We are able to supply a wide range of protection relays, from earth leakage and thermistor protection relays to speed sensing and phase sequence protection relays so for more information about our whole range please see website.


    As an approved ISO9001: 2008 company the objective of our Quality Assurance Policy is to ensure all products meet the specified quality standards of our company and our customers, namely at the right price, right time and quality.

    To find out more about Howard Butler, our products and services please get in touch or alternatively visit our website.

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    Products and Services

    1. AC Current Protection Relay
    2. AC Current Transducer
    3. AC Voltage Protection Relay
    4. AC Voltage Transducer
    5. Active Power Transducer
    6. Analogue Panel Meters
    7. Analysis Equipment
    8. Analytical Instruments
    9. Automotive Testing
    10. Automotive Testing Equipment
    11. Battery Charge Meters
    12. Battery Charger Meters
    13. Battery Condition Indicators
    14. Compact Brass Ended Shunts
    15. Core Balance Current Transformers
    16. Current Transformers
    17. DC Current Or Voltage 1 In 3 Out Transducer
    18. DC Current Summation Transducer
    19. DC Linear Integrator Transducer
    20. DC Transducer Trip Protection Relay
    21. DC Voltage Trip Protection Relay
    22. Digital Panel Meters
    23. Earth Leakage Relays
    24. Frequency Protection Relay
    25. Frequency Transducer
    26. Hours Counters
    27. Hours Run Counters
    28. Kilowatt Hour Meters
    29. Measuring Devices
    30. Measuring Equipment
    31. Measuring Instruments Displays
    32. Millivolt Trip Protection Relay
    33. Multi Function Meters
    34. Multi Function Transducers
    35. Multi-Function Meters
    36. Multi-Function Transducers
    37. Phase Angle Transducer
    38. Phase Balance Protection Relay
    39. Phase Sequence Protection Relay
    40. Plate Type Shunts
    41. Protective Relays
    42. Reactive Power Transducer
    43. Remote Resistance Transducer
    44. Reverse Power Protection Relay
    45. RTD Temperature Transducer
    46. Selector Switches
    47. Shunts
    48. Special AC Current Transducer
    49. Special AC Voltage Transducer
    50. Special Shunts
    51. Speed Sensing Protection Relay
    52. Standard Brass Ended Shunts
    53. Synchronising Check Protection Relay
    54. Synchroscopes
    55. TAP Position Transducer
    56. Thermistor Trip Protection Relay
    57. Thermocouple Temperature Transducer
    58. Transducers
    59. Wire Type Shunts


    ISO 9001 Quality management systems

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