C & T Engineering Ltd (C + T / C and T Engineering)

C & T Engineering Ltd (C + T / C and T Engineering)

Unit 1B, Oldmixon Crescent
Weston-Super-Mare Somerset
BS24 9AX

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    C & T Engineering Ltd (C + T / C and T Engineering)

    Welcome to C+T Engineering, we offer a full service from design to packaged end product.

    Processes available include CNC Milling, power presses to 50 ton, spark eroding, press tool manufacture, mould and tool making, routing etc.

    We were established in 1983 giving us a wealth of experience in CNC Machining, Injection Moulding, Mould and Tool Making, Assembly and Presswork.

    We aim not just to be a supplier to you but to become your partner, to leave you satisfied and exceed expectations. C+T Engineering's many years of experience helps make your products easier to produce and saves you time.

    Please visit our website for more information about any of our services, alternatively do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

    Our skilled toolmakers offer injection mould tooling and the production of press tools, commissioned by our customers for both in house production of their components and their own use.

    We use own own press shop to produce finished components like brackets, corner cleats, plates, straps and fixing lugs using our power presses ranging from 6-25 tonnes.

    CNC Machining
    Volume production is an area we specialise in, predominantly working with aluminium to create components utilised across various industries.

    Injection Moulding Service
    Our Arburg moulding machines have clamping capacities of 25-100 tonnes, we can offer customers the options of long term planned production runs of short runs of components to suit their immediate requirements.

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    Products and Services

    1. Aluminium Alloy Extrusions
    2. Aluminium CNC Machining
    3. Aluminium CNC Milling
    4. Aluminium CNC Turning
    5. Aluminium Component.
    6. Aluminium Components
    7. Aluminium Components.
    8. Aluminium Engineering - Precision
    9. Aluminium Fabrication Service
    10. Aluminium Fabrications
    11. Aluminium Machining
    12. Aluminium Profile Cutting
    13. Aluminium Sheet Metalworking
    14. Aluminium Shims
    15. Assembled Components
    16. Bespoke Plastic Injection Mouldings
    17. Chevron Packs
    18. CNC Machined Components
    19. CNC Precision Machined Components
    20. Components
    21. Components Sheet Metal
    22. Custom Plastic Injection Mouldings
    23. Custom Plastic Moulding
    24. Engineering Service
    25. Engineering Services
    26. Injection Mould Tool Making
    27. Injection Mould Toolmaking
    28. Injection Moulded Components
    29. Injection Moulding
    30. Injection Mouldings Plastic
    31. Jigs
    32. Jigs & Fixture Parts
    33. Jigs & Fixtures
    34. Jigs And Fixtures
    35. Light Presswork
    36. Low Volume Presswork
    37. Machined Aluminium Components
    38. Machined Components
    39. Manufacturer Plastic Components
    40. Milled Components
    41. Milling
    42. Milling Services Jigs And Fixtures Components To Specification
    43. Plastic Components
    44. Plastic Injection Mould Tool Design
    45. Plastic Injection Mould Tool Manufacture
    46. Plastic Injection Mould Toolmakers
    47. Plastic Injection Mould Tools
    48. Plastic Injection Moulder
    49. Plastic Injection Moulders
    50. Plastic Injection Moulding
    51. Plastic Injection Moulding Assembly
    52. Plastic Injection Moulding Plastic Injection Moulders
    53. Plastic Injection Moulding Products
    54. Plastic Injection Moulding Services
    55. Plastic Injection Moulding Sub-Contract
    56. Plastic Injection Mouldings
    57. Plastic Molding
    58. Plastic Mould Makers
    59. Plastic Mould Toolmakers
    60. Plastic Mould Tools
    61. Plastic Moulded Components
    62. Plastic Moulded Parts
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    66. Plastic Mouldings
    67. Plastic Mouldings Supplier
    68. Plastics Finished Products
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    70. Plastics Injection Moulding
    71. Plastics Injection Moulding Services
    72. Precision Aluminium Engineering
    73. Precision Components To Specification
    74. Precision Engineered Components
    75. Precision Engineering
    76. Precision Toolmakers
    77. Precision Toolmaking Development
    78. Precision Toolmaking Prototypes
    79. Precision Tools
    80. Press Assembly Work
    81. Press Tool
    82. Press Tool Components
    83. Press Tool Manufacturer
    84. Press Tool Manufacturers
    85. Press Tooling
    86. Press Tools
    87. Press Work
    88. Pressed Components
    89. Presswork
    90. Presswork And Fabrication
    91. Sheet Metal Components
    92. Stainless Steel Components
    93. Tool Making
    94. Tool Making Mouldings
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