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  • Full sales & technical machine support
  • We offer wide range of equipment and machines
  • Over 25 years of experience in the cable industry
  • Full sales & technical machine support
  • We offer wide range of equipment and machines
  • Over 25 years of experience in the cable industry
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Automated Cable Solutions Ltd

Our newest Cable Stripping Machine
Carpenter Model 78

In Stock Now - Click Here to view

The Carpenter Model 78 is our new cable stripping machine. It can be set very easily via three dials, diameter, length & partial strip, fully safe when the guard is removed. operated via a wire sensor with compressed air.

Welcome to Automated Cable Solutions we are UK Agents for a large selection of cable preparation suppliers including Gamma (Italy), Carpenter (USA), Rennsteig (Germany), Videojet (UK), Knipex (Germany), Wiha (Germany).

We offer the following equipment and services Cable Cut and Strip Machines, Wire Cutting Machines, Cable Prefeeders, Crimping & Stripper Crimper Machines, Mini Applicators, Wire Stripping Blades, Cable Stripping Blades, and various Used Kirsten & Schleuniger Cable Stripping Machines.

Automated Cable Solutions offer a huge range of Machines new and used from;

..- Crimping Press Machines

- Used Schleuniger Cable Stripping Machines

..- Cut And Strip Machines

- Coaxial Stripping Machines

..- Cable Cutting Machines

- Loose Piece Crimper

..- Wire Stripping Machines

- Hand Crimping & Stripping Tools

..- Mini Applicator

- Inkjet Marking

..- Wire Stripping Blades

- Cable Stripping Blades

We can provide training on any of the equipment above, also available is full machine service capabilities on most machines to make sure that your machine constantly runs to the best of its ability.

Being Partners with Manufacturers like, Carpenter, Gamma, Rennsteig, Knipex. We can offer a huge range of products within this industry..

Below is a selection of the machines we can supply, however please let us know if there is something else that you require. We have a wealth of knowledge within this industry and will be happy to help with any advice.

Company Videos

Cable Prefeeder TSA25E

TSA12E/TSA15E/TSA25E are designed for the processing of insulated and uninsulated single core, multicore and flat cables. The machine counts the batch, measures the cutting length, strips the outer jacket without needing to change blades. Through an easy-to-use control panel with a 12-inch colour touchscreen display, the operator can constantly overview the work in progress, set and correct batch parameters, and receive batch.




Cut, Strip & Terminate Machines
Providing the distinct difference for the European Market !

Double End Terminating Machine

Block Loading Machine

Single End Block Loading Machine

JACK 700
Advanced Block Loading Machine

Twisted Pair Machine

Crimping Machine
Crimping Machines.

We offer a range of Crimping Machines, training is provided on all machines.

Models Available

Carpenter Model 62 Loose Piece Crimper
T12 Gamma 1 Ton Crimping Press
T20 Gamma 2 Ton Crimping Press
T20SC Gamma Stripper Crimper Press
EM6B2 Loose Piece Crimper
Telegartner 1.0-4.0 Safety Crimp Press
Hand Crimp Tools

Rennsteig Loose Piece Crimping Presses.
Rennsteig CM25-1
Rennsteig CM25-3
Rennsteig CM25-5
Rennsteig CM25-6

Please view our website or call for details.

Coaxial and Wire Stripping Machines
Coaxial and Wire Stripping Machines.

We offer a wide range of wire stripping machine from various suppliersfor many different wire types and applications- including Carpnter mfg Inc, Rittmeyer, Z&F, GLW .

We are also able to offer replacement Wire Stripping Blades for all models.

Models Available

Coax Stripping Machines
Rittmeyer Beri.Co.Ma Coax

Cable End Stripping Machines
Carpenter Model 78
Carpenter Model 70C-S
Schleuniger MP257(used)
Schleuniger CO207(used)

Used Schleuniger Machines

Cut and Strip Machines

Cut & Strip Machines, Cable Cutting Machines, Stripping Machines, & Automatic Wire Strippers.

Our Cut And Strip Machines are high performance, reliable machines. We supply both manual and automatic wire strippers.

If you require Cable Stripping Blades for any model of machinery please contact us now.

Models Available

Cutting and Stripping Machines


Model 970
Model 93
Model 97A
Model 33
Model 36A
Model 42B

Powerstrip 9500 (used)
Powerstrip 9500 RS (used)

Model 970

Mini Applicators

Mini Applicator

The Mini Applicator is designed to produce high quality terminations, they come in front and double carrier for side feed applicators, and chain link rear terminals for Rear feed applicators.

Models Available

Mini Applicators


Left Side Feed Mini Applicator
Rear Feed Mini Applicator
Air Feed Mini Applicator

Cable Prefeeders

Cable Prefeeders

The Cable prefeeder is designed with a compensating accumilator to give cable cut and strip machine and cutting machines the correct amount of cable required to eliminate slippage or short cable lengths.

Models Available

Cable Prefeeders

Carpenter Inc

Model 54 Bench Mount De-reeler
Model 56A Bench prefeeder
Model 58B Floor prefeeder

ACS CV10 Demand Cable Prefeeder

Cable & Wire Pull Testers

Cable & Wire Pull Testers

These machines are required to test the tensile strength of the cable or wire being pulled from the terminal to destruction.

Models Available

Cable & Wire Pull Testers

Manual 500 Newton Pull Tester

Motorised 1000 Newton Pull Tester

Motorised 1000 to 5000 Twin Pillar Pull Tester

Cable Cutting Machines

Cable Cutting Machines

Cutting machine can be used for a variety of products including Instrument wire, Cable, Heat shrink, Tubing, ribbon Cable, Convolute Tube and many others.

Models Available


Carpenter M33
Carpenter M36a
Carpenter M42B
FSG -28

Ritmeyer Programmable wire machine Beri-Strip.IT

Stores up to 100 programs

The Beri-Strip.IT has the ability to store up to 100 programs, you can store the strip length and diameter via the touch screen.

To find out more Click Here

Jacket Stripping Machines

Jacket Stripping Machines

Jacket stripping machines need to be very powerful to be able to remove very large insulation jackets of various different types.

Models Available


Carpenter Model 77E
Rittmeyer AM1 Stripper
Rittmeyer AM Allround Jacket Stripper

JS8300 (used)
JS8400 (used)

Wire Stripping Blades & Cable Stripping Blades

We currently stock OEM Blades for various machines and many types of stripping blades manufactured in the UK

Some Of The Manufacturers Include;

Carpenter, Gamma, WDT, Cosmic, Rittmeyer, Kirsten, Schleuniger, Komax, Z&F.

Please visit our website or call us for any help in finding the correct blade for your machine.

Our Stripping Blades Ranges from;

Flat Blades
V Blades
Radius Blades
Carbide Stripping Blades
HSS Stripping blades
High Speed Steel

PP3+ Stripper Crimper

The PP3+ Stripper Crimper is back!

Automated Cable Solutions are now the exclusive supplier of the new PP3+ stripper crimper. The new PP3 is available in blue with air feed applicators.

Please enquire for details and pricing.

To find out more visit our website

Rennsteig Crimping machine CM25

CM25-1 Fully Guarded System

The CM25-1 can be used with or without the safety guard, it has a 14mm stroke closure with the safety guard and a 6mm stroke closure without it.

The CM25 Range Includes:

CM25-1 Fully Guarded System
CM25-3 Ferrule Selector System
CM25-3 (for Turned contracts)
CM25-5 Shuttle System
CM25-6 No Guarding System

Being Partners with Manufacturers like, Knipex, Reinnsteig, Gamma, Carpenter and Videojet.
We can offer a huge range of products in this industry.

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  • Southern Manufacturing and Electronics

    Southern Manufacturing and Electronics

    Southern Manufacturing and Electronics is the most comprehensive annual industrial exhibition in the

    From: 05 February 2019 09:30 am
    To: 07 February 2019 16:30 pm