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    CPL Ness Heatshrink

    Adhesive Lined Heat Shrinkable Plastic Sleeving and Mouldings

    CPL NessHeatShrink are stockists and suppliers of heat shrink sleeving and mouldings.

    Our products are used over in a variety of industrial sectors for a wide range of applications including protection against moisture, high temperature, electrical insulation and hostile environments.

    They can also be used to simply give an aesthetic finish, so whether itís for protection purposes or simply a pleasing appearance you are looking for CPL NessHeatShrink will provide you with the right product for the job.

    We supply a wide range of grades of PVC, Polyolefin, Flouroelastomer, PTFE and Expanded Braided Cable sleeving.

    All are available in a vast range of flexibility, rigidness and thicknesses for an equally vast range of applications, from our NTRV entry level PVC heatshrink for general purpose applications to our NBRE premium grade thin wall polyolefin which has been formulated to meet exacting specifications.

    Polyolefin Heat Shrink Sleeving
    Our range of Polyolefin Heatshrink Sleeving is premium grade thin wall and manufactured to meet most exacting specifications. These heatshrinks are flame retarded and very flexible.

    Adhesive Lined Heatshrink Sleeving
    CPL Ness are able to provide Adhesive Lined Heatshrink Sleeving. It is dual wall and semi flexible, the inner adhesive lining melts during the shrinking process and flows to encapsulate the components. This in turn provides a permanent moisture barrier.

    Cutting & Printing
    CPL NessHeatShrink are also able to offer a cutting and printing service. This service has been designed to save our customers time and money by cutting heatshrink sleeving to their exact requirements, and all can be made from any type of heat shrink sleeving.

    Our printing service also includes the printing of your company logo or associated artwork onto your heatshrink product. This process is an extremely effective way of identifying cables and wires during installation and assembly.

    Heatshrink Guns
    We are now able to offer a new range of heat guns. This new range of heat guns incorporate brushless motors and built in temperature sensors to allow for the use of fine reduction nozzles making them perfect for applications such as exact heat spot orientation and fine applications.

    If you would like more information about our products and services please visit our website or send us an email with your enquiry.

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