The Coving & Cornice Warehouse

The Coving & Cornice Warehouse

Unit 2c, The Wend
Couldson CR5 2AX

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    'Supplying premium quality coving and interior decorative moulding features across the UK for trade and DIY customers'

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    The Coving & Cornice Warehouse

    The Cornice & Coving Warehouse offers one of the most comprehensive supply services anywhere around so if you've been looking for high quality coving, cornice, wall décor and more then take a good look at our online shop.

    �• Coving
    �• Lighting Cornice
    �• Ceiling Roses
    �• Skirting Boards
    �• Wall Décor
    �• Functional Mouldings
    �• Adhesives
    �• Mitre Tools

    We offer a great range of easy to fit covings and mouldings and what's more at an affordable price so whatever your budget you're sure to find what you're looking for.

    Lighting Cornice
    Where lighting cornice is concerned we supply a range of sleek uplighting cornice which is guaranteed to create that cosy atmosphere everyone is looking for.

    Wall Décor
    Wall panels, wall tiles, dado and panel rails can be found when visiting our online shop so why not head over there now to find out more.

    Ceiling Roses
    The Coving & Cornice Warehouse range of beautiful ceiling roses are available in both plain and pattern styles and have been skilfully designed and manufactured to look exactly like real plaster but without the heavy price tag.

    Skirting Boards
    Whether you're looking for plain or sophisticated profiled skirting boards you won't be disappointed when you visit the Coving & Cornice Warehouse website.

    Functional Mouldings
    Our functional mouldings are perfect for covering up pipework and ducting, whilst at the same time can easily be used as a down lighting assembly. We offer a range of high quality functional mouldings in various profiles.

    Mitre Tools
    Mitre tools available for covings up to 230mm x 230mm profiles guaranteeing the perfect angle first time every time. Cuts of 22.5, 45 and 90 degrees can be easily achieved when using either the standard or large mitre blocks.

    Strong contact adhesives also available including our DecoGrip PLUS which is guaranteed to hold your coving in place. All coving adhesive in this range can be painted in approximately 24 hours.

    Knowledge Base
    The Coving & Cornice Warehouse online shop also features a 'Knowledge Base' video section highlighting the installation of coving, cornice and more.