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  • Specialists in Corrosion Prevention
  • Manufacturers of Corrosion & Rust Preventives
  • Anti-Rust Industrial Applications & Treatments
  • Specialists in Corrosion Prevention
  • Manufacturers of Corrosion & Rust Preventives
  • Anti-Rust Industrial Applications & Treatments
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Vapor-Tek Ltd

Specialists In High Performance Corrosion Preventives

Founded in 1967, Vapor-Tek Ltd is a UK based company who specialise in the manufacture of high-performance corrosion preventatives manufactured to meet the requirements of Ministry of Defence Standard DEF. STAN 68-10 (PX-24) and NATO Code C-634.

Vapor-Tek Ltd supply both private and public organisations internationally with our range of corrosion preventatives and have contracts with many international military organisations, and industrial public listed companies.

Our anti-rust, corrosion and rust inhibitors include solvent deposited thin films and Volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI’s) for the prevention of corrosion and protection of metal parts and equipment during storage, transportation and export.

The Steelgard fluids generally outperform the traditional thicker, heavier coatings, usually at lower costs. Up to two years of protection under normal storage conditions.

The expert team at Vapor-Tek are renowned for finding solutions to corrosion problems - please don't hesitate to contact us for advice and further information.


Corrosion & Rust Protection & Prevention

Vapor-Tek offers three main products to meet the demands of today’s industrial manufacturing sector:

...• Steelgard
...• Cablegard
...• Vaporol

Steelgard – no more messy or sticky protective coatings

Over the past years various techniques have been applied in order to prevent metal parts and equipment from corroding during transit all of which have been fairly basic to say the least.

Today after years of research and field trials Vapor-Tek have created the perfect solution in the form of Steelgard.

The Steelgard solution from Vapor-Tek has been designed to protect all metals and alloys. It`s not only easy to apply but spreads and penetrates coating complete assemblies, protecting the whole component.

This time saving and high performance product is thin and transparent and offers a much higher level of protection than earlier methods involving thick heavy coatings which were messy and difficult to remove.

Cablegard - solutions for overhead power cables

Today most overhead power cables are manufactured from ACSR which is aluminium strands sometimes reinforced with central strands of galvanised steel.

Aluminium is generally considered to be non corrosive although is still prone to crevice corrosion.

Cablegard from Vapor-Tek offers the solution. This easily applied anticorrosive reaches where others cannot and performs where others fail extending the life of the cable thus saving a considerable amount of money to power generators and power distributors.

Applied during the manufacture of the cables at room temperature Cablegard makes it a much cleaner operation than applying the usual molten grease.

Cablegard also stays in place because once applied it immediately re-sets and stiffens to resume its grease like consistency and remain firmly in place.

Vaporol - VCI Inhibitors: VPI & VCI

Vaporol is a unique solution that gets to the very heart of the problem of corrosion particularly in unseen areas which are otherwise impossible to reach with ordinary preservative oils.

When Vaporol is placed in a tank or enclosed container, Vaporol has only to be present in the tank (or any enclosed system) - the vapours do the rest. With more complex structures such as engines, gearboxes, etc., this means that the awkward and difficult-to-reach nooks and crannies can easily be protected.

Complete Range of Products

Vapor-Tek offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of high performance corrosion preventatives including:

...• Steelgard GP (General Purpose)
...• Steelgard Universal
...• Steelgard TD (Touch Dry)
...• Steelgard RP (Rust preventative)
...• Steelgard Export
...• Steelgard Heritage
...• Steelgard RP (Rust preventative) Grease
...• Cablegard
...• Vaporol
...• Vaporol LV (Low Viscosity)
...• Aquavap
...• AquaTest

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