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Whitney Engineering

  • Founded in 1993.
  • Concrete and material handling equipment
  • Many years of industry gained experience.
  • Able to satisfy many orders in 24 hours.
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Supplying, Concrete Skips, Forklift Skip, Tipping Bins & More

Specialist Handling Equipment For Construction & Industrial Applications

Whitney Engineering was founded in 1993 to specialise in the sale and hire of both concrete and material handling equipment. The Directors have many years of experience in both mechanical engineering and construction plant hire, having worked in the plant hire industry before forming Whitney Engineering.

At our base near the M6 in Stafford, we carry a large stock of equipment for both sale and hire, which enables us to satisfy many of our orders within 24 hours. We can supply "special" equipment modified from our standard range to suit your requirements and offer a repair and test service to renovate customers own equipment previously supplied by Whitney.

The vast majority of our deliveries for both sale and hire equipment are carried out by our own 'in-house' Transport Department which enables us to guarantee deliveries are on time and correct.

WTS Forklift Tipping Skip

Suitable for moving materials or rubbish the WTS is the ideal tool to help maintain a clean and efficient building site.

Features include, tip handle with safety catch, automatic reset, 3 way entry base, safety chain, reinforced top edges with the skip body manufactured from 3mm steel.

750 ltr, 1250 ltr and 1750 ltr capacity

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WTS Forklift Tipping Skip (Castors)

Suitable for moving materials or rubbish the WTS is the ideal tool to help maintain a clean and efficient building site.

Features include, tip handle with safety catch, automatic reset, 2 way entry base, safety chain, reinforced top edges with the skip body manufactured from 3mm steel As an option castors can be fitted which make the skip suitable for use inside buildings.

750 ltr, and 1250 ltr capacity

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Heavy Duty Tipping Skips

Hopper body with folded top edges. Strong easy action handle complete with safety catch. One-way entry base frame (3-way entry optional).

Heavy duty safety retaining chain with optional bolt on castors. Non standard size and options also available. On-site evaluation and demonstration service also available.

350 ltr, 500 ltr, 750 ltr, 1200 ltr, 1600 ltr and 2400 ltr capacities

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TUC Column Skip

The TUC Centre Discharge Column Skip is designed to enable concrete to be poured into narrow shuttering or columns. The skips are fitted with a patented integral gate which ensures continuity of concrete flow and a 200mm diameter 3 metre long heavy duty discharge hose which prevents segregation.

Gate operation is by means of a nylon rope attached to a spring return lever ensuring excellent control whilst allowing the operator to control the pour from ground level.

The TUC is a rollover type skip whereby the skip sits in the horizontal position for filling and reverts to the vertical when in use. Options available for the TUC are a quick release mechanism which allows for easy changing of discharge hose diameter and length.

Also available are specifically designed gates for use with very fluid self compacting concretes.

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114SD Bottom Discharge Skip

The design of the 114SD skip ensures excellent concrete flow whatever the slump. The clamshell gate gives controlled accurate pouring into shutters and is also ideal for mass floor pours.

Gate operation is by lever with the option of wheel operation on the 1000L and 1250L models. Low overall height is achieved by means of a fixed bale arm. The option of three lifting eyes is also available

Additional sizes are available on request.

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Autovid PB Boat Skip

The Autovid PB Boat Skip is designed for handling rubble, earth and other materials around a construction site. The skip is fitted with a hinged reinforced bale arm which offers three advantages over traditional circular tipping skips.

1. With the skip sitting on the ground the bale arm hinges to the rear and this, coupled with its low profile, enables easy loading.

2. When discharging, the design along with the vertical position of the skip ensures fast and complete emptying.

3. The skip can be used by the crane operator without the need for an assistant. The cycle of operation is very simple as the crane operator only has to lift and lower the hook.

NA2 and NA4 Crane Man Riding Cage

The NA2 and NA4 Crane Man Cages are designed to carry two/four people plus tools and come with an inward opening gate, non slip floor, inner rail to attach safety harness, 4 leg lifting and two leg safety slings.

All Cages are CE marked with Test Certificate and EC Declaration of Conformity. Safety harness and lanyard must always be worn by all persons using man riding cages.

SG 80 Block Grab

The SG Block Grabs are manufactured from heavy duty box section steel and are suitable for lifting unpalletised materials such as vertically steel strapped blocks, slabs and kerb stones.

The SG80 grab can lift packs with widths from 400mm to 1100mm and has adjustable supports for pack heights of up to a maximum of 800mm and has a SWL of 1800kg.

- Lifting eye for attaching crane hook
- Automatic load-release mechanism
- Height adjustable supports
- Rubber load-gripping bars

GER AU Self Levelling Brick Forks

The GER AU Self Levelling Brick Forks are designed to lift both brick packs and pallets, by utilising the adjustable forks. The compensation mechanism attached to the lifting eye ensures the forks remain level with or without a load. The GER AU is supplied with a safety net to comply with current regulations, is CE marked with EC Declaration of Conformity and Test Certificate.

Forklift Safety Platform

The Platform provides a safe method of working at height for 2 persons when fitted to a forklift truck.

The forks are located into pockets which have extending lugs allowing safety lock pins to be secured behind the fork heel. The use of a safety harness and lanyard is recommended. Entry and exit from the platform is by means of a lift up bar.

Contact us now for all your concrete tipping skips, and full range of concrete handling equipment.

  • TUC Column Skip
  • Self Levelling Brick Forks
  • NA2 and NA4 Crane Man Riding Cage
  • Heavy Duty Tipping Skips
  • Forklift Tipping Skip
  • Forklift Tipping Skip Castors
  • Forklift Safety Platform
  • Bottom Discharge Skip
  • Block Grab
  • Autovid PB Boat Skip
  • Stretcher Cage
  • Whitney Engineering Limited

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