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Elite Precast Concrete Ltd - Concrete Drainage Systems

  • Square & U-Shape Gully Covers
  • Precast Concrete Raisers
  • 1-4 Part Seating Rings & Adjusting Units
  • Bespoke Dam Spillway Blocks

Precast Concrete Drainage Rings & Manhole Covers

You have reached Elite Precast Concrete, we have a specialist range of concrete drainage systems products that includes in-stock & bespoke channels, ducts and troughs. We can manufacture dam spillway blocks to bespoke specifications. Precast Concrete Raisers, square & u-shape gully covers are all part of our drainage range.

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Concrete Manhole Cover Slabs & Adjusting Units

Precast Concrete Manhole Cover Slabs and Rings are all manufactured in house and in stock! We make all of these products to BS 5911-3 Standards and are available with the following access sizes;

900MM Diameter
600MM x 600MM Access

1050MM Diameter
600MM x 600MM Access
675MM x 675MM Access

1200MM Diameter
600MM x 600MM Access
675MM x 675MM Access
750MM x 600MM Access
750MM x 750MM Access

Also available in the above sizes are Lothian Seating Slab.

For more info on Manhole Cover Slabs Click Here

Manhole Seating Ring Sizes

Concrete Channels, Ducts and Precast Concrete Troughs

The Precast Concrete Channels, Ducts and Troughs we offer are mainly used to house electric cables, pipes, steam, water, slurry and sewage. We can offer a variety of sizes and specifications when it comes to rectangular and trapezoidal (AKA Ditch Liners) ducts.

If required you can visit the Technical Drawings section of our website and down load the CAD Drawings and Weights of each channel;

Lids are also available for the below Rectangular Channels;

Pedestrian LD
Occasional Traffic & Highways MD
Loadings HD

For further information Click Here

Duct & Lid Sizes

Gully Covers & Raisers

Like out Precast Concrete Manholes, our Gully covers and Raisers are manufactured to BS 5911-6 Standards.

750MM x 650MM

585MM x 650MM

The Thickness of either can vary however stock items include 100MM or 65MM Thick. If you require something more bespoke please contact us.

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Covers & Raiser Sizes

Concrete Spillway

Our Dam Spillway Blocks are Wedge Shaped Precast Concrete. They are shaped in this particular way to ensure that the flow of the water achieves maximum stability in the highest velocity of opened channel conditions.

Each set of Spillway blocks are unique depending upon the clients specifications. We can accommodate any shape, size of diameter. Please send technical data for an accurate quote.

For information on Dam Spillway Blocks Click Here

Company Video

Elite Precast win West Midlands Innovation Award of the Year

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By Nick Wells , Travis Perkins

An extremely helpful and flexible organisation. Their technical expertise coupled with their appreciation of customers' needs and requirements, which are frequently far from straight-forward, makes Elite Precast a pleasure to deal with. Thoroughly recommended.

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By Peter Lees , Burdens Limited

Consistent quality of product, always avaliable from stock and to order. Flexible delivery times and a great range of ever expanding concrete products!

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A Shropshire precast concrete company has celebrated the start of its sixth year in business by almost doubling the size of its production and storage facilities.


A Shropshire precast concrete manufacturer is ending a hugely successful year in style after being formally accepted as a member of an influential industry body.


A Shropshire precast concrete company has lived up to its “Elite” billing after its innovation excellence saw it named as the winner of a prestigious regional business competition.

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