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Compressed Air Technologies Ltd

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    Compressed Air Technologies Ltd

    Compressed Air Traders Provide all Your Compressed Air Needs

    Compressed Air Traders provides one of the most comprehensive ranges of compressed air services covering sales, installation, service and repair to customers in the South East.

    With many years of experience in this market Compressed Air Traders is able to provide company�s and businesses a range of energy saving equipment and advice using modern up to date energy monitoring products capable of providing an accurate analysis of your existing equipment.

    This will then show the best way forward to save energy, and by utilising the latest variable speed drive technology your capital outlay could be returned within as little as one year.

    We supply a vast range of compressed air products from some of the industry�s leading manufacturers and suppliers including ALMIG GmbH in Germany.

    Compressed Air Traders offer services to all makes and models of compressors including Piston Compressors, Screw Compressors and Vane Compressors.

    We supply both genuine and alternative spare parts from all leading manufacturers including ALUP, CompAir, DEMAG, BOGE, Mark, Atlas Copco and many more so please get in touch with your service requirements.

    We will carry out Fault Finding, Air Quality Testing, Hydrostatic Pressure Testing and all installation work including pipe and electrical work.

    ALMIG Screw Compressors
    Almig is a name that guarantees top grade technology in the compressed air market.

    We offer a range of Almig Screw Compressor products in a wide choice of specifications and capacities all of which can be suited to meet your exact requirements some of which include:

    BELT 4kW
    250 kW Capacity 0.43 m3/min-43.07 m3/min, V-Belt Drive Screw compressor
    COMBI 5.5kW
    22kW Capacity 0.60 m3/min-3.34 m3/min V-Belt Drive with Integrated Dryer and Filters
    FLEX 2.2kW
    30kW Capacity 0.18 m3/min-4.12m3/min Variable Speed Drive Screw Compressor Energy Efficient
    315kW Capacity 1.09 m3/min-56.60 m3/min Variable Speed Drive Screw Compressor

    ALMIG Piston Compressors
    The modern Piston Compressors from Almig cover a whole range of applications for various trades in industry. They have been specifically developed for commercial use such as heavy duty and routine work.

    TOPAS 1.5kW
    4kW Capacity 9 CFM-24 CFM Direct Drive Piston compressor
    GRANAT-O 1.1 kW
    Capacity 6 CFM Direct Drive Oil Free Piston Compressor
    ACHAT 1.5kW
    Capacity 7 CFM Direct Drive Piston Compressor
    RUBIN 3kW
    7.5 Capacity 15 CFM-43 CFM Belt Drive Piston Compressor

    Find out more about ALMiG

    This is just a small sample of the Air Compressor Products available from Compresses Air Traders so why not visit our website for our complete current list.

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