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Complete Packaging & Consumables

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    Complete Packaging & Consumables

    Packaging Solutions, Moving House Boxes, Pallet Stretch Wrap & More

    Complete Packaging & Consumables offers a comprehensive range of packaging solutions large enough to cater to businesses of all types and sizes as well as private individuals.

    Whether you're needs are for pallet stretch wrap, boxes, cartons or you just need some moving house boxes we offer you a single source of supply. Why not save time and money and increase your efficiency, just contact Complete Packaging & Consumables where you'll get expert advice and quality products and what's more at a competitive price.

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    Cartons & Boxes

    The range of stock cartons and boxes from Complete Packaging & Consumables are all available for immediate delivery with discounted rates also available for users of larger quantities such as pallet loads.

    Bubble Wrap and Foam Products

    We supply a huge range of bubble wrap and foam products in an equally huge range of sizes perfect for protecting your products.

    Strapping & Banding

    Strapping, strapping tools, seals, accessories for polypropylene strapping, steel strapping and more.

    Corrugated Paper Rolls

    All single faced corrugated rolls from Complete Packaging & Consumables are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials such as recycled fibres. Vast range of sizes available ready for delivery.

    Pallet Stretch Wrap

    Our pallet stretch wrap film is designed to combine toughness with cost effectiveness. We have a great range of pallet stretch wrap available for immediate delivery.


    Our second hand pallets are also available for instant dispatch all of which are offered with great savings when compared to new pallets, so why not get in touch for a quick quotation.

    Presentation Packaging

    We can supply presentation packaging, printed cartons, gift boxes, solid board cartons and boxes so why not contact us for more information or go to our online shop.

    Safety Shoes / Poly-Shrink Systems / Tapes & Much More

    This is only a small sample of the wide range of packaging products we have available so why not browse through the categories on our website to find out more.

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    Products and Services

    1. Acrylic Adhesive Tape
    2. Adhesive Tapes Acrylic
    3. Anti Static Bubble Wrap
    4. Automatic Pallet Wrapper
    5. Automatic Pallet Wrapping
    6. Bespoke Cardboard Boxes
    7. Bespoke Cardboard Packaging
    8. Bespoke Cardboard Packing Boxes
    9. Bespoke Packaging Products
    10. Bespoke Packaging Tape
    11. Bespoke Printed Tape
    12. Black Pallet Wrap
    13. Black Palletwrap
    14. Box Cardboard Packaging
    15. Box Sealing Tape
    16. Brown Low Noise Tape
    17. Brown Packaging Tapes
    18. Brown Pallet Wrap
    19. Bubble Wrap
    20. Bubble Wrap Bags
    21. Bubble Wrap Heavy Duty
    22. Bubble Wrap Large
    23. Bubble Wrap Lined Envelopes
    24. Bubble Wrap Material
    25. Bubble Wrap Moving
    26. Bubble Wrap Packaging
    27. Bubble Wrap Rolls
    28. Bubble Wrap Storage Bags
    29. Bubble Wrap Suppliers
    30. Bubble Wrap Wholesale
    31. Bubblewrap
    32. Bubblewrap Packaging
    33. Buff Packaging Tape
    34. Cardboard Box
    35. Cardboard Box Edge Protection Machinery
    36. Cardboard Box Edge Protection Production Equipment
    37. Cardboard Box House
    38. Cardboard Box Manufacturer
    39. Cardboard Box Manufacturers
    40. Cardboard Box Moving
    41. Cardboard Box Suppliers
    42. Cardboard Box With Lid
    43. Cardboard Boxe Supplier
    44. Cardboard Boxes
    45. Cardboard Boxes Removal
    46. Cardboard Boxes Suppliers
    47. Cardboard Boxes Wholesale
    48. Cardboard Boxes With Lids
    49. Cardboard Packaging
    50. Cardboard Packaging Boxes
    51. Cheap Bubble Wrap
    52. Cheap Pallet Wrap
    53. Cheap Palletwrap
    54. Clear Pallet Wrap
    55. Clear Palletwrap
    56. Corrugated Cardboard Box
    57. Corrugated Cardboard Boxes
    58. Corrugated Cardboard Packaging
    59. Cross Weave Tape
    60. Cross-Weave Packing Tape
    61. Crossweave Tape
    62. Custom Cardboard Boxes
    63. Custom Cardboard Packaging
    64. Custom Cardboard Packaging Boxes
    65. Custom Corrugated Stock Boxes
    66. Custom Made Cardboard Boxes
    67. Custom Printed Polypropylene Tape
    68. Die Cut Box
    69. Die Cut Boxes
    70. Die Cut Cartons
    71. Die Cut Packaging Boxes
    72. Double Cardboard Boxes
    73. Double Wall Cardboard Boxes
    74. Double Walled Cardboard Boxes
    75. Foil Back Bubble Wrap Rolls
    76. Folding Cardboard Boxes
    77. Fragile Tape
    78. Giant Cardboard Boxes
    79. Hand Pallet Wrap
    80. Hand Stretch Pallet Wrap
    81. Hazard Tapes
    82. Jiffy Bubble Wrap
    83. Jiffy Bubblewrap
    84. Jumbo Cardboard Boxes
    85. Large Bubble Wrap
    86. Large Bubble Wrap Rolls
    87. Large Bubblewrap
    88. Large Cardboard Box
    89. Large Cardboard Boxes
    90. Litho Printed Cardboard Boxes
    91. Logo Cardboard Boxes
    92. Machine Pallet Wrap
    93. Masking Tape
    94. Masking Tapes
    95. Medium Cardboard Box
    96. Metallocene Hand Pallet Wrap
    97. Mini Pallet Wrap
    98. Mini Palletwrap
    99. Mobile Pallet Wrapper
    100. Mobile Pallet Wrapper Film
    101. Mobile Pallet Wrappers
    102. Moving Cardboard Box
    103. Moving Cardboard Boxes
    104. Packaging Cardboard Boxes
    105. Packaging Products
    106. Packing Tape Gun
    107. Pallet Wrap
    108. Pallet Wrap Dispenser
    109. Pallet Wrap Distributor
    110. Pallet Wrap Extended Core
    111. Pallet Wrap Film
    112. Pallet Wrap Hand Dispenser
    113. Pallet Wrap Hand Stretch Film
    114. Pallet Wrap Machine
    115. Pallet Wrap Micron
    116. Pallet Wrap Packaging
    117. Pallet Wrap Roll
    118. Pallet Wrap Rolls
    119. Pallet Wrap Suppliers
    120. Pallet Wrap Wholesale
    121. Pallet Wrapper
    122. Pallet Wrappers
    123. Pallet Wrapping
    124. Pallet Wrapping Film
    125. Pallet Wrapping Machine
    126. Pallet Wrapping Machines
    127. Pallets
    128. Pallets Boxes
    129. Palletwrap
    130. Palletwrap Dispenser
    131. Palletwrap Dispensers
    132. Paper Backed Bubble Wrap Rolls
    133. Polyprop Solvent Tape
    134. Polypropylene Packaging Products
    135. Printed Cardboard Boxes
    136. Printed Cardboard Packaging
    137. Printed Packaging Tapes
    138. Printed Pallet Wraps
    139. Promotional Cardboard Boxes
    140. Protection Tapes
    141. Recycling Cardboard Boxes
    142. Retail Packaging Products
    143. Rolls Of Bubblewrap
    144. Shrink Pallet Wrap
    145. Single Wall Cardboard Boxes
    146. Small Bubble Wrap
    147. Small Bubble Wrap Rolls
    148. Small Cardboard Box
    149. Small Cardboard Boxes
    150. Specialist Cardboard Boxes
    151. Specialist Tapes
    152. Stock Boxes
    153. Storage Cardboard Box
    154. Storage Cardboard Boxes
    155. Strapping
    156. Stretch Pallet Wrap
    157. Strong Cardboard Boxes
    158. Suppliers Bubble Wrap
    159. Tape Gun
    160. Tape Guns
    161. Trade Bubblewrap
    162. Trade Cardboard Boxes
    163. Transparent Packaging Products
    164. White Cardboard Box
    165. White Cardboard Boxes
    166. Wholesale Cardboard Boxes
    167. Wholesale Recycled Cardboard Boxes