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    Pipeline and Electrical

    Brands we stock

    Pipeline & Electrical Supplies offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of industrial and commercial heating spares around:

        • Portable & Mobile Industrial Heaters
        • Radiant Heater Spares
        • Commercial Boiler Spares
        • Gas Burner Spares
        • Oil Burner Spares

    Industrial and Commercial Heating Spares
    Whatever your needs, Pipeline & Electrical Supplies has been in the industry for many years and during this time has built many long term relationships with some of the UKs leading heater spares manufacturers including but not limited to:

     • Ambirad
     • Combat
     • Powrmatic
    • Spaceray
    • Schwank

    This not only means we have access to a vast range of high quality products but also able to pass on these spares at a very competitive price so whatever your requirement is for commercial or industrial heating spares we’ve got it covered.

    Commercial Boiler Spares
    From Pipeline & Electrical Supplies comes a range of high quality spares manufactured by some of the UKs leading manufacturers such as:

     • Ideal Boilers
     • Sime
     • Ferroli
     • Vaillant
     • Beeston
    • Hamworthy
    • Hoval Boilers
    • Mikrofill
    • Worcester Buderus Spares

    Gas Burner Spares
    We have an excellent working knowledge of gas burners and associated heating products making us ideally placed to provide advice on all of the spares we provide to our customers.

    From gas installation accessories, oil installation spares and heating controls through to exhaust flues and domestic boiler spares you will not find a better range available than on our website.

    HVAC - Air Conditioning Spares and Ancillaries
    If your spares requirements are for air conditioning or heating ventilation we also supply a vast range of HVAC spares and consumables such as copper tubes, brass wade fittings, safety and isolation valves.

    This is only a tiny sample of the spares and accessories we are able to supply for industrial, commercial and air conditioning applications so if you would like to find out more please head over to our online shop or get in touch with one of our sales team.

    Clearance Stock
    We have a special clearance stock section where you will find odds and ends that are no longer stocked or old but still perfectly usable. These items include tools, electronic ancillaries and consumable that we no longer stock on our shelves, but be quick... once they are gone, they're gone!

    To view our clearance stock Click Here

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