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EDP Europe Ltd

  • High quality, innovative infrastructure solutions
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  • Improve the security and tracability of IT assets
  • Copper and fibre network cabling systems
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EDP Europe Ltd - Data Centre Infrastructure, Security and Cooling

EDP Europe specialises in the supply of critical infrastructure solutions for the data centre and enterprise IT environments. Building on over 25 years’ experience, EDP Europe focuses on providing a broad portfolio of leading edge systems designed to optimise the overall performance of its customers’ IT environments no matter their size. From design & build to ongoing operational management, EDP Europe can support throughout the lifecycle of a data centre to increase efficiency, resiliency, flexibility and security.

We provide solutions for our customers in the following areas including:

Cold Aisle Containment System

Installing a Cold Aisle Containment System is one of the best ways to help enable cooling efficiency, and should be implemented in conjunction with the other air flow management best practices of sealing cable cut-outs, blanking unused rack space and ensuring air flow grilles are located in the correct positions. There are two main types of aisle containment systems Cold Aisle Containment where the cold aisle is enclosed or Hot Aisle Containment where the hot aisle is enclosed and the hot air directed into the return plenum and back to the air handlers.

Within these two categories EDP Europe offers a number of options to best suit individual requirements, these include a fully retro-fitting, customised solution that can include electronic drop down roof panels, electronic sliding doors and custom built in-fill panels. EDP Europe also offers a PVC thermal curtain containment solution and the AisleLok® Modular Containment system that provides an out-of-the-box aisle containment solution.

For more information on our aisle containment systems please Click Here

Rack Access Control - Rack Access Security Systems

With tightening regulatory and compliance requirements affecting information security, the need for better physical security and controlled access to IT racks to protect the assets housed within has never been greater. RackANGEL, from EDP Europe, combines three technologies to provide secure protection, visibility and controlled access to 19” cabinets:

1. Cost effective, retro-fitting intelligent locking and access control system that provides
....real-time reporting on the status of individual cabinet doors, issuing alerts when
....unauthorised events occur. The system can be configured so that individuals can
....only access specific doors, with the door handles providing a visual indication as to which
....can be accessed. It’s also possible to trigger the opening of individual doors remotely,
....enabling secure and controlled access for visiting engineers.

....2. Biometric access cards compatible with popular systems that provide dual level
....authentication without the expense of replacing existing card reader infrastructure. This
....solution also eliminates the need to store and manage biometric data.

....3. In-rack CCTV surveillance cameras that enhance the security system by providing
....real-time or historical footage of both authorised and unauthorised events.

For more information on how RackANGEL can protect your IT racks Click Here

Air Flow Management

To efficiently cool data centres and computer rooms the set points on cooling systems need to rise. One of the best ways to improve cooling efficiency is to make sure air flow management best practices are being followed. Theses best practices include ensuring that floor grilles are correctly positioned in cold aisles only, unused rack space and other gaps in racks are blanked off and cable cut-outs within the raised floor are sealed.

EDP Europe is a leading distributor of air flow management solutions that help our clients improve their cooling efficiency. These solutions including blanking panels from EziBlank®, HotLok® and PlenaFill®; raised floor grommets from KoldLok® and floor grilles from Triad that improve the delivery of the cold air from the raised floor. EDP Europe also supplies other products that improve air flow management including bespoke aisle containment systems and Geist SwitchAir to improve the cooling performance of network switches.

For more information on the solutions EDP Europe provides to effectively manage your air flow Click Here

Fibre Optic Management

EDP Europe offers a range of fibre optic solutions from leading manufacturers including HUBER+SUHNER that represent the very latest thinking in fibre optic technology for the data centre environment.

They have been developed to provide end-to-end fibre optic management and are both modular and scalable while providing the highest packing density on the market today.

The latest solution IANOS® is a new, class-leading and future-proofed fibre optic management system that facilitates Base-2, 8, 12 and 24 pre-terminated cable systems for best-in-class density, speed of installation, handling and scalability.

Other fibre management solutions available include:

Hubbell PROclick fibre connectors - Pre-polished SC and LC fibre connectors that are designed to provide a low-cost and simple way of terminating fibre optic cables in the field.

Fujikura Splicing Equipment - Including the market leading Fujikura 70S fusion splicer, as well as other models and fibre cleavers.

With fibre patch cords, patch panels, distribution frames and trays also available EDP Europe can provide you with the solutions to effectively manage your fibre optic network.

Click Here to find out more on Huber+Shuner IANOS

Data Networking Cabling Solutions

With the European Construction Product Regulations (CPR) coming into force that govern the fire resistance of cables used in permanent installation within buildings, Hubbell Premise Wiring, distributed in the UK by EDP Europe, is setting the industry benchmark regarding CPR and network cabling. Hubbell’s Cat6 U/UTP, Cat6A F/FTP and Cat7 S/FTP network installation cables comply with this new regulation, achieving B2ca, Cca and B2ca classes respectively.

As well as providing networking solutions from Hubbell EDP Europe is also the UK distributor for METZ CONNECT. This enables EDP Europe to provide a wide variety of patch cords, patch frames and other network installation products.

EDP Europe also provides a range of network test equipment from Softing (formally Psiber) to test copper and fibre networks.

Find out more about our copper structured cabling solutions by Clicking Here

Scanner Charging Racks

EDP Europe’s latest product offering is the High Density Device Dock (HD3) a secure charging rack for the central management and charging of handheld scanner equipment widely used in logistics. Available in a range of sizes with varying capacities, the HD3 is capable of securely charging multiple devices concurrently and works with popular brands including the Zebra TC55, TC56 and TC75 devices.

The HD3 has a fully welded construction with locking telescopic vented shelves for improved airflow. Integrated LED lighting and acrylic window help manage devices when the door is closed.

For more information on the HD3 please Click Here

EDP Europe also offers a full range of 19” racks, PDUs, media storage solutions and other products for the data centre or computer room. If you are looking for new ways of improving the overall performance of your data centre or enterprise IT environment, please do not hesitate to call EDP Europe.

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News & PR

Self-Installable AisleLok Sliding Doors for Aisle Containment See Them at DCW

AisleLok Sliding Doors, form Upsite Technologies provide a tool-less, self-install solution for Cold & Hot Aisle Containment applications

EDP Europe appointed UK distributor for Hubbell Premise Wiring solutions

EDP Europe has been appointed the UK distributor for Hubbell Premise Wiring solutions

EDP Europe launch ‘Splice Up Your Life’ Promotion

EDP Europe's 'Splice Up Your Life' promotion provides great offers on the Fujikura 70S fusion splicer

EDP Europe launches High Density Device Dock HD³ Charging Rack

EDP Europe launch the HD³ Charging Rack for the central management and charging of multiple handheld devices.

Fusion Splicers & Network Cable Testers Now Available From EDP Europe

EDP Europe announce the expansion of our network cabling product range with the addition of fusion splicers and fibre cleavers from Fujikura and network cable testing equipment from Softing (Psiber).

Major financial institution adopts RackANGEL rack security solution

A major financial institution looking to improve the security of their server racks housed within their data centre have adopted the RackANGEL rack security solution from EDP Europe

MID Approved ‘Pay per Hour’ Power Metering Now Available From EDP Europe

Since October 2016 changes in EU legislation regarding energy billing meters mean that they must be MID approved. With the Data Centre market in mind EDP Europe launches a range of MID approved PDUs

EDP Europe’s Michael Harrison achieves METZ CONNECT Approved Installer status

EDP is delighted to announce that Michael Harrison has successfully completed METZ CONNECT’s Cabling System Design & Installation course and is now a qualified METZ CONNECT Approved Installer.

EDP Europe Introduces iPower Lite Cost Effective Intelligent PDUs

EDP Europe introduces iPower Lite, a cost effective intelligent PDU, to its range of iPower intelligent Power Distribution Units.

EDP Europe announce the expansion of Upsite product range

EDP Europe, the EMEA distributor for Upsite Technologies, is delighted to announce the expansion of the Upsite range of products with new HotLok & AisleLok products.

EDP Europe to exhibit the first out-of-the-box aisle containment solution at DCW

With Data Centre World, London just a couple of months away, EDP Europe is delighted to announce it will be demonstrating the first out-of-the-box aisle containment solution – AisleLok® Modular Containment, at the show.

EDP Europe & Bergvik Partner To Bring Dynamic Raised Floor To UK Market

After a successful debut at the recent Data Centre World Expo, EDP Europe will continue to partner with Bergvik Flooring to launch their dynamic raised flooring system Iso Floor® to the UK market.

New KoldLok® 6” Round Extends KoldLok® Raised Floor Grommet Range

EDP Europe, the leading distributor of KoldLok® products in EMEA, is delighted to announce the availability of the latest addition to the KoldLok® range of raised floor grommets – the KoldLok 6” Round

IDC Solutions Appoint EDP Europe to Distribute Eziblank® Blanking in Europe

IDC Solutions, is delighted to announce the appointment of EDP Europe Limited to distribute its Eziblank® airflow management solutions across Europe.

EDP Europe Now Provides 19” Rack Security From TZ

EDP Europe is delighted to announce its appointment as a distribution partner for the TZ Centurion™ rack access control system.

EDP Europe Launches RackSEAL Air Barrier

EDP Europe, a leading supplier of solutions for combating data centre cooling issues, is pleased to announce the launch of its RackSEAL air barrier.

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