Coidan Graphite Products

Coidan Graphite Products

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York Yorkshire
YO26 8DQ

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    Coidan Graphite Products

    A Specialist Engineering Company with 20 Years Experience

    We machine Carbon and Graphite parts for all applications, from plain blocks and plates, electrodes, fixtures, moulds, jigs, boats, and graphite crucibles to purified isostatic graphite wafer carriers and trays, heating elements, susceptors etc.

    We provide a swift breakdown service for spare graphite vacuum furnace parts such as hearth beams, piers, elements, connectors and PLIs, along with the graphite insulation boards and cylinders, these can be made from rigid graphite insulation boards and flexible carbon and graphite felt. As hot zone specialists we also supply Molybdenum hangers washers, wire and heating elements to compliment our range of carbon, graphite, CFC and Ceramic parts.

    We represent TITAN METAL FABRICATORS INC, Titan fabricate all types of process equipment, including heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators, columns, towers, pipework and reactors. We specialise in exotic metal process vessels fabricated from� TITANIUM, TANTALUM, NIOBIUM, ZIRCONIUM, HASTELLOY other high NICKEL alloys and Monel and Duplex steel vessels.

    For Graphite heat exchangers or spares-- contact us for competitive prices. We can supply parts for cubic blocks and modular block heat exchangers and condensers along with tube and shell evaporators and acid dilution systems.

    Emergency Vacuum Furnace Breakdown

    For emergency vacuum furnace breakdown we can supply a single hot zone spare part, be that a Graphite element, a carbon hearth beam or insulation boards to the repair and rebuilding of complete hot zones, refurbishing furnace controls, modifying existing controls to meet NADCAP demands, redesign of existing furnaces rebuilt to an as new specification.

    We can supply all styles of new vacuum and atmosphere furnaces (as UK agents for SECO Warwick) manufacturers of heat treatment furnaces, brazing furnaces, tempering furnaces , carburising furnaces, nitriding furnaces and vacuum retort furnaces.

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    3. Anodes
    4. Arc Furnace Electrodes
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    6. Bolts
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    8. Braid Cord
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    27. Foil
    28. Furnaces
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    30. Galvanised Nuts And Bolts
    31. Graphite Adhesive
    32. Graphite And Carbon Nuts & Bolts
    33. Graphite And Carbon Tubes
    34. Graphite And Carbon Washers
    35. Graphite Anodes
    36. Graphite Bearings
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    39. Graphite Components
    40. Graphite Connectors
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    42. Graphite EDM Electrodes
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    44. Graphite Electrode Recovery
    45. Graphite Electrodes
    46. Graphite Elements
    47. Graphite Felt
    48. Graphite Foil
    49. Graphite Heat Exchange Vessels
    50. Graphite Insulation
    51. Graphite Machined Parts
    52. Graphite Machining
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    55. Graphite Parts
    56. Graphite Powder
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    58. Graphite Rotary Shafts
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    61. Graphite Stools
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    63. Hangers
    64. Heat Treatment Furnaces
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