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Cirrus IT Services

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    Cirrus IT Services

    Cirrus are a managed service provider that offers products and services for IT Support, Cloud, Communications and Cybersecurity.

    Thanks to over 30 years’ experience we understand how important it is to provide our clients with an exceptional service. To ensure our customers’ needs are fully supported and met we work closely with them providing a tailored, flexible service model to help them achieve their goals.

    - We do what's best for customers, not what makes us profit.
    - Our service is exceptional, easy-to-use & efficient.
    - We build strong relationships with customers, suppliers & partners.
    - Technology issues? We reduce the frustration.

    Flexible Service
    Every business is unique, our service model is designed to reflect just that. Flexible support plans are available giving you control over the level of service that suits you best, this can range from simple guidance to full time technical support.

    Cloud Services

    Our cloud service provides a hassle-free, affordable and reliable infrastructure hosted from a state-of-the-art data centre that is managed and owned by Zen Internet, the multi award winning company.

    Domain & Web Hosting
    Starting from just £3.49 a month Cirrus can cover all of your domain and web hosting requirements.

    Cloud-Based Phone Systems
    Replace your outdated, on premises phone systems with our smoother cloud based telephony experience.

    Microsoft Office 365 & Azure
    We are a Microsoft Silver Partner so you can rest assured that we are the right provider for you.

    Cloud Backup Solutions
    Cirrus understand how devastating the loss of even a single file can be and how important your data is. We offer a range of cloud-based backup services to suit all needs.

    IT Services

    Our bread and butter is IT Support, Cirrus take care of all the technical stuff so you can focus on your business goals. Our managed service contracts offer a range of benefits:

    - Unlimited phone and email support
    - Unlimited on-site support
    - New user setup
    - Device configuration & setup
    - Update / patch management

    Cirrus aim to be your one-stop-shop for all IT needs, from our cutting edge spam filters to robust email systems, archiving and backups… say hello to unbeatable efficiency and impenetrable security.

    Our team of experts are on hand to take care of software updates and installations, we keep you secure from hacking incidents and keep you running smoothly. We also cover the basics like new PC Setups, Password Resets, User Creation and more.

    We can also help your business become paperless using our PandaDoc software that handles eSign, Documents & Workflow solutions.


    We offer a wide variety of communications services and systems designed to enhance both your business. And workflows.

    Our telecoms are powered by cutting edge VoIP technology allowing you to take calls wherever you are via any web browser, your mobile or a desk phone. All of the hardware and software is provided by us, along with trained engineers that will get you up and running in no time.

    5G Mobile SIMs
    Our 5G Unlimited SIM deals are powered by Three Mobile. By choosing Cirrus as your provider you can get some of the cheapest deals on the market with no lengthy tie-in. All of our contracts are provided on a monthly basis and offer unlimited texts, minutes & 5G data.

    Internet Connectivity
    When it comes to business internet, Cirrus can offer all types of connectivity. We have something for everyone, whether you are a small office, large retail shop, pub or restaurant, Cirrus offer unrivalled speed along with the ultimate in connectivity options; Fibre Leased Lines, FTTC, EFM, EoFTTC, GEA, FTTP, MPLS and ADSL.

    If you have any questions or would simply like to learn more about our services please get in touch with our friendly team.

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    Products and Services

    1. Anti-Virus Removal
    2. Antimalware
    3. Antivirus
    4. Antivirus Removal
    5. B2B IT Services
    6. Bespoke Computer Systems
    7. Business Communications
    8. Business Computer Systems
    9. Business IT Services
    10. Business IT Support
    11. Business Telecom
    12. Business Telecoms
    13. Business Workflow Automation
    14. Charity IT Services
    15. Charity IT Support
    16. Cloud Backup
    17. Cloud Backups
    18. Cloud Computing
    19. Cloud Computing For HR
    20. Cloud Computing Services
    21. Cloud Email
    22. Cloud Email Signatures
    23. Cloud Services
    24. Cloud Telephony
    25. Communication Services
    26. Communication Systems
    27. Communications
    28. Communications Consultancy
    29. Communications Consultants
    30. Communications Equipment
    31. Computer Backup
    32. Computer Backups
    33. Computer System Support
    34. Computer Systems
    35. Computer Systems & Networking
    36. Computer Systems Consultants
    37. Computer Systems Management
    38. Computer Systems Support
    39. Corporate Communications
    40. Customised Computer Systems
    41. Cyber Essentials
    42. Cyber Security
    43. Data & Telecommunications
    44. Data & Telecoms
    45. Data Communication Service
    46. Data Communication Services
    47. Data Communication Systems
    48. Data Communications
    49. Data Communications Connectors
    50. Desktop PCs
    51. Document Management Workflow
    52. Domain Names
    53. Ecommerce Web Hosting
    54. Enabling And Managing Office 365
    55. Fibre Optic Communications
    56. Fixed Communication Solutions
    57. Healthcare Communications
    58. Home IT Support
    59. Home User IT Support
    60. Internet Connectivity
    61. Invoice Workflow
    62. IT Managed Services
    63. IT Security
    64. IT Security Solutions
    65. IT Security Systems
    66. IT Service
    67. IT Service Management
    68. IT Services
    69. It Services For Charities
    70. IT Support
    71. It Support Contracts
    72. It Support For Schools
    73. IT Support Outsourcing
    74. It Support Providers
    75. IT Support Services
    76. It Support Software
    77. It Support Solution
    78. It Support Technicians
    79. Managed IT
    80. Managed It Infrastructure
    81. Managed It Services
    82. Managed Services
    83. Microsoft Office 365 Deployment
    84. Microsoft Office 365 Support
    85. Mobile Communication Solutions
    86. Mobile Communications
    87. Mobile Communications Services
    88. Network - Communications
    89. Network Communications
    90. New Computer Systems
    91. Office 365
    92. Office 365 Migration
    93. Office 365 Solutions Associate
    94. Onsite IT Support
    95. Outsource It Support
    96. Outsourced IT Services
    97. PC Sales
    98. PC Supply
    99. PC Support
    100. PC Systems
    101. Project Workflow Software
    102. Remote IT Support
    103. School IT Support
    104. Small Business It Support
    105. Sme It Support
    106. Telecom Consultancy
    107. Telecom Consultant
    108. Telecom Consultants
    109. Telecom Equipment
    110. Telecom Fibre Optics
    111. Telecom Installation
    112. Telecom Services
    113. Telecomms
    114. Telecommunication
    115. Telecommunication Consultancy
    116. Telecommunication Consultants
    117. Telecommunication Equipment
    118. Telecommunication Services
    119. Telecommunications
    120. Telecommunications Consultants
    121. Telecommunications Equipment
    122. Telecommunications Supplier
    123. Telecommunications Systems
    124. Telecoms
    125. Telecoms Consultancy
    126. Telecoms Consultants
    127. UK Web Hosting
    128. VPN
    129. Web Hosting
    130. Web Hosting Backup
    131. Web Hosting Services
    132. Web Hosting Solutions
    133. Wireless Telecoms
    134. Workflow Automation
    135. Workflow Automation Systems
    136. Workflow Automation Tools
    137. Workflow Management Software

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