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    Churchills Storage & Refurbishment Ltd

    Whether a small office refurbishment or large office transformation project, CSR offers the full turnkey service from initial consultation through to supply and installation.

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    Tailored Solutions
    very single one of our services can be tailored to meet your exact business needs including taking into account the existing interior elements of your building. Using state of the art CAD we can create the perfect office to transform your space into a pleasant and productive environment.

    Our fully trained installation engineers have had many years of experience working on various types of offices, storage areas and warehouse environments. All are fully conversant in the installation of offices, partitioning systems and suspended ceilings so you can rest assured you're in safe hands when you deal with CRS.

    - Office Refurbishments
    - Partitioning Systems
    - Suspended Ceilings
    - Bespoke Design Ceilings
    - Kitchen & Breakout Areas
    - Flooring
    - Electrical, Plumbing, Flooring and Air-conditioning
    - Toilet Cubicles & Refurbishment

    Office Refurbishments and Fit Outs
    CRS offers a full turn-key solution for clients with office refurbishment or fit out requirements. Our designers use up to date computer aided design technology to create images of your new installation. This gives both us and the customers an insight and takes any possible implications into account to deliver a practical working environment.

    Partitioning Systems
    Where partitioning is concerned CRS offers a range of systems guaranteed to satisfy the needs of most environments. These include but are not limited to:

    - Glass Partitioning
    - Aluminium Framed Partitioning
    - Folding Partition Walls
    - Sound Proof Partitioning
    - Steel & Mesh Partitioning and Enclosures

    Mezzanine Flooring
    Mezzanine flooring lets you increase you office or storage capacity fast. You can easily double your floor space without the trouble of moving or new premises refurbishment costs. We have mezzanine solutions to meet all requirements, whether you need a little bit more space or a lot, Churchills have the solution for you.

    Shelving & Racking Systems
    Our experienced team specialise in the design, supply & installation of shelving systems, warehouse handling products and pallet racking. Where you are looking for a complete warehouse refurbishment, space planning or just a few bays of shelving, we will guide you from initial consultation to competition.

    Suspended Ceilings
    A professionally fitted suspended ceiling system will not only transform the look and feel of your office space but give that extra level of protection against fire damage.

    CRS offers a comprehensive design and installation service which price wise offers a far more cost effective solution when compared to more traditional types of ceilings.

    Kitchen & Break-Out Areas
    Whether you're looking for a new kitchen for your office staff or a warehouse area we can help you plan your new kitchen or break-out area from initial consultation and design through to installation.

    Toilet Cubicles & Refurbishment
    Whatever type of premises we can supply and install complete washrooms including toilet cubicles, vanity units and more so why not get in touch to find out more.


    Areas Covered

    Our office refurbishment and fit out services, office partitioning and suspended ceilings are available to the following locations and surrounding areas:
    1. Cambridgeshire
      St Neots
      Milton Keynes
      Bishops Stortford
      Kings Langley
      St Albans
      Potters Bar
      Welwyn Garden City
      Chipping Barnet
      East Finchley


    Opening Hours

    Monday 09:00 to 17:00
    Tuesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Wednesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Thursday 09:00 to 17:00
    Friday 09:00 to 17:00
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed
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    Products and Services

    1. Acoustic Suspended Ceilings
    2. Building Repairs
    3. Building Repairs And Maintenance
    4. Coloured Suspended Ceilings
    5. Commercial Mezzanine Floor
    6. Commercial Mezzanine Flooring
    7. Commercial Mezzanine Floors
    8. Commercial Office Fit Out
    9. Commercial Refurbishment
    10. Commercial Suspended Ceilings
    11. Competitive Mezzanine Floors
    12. Contemporary Office Partitions
    13. Demountable Office Partitioning
    14. Demountable Office Partitions
    15. Dilapidation Services
    16. Dilapidations
    17. Double Glaze Office Partition Systems
    18. Double Glazed Office Partition Systems
    19. Double Glazed Office Partitioning
    20. Double Glazed Office Partitions
    21. Fixed Office Partitioning
    22. Floating Suspended Ceilings
    23. Glass Office Partition Repair
    24. Glass Office Partition Systems
    25. Glass Office Partitioning
    26. Glass Office Partitions
    27. Guaranteed Mezzanine Floor
    28. Guaranteed Mezzanine Flooring
    29. Guaranteed Mezzanine Floors
    30. Industrial Mezzanine Floor
    31. Industrial Mezzanine Flooring
    32. Industrial Mezzanine Floors
    33. Industrial Suspended Ceilings
    34. Install Suspended Ceiling
    35. Leisure Sector Suspended Ceilings
    36. Lighting Suspended Ceiling
    37. Mezzanine Floor
    38. Mezzanine Floor Accessories
    39. Mezzanine Floor Addition
    40. Mezzanine Floor Advice
    41. Mezzanine Floor Alteration
    42. Mezzanine Floor Beams
    43. Mezzanine Floor Building Regulations
    44. Mezzanine Floor Calculations
    45. Mezzanine Floor Cdm
    46. Mezzanine Floor Columns
    47. Mezzanine Floor Company
    48. Mezzanine Floor Construction
    49. Mezzanine Floor Design
    50. Mezzanine Floor Drawings
    51. Mezzanine Floor Expertise
    52. Mezzanine Floor Extension
    53. Mezzanine Floor Fabrication
    54. Mezzanine Floor Fabricator
    55. Mezzanine Floor Finance
    56. Mezzanine Floor Fire Protection
    57. Mezzanine Floor Guidance
    58. Mezzanine Floor Hire Purchase
    59. Mezzanine Floor Installation
    60. Mezzanine Floor Lease
    62. Mezzanine Floor Loan
    63. Mezzanine Floor London
    64. Mezzanine Floor Manufacture
    65. Mezzanine Floor Manufacturer
    66. Mezzanine Floor Manufacturers
    67. Mezzanine Floor Materials
    68. Mezzanine Floor Means Of Escape
    69. Mezzanine Floor Modification
    70. Mezzanine Floor Project
    71. Mezzanine Floor Project Management
    72. Mezzanine Floor Projects
    73. Mezzanine Floor Purlins
    74. Mezzanine Floor Rental
    75. Mezzanine Floor Safety Gates
    76. Mezzanine Floor Scissor Lifts
    77. Mezzanine Floor Secondary Beams
    78. Mezzanine Floor Specialists
    79. Mezzanine Floor Specialists Devon
    80. Mezzanine Floor Specialists UK
    81. Mezzanine Floor Staircase
    82. Mezzanine Floor Structural Calculations
    83. Mezzanine Floor Structural Fire Protection
    84. Mezzanine Floor Supplier
    85. Mezzanine Floor Suppliers
    86. Mezzanine Floor Supply
    87. Mezzanine Floor Surrey
    88. Mezzanine Floor System
    89. Mezzanine Floor Systems
    90. Mezzanine Flooring
    91. Mezzanine Flooring Company
    92. Mezzanine Flooring Fabrication
    93. Mezzanine Flooring Finance
    94. Mezzanine Flooring London
    95. Mezzanine Flooring Manufacture
    96. Mezzanine Flooring Screws
    97. Mezzanine Flooring Services
    98. Mezzanine Flooring Supply
    99. Mezzanine Flooring Surrey
    100. Mezzanine Flooring System
    101. Mezzanine Floors
    102. Mezzanine Floors Finance
    103. Mezzanine Floors London
    104. Mezzanine Floors Or Platforms
    105. Mezzanine Floors Surrey
    106. Mezzanine Floorspace
    107. Mf Suspended Ceilings
    108. Modugrid Modular Mezzanine Floors
    109. Modular Mezzanine Flooring
    110. Modular Mezzanine Floors
    111. Modular Office Partitioning
    112. Modular Office Partitions
    113. Movable Office Partitioning
    114. Movable Office Partitions
    115. Moveable Office Partitions
    116. Office Fit Out
    117. Office Fit Out And Refurbishment
    118. Office Fit Out Companies
    119. Office Fit Out Company
    120. Office Fit Out Contractors
    121. Office Fit Out Services
    122. Office Fit Out Specialists
    123. Office Fit Outs
    124. Office Fit Outs And Refurbishment
    125. Office Fit Outs And Refurbishments
    126. Office Fit-Out
    127. Office Mezzanine Floor
    128. Office Mezzanine Flooring
    129. Office Mezzanine Floors
    130. Office Partioning
    131. Office Partition Contractors
    132. Office Partition Installation
    133. Office Partition Installation Service
    134. Office Partition Screens
    135. Office Partitioning
    136. Office Partitioning Cheshire
    137. Office Partitioning Installation
    138. Office Partitioning Services
    139. Office Partitioning Systems
    140. Office Partitioning Units
    141. Office Partitions
    142. Office Partitions Installation
    143. Office Refurbishment
    144. Office Refurbishment Companies
    145. Office Refurbishment Company
    146. Office Refurbishment Services
    147. Office Refurbishment Specialists
    148. Office Refurbishment UK
    149. Office Refurbishments
    150. Partitioning
    151. Plasterboard Suspended Ceiling
    152. Quality Mezzanine Floor
    153. Quality Mezzanine Flooring
    154. Quality Mezzanine Floors
    155. Raised Mezzanine Flooring
    156. Retail Mezzanine Floor
    157. Retail Mezzanine Flooring
    158. Retail Mezzanine Floors
    159. Retail Refurbishment
    160. Retail Suspended Ceilings
    161. School Refurbishment
    162. Shaped Suspended Ceilings
    163. Single Glazed Office Partition Systems
    164. Single Glazed Office Partitioning
    165. Single Glazed Office Partitioning Systems
    166. Single Glazed Office Partitions
    167. Steel Mezzanine Floor
    168. Steel Mezzanine Floors
    169. Supply Only Suspended Ceilings
    170. Suspended Ceiling
    171. Suspended Ceiling And Partitioning
    172. Suspended Ceiling Cleaning
    173. Suspended Ceiling Company
    174. Suspended Ceiling Contractor
    175. Suspended Ceiling Contractors
    176. Suspended Ceiling Design
    177. Suspended Ceiling Fixers
    178. Suspended Ceiling Foam Tape
    179. Suspended Ceiling Grid
    180. Suspended Ceiling Installation
    181. Suspended Ceiling Installations
    182. Suspended Ceiling Installers
    183. Suspended Ceiling Light
    184. Suspended Ceiling Light Fittings
    185. Suspended Ceiling Manufacturer
    186. Suspended Ceiling Material
    187. Suspended Ceiling Material Supplier
    188. Suspended Ceiling Panel
    189. Suspended Ceiling Repairs
    190. Suspended Ceiling Restoration
    191. Suspended Ceiling Spraying
    192. Suspended Ceiling Supplier
    193. Suspended Ceiling Supply
    194. Suspended Ceiling System
    195. Suspended Ceiling Systems
    196. Suspended Ceiling Tile Supply
    197. Suspended Ceilings
    198. Swimming Pool Suspended Ceilings
    199. Toilet Cubicle Systems
    200. Used Mezzanine Floors
    201. Used Office Mezzanine Floors
    202. Warehouse Fit Out
    203. Warehouse Fit Outs
    204. Warehouse Mezzanine Flooring
    205. Warehouse Mezzanine Floors
    206. Warehouse Refurbishment
    207. Warehouse Refurbishments


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