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  • Lowest available Uncertainties
  • Vacuum & Gas Flow Measurement & Control Solutions
  • Solutions incorporate Instruments and Components
  • Lowest available Uncertainties
  • Vacuum & Gas Flow Measurement & Control Solutions
  • Solutions incorporate Instruments and Components
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Chell Instruments Ltd

Designed for Engineers

Welcome to Chell Instruments. We are specialist manufacturers and suppliers of Pressure, Vacuum & Gas Flow Measurement & Control Solutions designed by engineers for use by engineers.

Our solutions incorporate instruments and components such as thermal mass flow meters, controllers and capacitance manometers produced by our Principles, all of whom we have held long lasting relationships. In fact where our customers identify gaps in product ranges Chell has risen to the challenge in developing products to close those gaps, and one example of this is our Leak Rate Monitor for the Power Generation industry.

The vast majority of our product range has resulted from customer enquiries and after successful supply these products have gone onto serious production. Our Air Ingress Monitors have now been in service for nearly thirty years and are now in the stage of a Mk 4 version all of which are still in service and returned to us year after year for calibration. A similar example of our history for reliable products includes our Leak Rate Monitor which has now become the standard leak tester for the Nuclear Power Industry.

We also specialise in pressure scanning applications particularly in aerodynamic testing of Formula 1 cars in both wind tunnel and on the track and this also has resulted in the development of specialist data acquisition systems which is based on feedback from the actual race teams.

At Chell Instruments we use our own in house manufacturing processes which include precision CNC machining, TIG welding and Helium leak testing so as to give us total control over both performance and quality. Products such as Ultra High Vacuum assemblies including our Miniature Knudson Cells are assembled in a clean area and tested on a UHV system.

Our Solutions Include:

Motor Sport:
Miniature Data Acquisition systems, Miniature Pressure Scanners, Miniature Temperature, voltage and Current Scanners, Multi Hole Probes and Wind Tunnel Rolling Road and Wheel Systems.

Turbo Machinery:
Miniature Data Acquisition Systems, Industrial Pressure Scanners, Temperature Scanners, Multi Hole Probes and Transfer Pressure Standards.

Wind Tunnel:
Miniature Data Acquisition Systems, Miniature Pressure Scanners, Miniature Temperature, Voltage and Current Scanners, Multi hole Probes, Wind Tunnel rolling Road and Wheel Systems.

Flow Products:
Chell CMF OEM Digital Flowmeters, Flow Control and Measurement Hastings 200 Series, 300 Series and Flow Measurement Hastings 400 Series, Hastings HFM and HFC Tylan Replacements, Molbox Precision Laminar Flow and Sonic Nozzles Gas Flow Transfer, Axetris 2100 Mass Flow Meters/Controllers, Displays, Controllers and Power Supplies.

Calibration Systems:
DHI Pressure Balance, Ruska Deadweight Testers & Accessories, Transfer Pressure Standards, Pressurement Deadweight Testers, Pressurement P5500 DWT Accessories, Flow Standards and Custom Calibration and Test Systems.

Pressure Fittings:
Including High Temperature Quick Disconnects, Circular Quick Disconnects, Multi-Port Rugged Quick Disconnect and Pressure Scan Fittings.

Power Generation:
Including Air Ingress Monitors, Portable Leak Rate Monitors, Pressure Decay Leak Testers, Porosity Test Systems and Diffusivity Test Systems.

Vacuum Products:
Capacitance Manometers, Vacuum Calibration, Thermocouple Vacuum Gauges, Dual Sensor Gauges, Ion Gauges, Knudson Cells, Chell Ultra-Fine Needle Valves and Displays, Controllers and Power Supplies.

Gas Handling:
Heated Gas Purifiers, Unheated Gas Purifiers, Gas Panel Manufacture and Chell Ultra-Fine Needle Valves.

If you would like further information about Chell Instruments, please contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss any of your requirements. You can also visit our main website which provides much further product and service information.

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