CH Air & Pump Services Ltd

CH Air & Pump Services Ltd

Unit 10, Lion Lane
Needham Market Suffolk

  • Air compressor services in Norfolk, Suffolk & North Essex
  • Over 30 years experience in air compressor services
  • Installation, service, maintenance and repair
  • CH Air & Pump Services Ltd

    CH Air offers customers in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and the surrounding areas a highly efficient range of compressed air services including supply, installation, maintenance and repair.

    When you deal with CH Air you’re guaranteed the highest level of service possible. This will also be provided at a highly affordable price and whats more backed up with a great customer service.

    BOGE, Hydrovane and CompAir Compressors

    Our commitment to our customers is further backed up from the support of our partners the likes of which include BOGE Compressors, Hydrovane Compressors and CompAir compressors, once again ensuring all customers compressed air requirements are met in full.

    - Compressors
    - Air Treatment
    - Air Dryers
    - Filtration
    - Pipe Work Installations
    - Energy Control Systems
    - Energy Audit/Data Logging
    - Breathing Air Testing
    - Service & Repairs
    - Used Equipment

    Leading German engineered quality with proven technology and outstanding reliability plus 5 year warranty. All of the models available from BOGE can be supplied and installed by us to meet the exact requirements of your compressed air needs.

    As the officially appointed distributor of Hydrovane, CH Air is able to supply, install and service a range of outstanding compressors from this leading manufacturer of high end compressed air technology.

    CompAir air compressor technologies delivers superb efficiency performance and reliability. This global supplier of compressors delivers a vast range of compressed air solutions to meet an equally vast range of applications.

    Air Treatment

    Where air treatment is concerned CH Air supplies a range of highly efficient refrigerant dryers, desiccant dryers, filters and condensate treatment hardware.

    Service & Maintenance/Breakdowns

    Regarding service and maintenance it is the aim of CH Air to ensure each and every customer has little down time as possible.

    Experienced Factory Trained Engineers
    Our team of factory trained engineers have the experience and skills necessary to repair all major brands of compressors and what's more respond to your breakdown situation promptly.

    Back-Up Equipment
    In a situation where your equipment has to be taken away for repair we will endeavour to provide you with back up equipment to keep you up and running.

    To find out more about CH Air and the full range of air compressor equipment and services we have to offer please visit our website of get in touch.

    Opening Hours

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