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Gall Thomson

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Minimise the risk of offshore spillage
  • Proven technology of Gall Thomson
  • Safety Marine Breakaway Couplings
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Minimise Risk of Offshore Spills

Gall Thomson Marine Breakaway Coupling

The Gall Thomson Marine Breakaway Coupler (MBC) provides an identified safe parting point in the marine hose transfer system. When undue tensile load on the hose system (i.e. due to tanker breakout) or an extreme pressure surge occurs, the MBC will activate without reliance on an external energy source. This immediate shutoff of flow in an emergency minimises the risk of spill, protects assets such as the hose assembly, reduces risk to personnel and the environment, avoids clean-up costs and greatly reduces downtime.

The Proven Technology of Gall Thomson

Many years of application experience and technical innovation has enabled Gall Thomson to remain at the forefront of offshore transfer systems and maintain its status as the industry standard. A key advantage of the Gall Thomson MBC range is its compact and lightweight designs.


Petal Valve MBC Couplers

The Gall Thomson Petal Valve Marine Breakaway Coupler is designed to provide the safe transfer of heavy fuel oil and crude oil. The unit offers zero headloss, no clogging, low maintenance and pigging.

Petal Valve MBC applications

Floating hose strings commissioned in SPM CALM/SALM buoy terminals and underbuoy hose strings at SPM CALM buoy terminals; FPSO and FSO floating hose strings; FPSO and FSO export reeled floating and catenary hose strings; CBM/MBM subsea hose strings; Articulated Loading Platform in-air or Submerged Catenary Hose Strings; Subsea high pressure live crude flexibles; Well choke and kill emergency disconnect systems.

Flip-Flap Valve MBC Couplers

The Gall Thomson Flip-Flap Valve Type Marine Breakaway Coupler provides a safe transfer solution for low viscosity media and short-term crude oil terminal operations, fuel and liquid gas (LPG) transfer and temporary loading and offloading operations. The unit provides minimum headloss and immediate 100% shutoff.

Flip-Flap Valve Type MBC applications

Single point mooring, FPSO, FSO, FSU and other offshore terminal oil production, fuel and bunker floating hose strings such as barge and pontoon arrangements; including reeled and in-air and submerged catenary hose strings; Underbuoy and CBM/MBM submarine hose strings; Subsea and riser high pressure live crude flexibles; Well Choke and kill emergency disconnect systems; Early Well Test or Early Production Systems.

Camlock Couplers

The Welin Camlock Coupler is the fastest and safest option for flange hose connections. Each cam on the Camlock Coupler takes only 5 seconds to connect and once commissioned, the Camlock Coupler is impossible to loosen in a pressurised line.

Welin Camlock Coupling applications

Submersible and hydraulic operations: marine loading and discharging terminals, ports, refineries, dock facilities, chemical plants and distribution centres.

Product Support and Maintenance

Gall Thomson provides a comprehensive range of commissioning and aftersales services. Technical advice during specification through to installation, unit maintenance and inspection training, spare parts, product refurbishment, conversion of existing units from single to double closure, resetting of activated units, repair and refurbishment.

Gall Thomson offers support on a global scale through its worldwide network of skilled and knowledgeable representatives.

Repairing Marine Breakaway Couplings to approved standard

Gall Thomson Approved Certification (GTAC) requires that the repair of a Marine Breakaway Coupling adheres to strict procedures. Inspections and the testing of the MBC are performed by GTAC trained engineers and all parts conform to GTAC standards.

A typical GTAC inspection objective is to determine whether the requirement for repair is due to damage caused by a particular event or events or depreciation. Understanding the causes will help protect the unit and improve maintenance regimes. Inspection findings are logged and summarised in reports that are returned to the operator with the repaired unit.

The MBC is also provided with Certification signifying that the unit has been repaired to GTAC standards.

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News & PR


Gall Thomson, the leaders in Marine Breakaway Couplings (MBCs) has reached a milestone by supplying its 2000th MBC.

Gall thomson launches first locking camlock

Gall Thomson, the world leader in marine couplings, has just introduced a new range of next generation locking cams for its Camlock Couplings.

Gall Thomson launches neutral buoyancy float for marine breakaway couplings

Gall Thomson, world leader in the application, design and supply of Marine Breakaway Couplings (MBCs) has introduced a neutral buoyancy float for MBCs.

Gall Thomson launches the most advanced marine breakway coupling

Gall Thomson, the world leader in Marine Breakaway Coupling (MBC) technology, has launched an enhanced version of its Petal Valve MBC for the offshore hydrocarbon transfer market.

Gall Thomson launches Underbuoy Breakaway Coupling range

Gall Thomson launches range of Underbuoy Breakaway Couplings (UBCs) designed to protect Single Point Mooring (SPM) terminals from the risk of vessel collision or extreme weather events.

Gall Thomson state-of-the-art CNC technology begins operation

Heller 5-axis CNC Machining Equipment has gone into operation at the Gall Thomson Technology Centre in Great Yarmouth UK.

Gall Thomson opens new technology centre

Gall Thomson has opened a state-of-the-art technology centre in the UK. The centre will be used for the design, production, refurbishment and testing of Marine Breakaway Couplings.