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    CamdenBoss Ltd

    Injection moulded smart IOT device housings

    CamdenBoss offers an extensive range of cutting edge electromechanical components, enclosures, cabinets and housings all of which have been designed to cover a vast range of applications.

    Do you need a specially designed and manufactured component or even a particular style of enclosure, or do you need an innovative solution for your unique applications, you can have a tailor made enclosure designed and produced to meet your exact needs so why not get in touch to find out more.


    Comprehensive Application Coverage
    Whatever your specification needs you'll find our range of standard products have been created to cover a wide spectrum of applications so you can be confident when you order with CamdenBoss.

    If you've been looking for a supplier of high grade plastic electronic enclosures, metal enclosures or DIN Rail enclosures then look no more because we offer wide range of electronic equipment to accommodate an equally wide range of industrial sectors.

    Wall Mounted Plastic Sensor Enclosures
    Whether wall mounted or handheld plastic sensor enclosures, you'll find exactly what you're looking for when visiting the CamdenBoss online shop. If you can't find what you're after just give our sales team a call.

    Injection Moulded Smart IOT Device Housings
    The range of universal smart device housings from CamdenBoss are manufactured here in the UK and made from moulded ABS making them ideal for applications such as door entry control, security, safety monitoring and air detection etc.

    Industrial Metal Audio Protect Stomp Boxes
    Wide range of robust stomp box diecast aluminium enclosures available ideal for a wide range of applications including guitar pedal boxes where structure strength is critical.

    CamdenBoss offers a comprehensive customisation service for all standard metal and plastic enclosures. This service covers colour choice, surface coating, engraving, RFI shielding and digital printing. If you have any machining requirements we also have our own in house machine shop for holes, apertures and internal machining.

    Where fabrication is concerned the CamdenBoss dedicated machine shop houses state of the art CNC machinery, heat bending and solvent welding equipment. Fabricate your own unique electronic housing from flat sheet plastic manufactured from your own design or by our in-house, experienced design team.

    Whether you need high quality connectors, switches, protection components or light indicators CamdenBoss offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of electrical and electronic components in the UK.

    Light Indicators

    Highly Cost Effective Alternative
    Customers will greatly benefit from this service as opposed to the more traditional and costly mould tool design, prototyping and production of mould tooling.

    To find out more about CamdenBoss and the complete range of products available please visit our website.

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    Products and Services

    1. 19 Inch Cabinets
    2. 19 Inch Cases
    3. 19 Inch Computer Enclosures
    4. 19 Inch Data Cabinets
    5. 19 Inch Enclosures
    6. 19 Inch Rack Cabinet
    7. 19 Inch Rack Cases
    8. 19 Inch Rack Enclosures
    9. 19 Rack Enclosure
    10. 19" Rack Enclosures
    11. ABS Plastic Enclosures
    12. Aluminium Desktop Enclosures
    13. Audio Project Stomp Boxes
    14. Bespoke Plastic Fabricating
    15. Bespoke Plastic Fabrication
    16. Bespoke Plastic Fabrications
    17. Bespoke Plastic Fabricators
    18. Circular Connectors
    19. CNC Machining Plastic Enclosures
    20. Control Switches
    21. Custom Plastic Enclosures
    22. Custom Plastic Fabrication
    23. Custom Plastic Fabrications
    24. Custom Plastic Fabricators
    25. Desk Top Enclosures
    26. Desktop Enclosures
    27. Desktop Metal Enclosures
    28. Development Board Enclosures
    29. Diecast Enclosures
    30. Din Rail Enclosure
    31. Din Rail Enclosures
    32. Din Rail Modular Enclosures
    33. Din Rail PCB Supports
    34. Din Rail Terminal Blocks
    35. Din-Rail Enclosures
    36. Electrical Enclosures
    37. Electronic Component Sourcing
    38. Electronic Component Specialist
    39. Electronic Component Suppliers
    40. Electronic Enclosures
    41. Electronic Instruments
    42. Electronics Enclosures
    43. Electronics Potting
    44. Enclosures
    45. Fuse Holders
    46. Fused Terminal Blocks
    47. Fuses
    48. Hand Held Enclosures
    49. Handheld Enclosure
    50. Handheld Enclosures
    51. Heatsink Cases
    52. Heavy Duty Enclosures
    53. High Profile Din Rail Enclosures
    54. Indicators
    55. Industrial Enclosures
    56. Industrial Metal Audio Project Stomp Boxes
    57. Industrial Metal Enclosures
    58. Industrial Plastic Fabrications
    59. Injection Moulded Enclosures
    60. Injection Moulded Smart IOT Device Housings
    61. Instrument Metal Enclosures
    62. Insulated ABS Plastic Enclosures
    63. Interface Modules
    64. IOT Device Housings
    65. IOT Enclosures
    66. Limit Switches
    67. Low Profile Din Rail Enclosures
    68. Metal Enclosure
    69. Metal Enclosures
    70. Microswitches
    71. PCB Potting
    72. Pcb Terminal Blocks
    73. Piezo Keypads
    74. Piezo Switches
    75. Plastic Enclosure
    76. Plastic Enclosure Box
    77. Plastic Enclosure Boxes
    78. Plastic Enclosures
    79. Plastic Fabricated Enclosures
    80. Plastic Fabricating
    81. Plastic Fabricating Service
    82. Plastic Fabricating Services
    83. Plastic Fabrication
    84. Plastic Fabrications
    85. Plastic Fabrications To Specification
    86. Plastic Fabricators
    87. Plastic Sensor Enclosures
    88. Potting Boxes
    89. Potting Electronics
    90. Rack Enclosures
    91. Relay Bases
    92. Sensor Enclosures
    93. Sheet Metal Enclosure
    94. Sheet Metal Enclosure Design
    95. Sheet Metal Enclosures
    96. Sheet Metal Enclosures Manufacturers
    97. Sheet Metal Enclosures To Specification
    98. Small Metal Enclosures
    99. Smart IOT Device Housings
    100. Stomp Boxes
    101. Tact Switches
    102. Terminal Strips
    103. Universal Enclosures
    104. Universal Metal Enclosures
    105. Vertical Din Rail Enclosures
    106. Wall Mounted Enclosures
    107. Wall Mounted Plastic Sensor Enclosures

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