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    Filoform (Duct & Conduit Sealing)

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    In recent years, the increasing number of failed duct sealing events has drawn attention to selecting a better system suited to the site conditions and requirements. This action has led many companies/people in search of new options that have a lower price point and are faster than traditional solutions. As a result, the need for an affordable, quick & effective solution is becoming the norm which is why our NEW MD5 duct sealing system has been created to bridge the gap between DIY foams and the more expensive systems.

    How to select a duct sealing solution

    It is critical to evaluate the specific duct sealing situation and identify the objectives of the seal. For Example:

    - Are there cables in the duct, how many?
    - Does water need to be blocked? How much water?
    - Is a fire stop needed?
    - Does the conduit enter a building?
    - Are gases or chemicals a concern?

    Selection should be at the design stage where the seal requirements can be matched to the overall project. Typically, a design specification will require water, gas and perhaps fire-resistance together with specific chemical resistance. The life of seal needed should also be considered. Every seal manufacturer should be able to provide proof of expected life. Over-engineering the seal design should also be avoided. A duct sealing solution that meets the specific needs of the application is the right solution.

    Keys to an effective seal

    Training and preparation - First read and following the manufacturer´┐Żs instructions. Like any other job a field mechanic performs, it requires knowledge and skill. Duct sealing solutions should be engineered into the job and training completed in advance of the field work.

    Sealing system selection - Most underground duct sealing systems will need to block water, gases and be tolerant of hydrocarbons. If the duct enters a building, a fire stop may be required. Select a sealing system that addresses the risks present.

    Cable separation - This is the area where most duct seals will fail; either the product doesn't support cable separation, or the installer has been unable to separate the cables sufficiently. Without separation, water and gases will simply wick through areas without the sealant.

    Conduit Sealing - Our range of conduit sealing systems have been designed to provide a simple and effective solution for watertight and gas sealing of pipes and cables in conduits, boreholes and ducts. Conduit sealing systems can be installed horizontally and vertically, they are extremely flexible.

    Filoform MD5 Duct Sealing System

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