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Butser Rubber Ltd

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Rubber Moulders | Silicone Rubber Mouldings |
Custom Rubber Straps | Rubber to Metal Bonding

Butser Rubber Ltd - Highly Commended at 'The Manufacturer of The Year Awards 2009' for 'IT in Manufacturing.

Butser Rubber is a UK based Manufacturer and supplier of high quality precision rubber mouldings, rubber and sponge extrusion, sheeting & custom rubber components. Butser Rubber factory is located on the Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey border. Butser Rubber Ltd is an established producer & distributor to the Aerospace, Defence, Maritime, Medical, Auto sport & Motor sectors to both inter-national and national markets.

Rubber Mouldings

All of our products are the result of our customer's exact requirements. Whether you require a compression or injection moulding, we are happy to quote. Our services are from the drawing board to the production of tooling, through to the final components. Butser manufactures over 4300 different rubber moulded product lines.

Moulded Rubber bellows, moulded rubber body assemblies, moulded rubber seals, moulded rubber grommets, moulded rubber housings.

Rubber Mouldings

O-Rings & O-Section Gaskets

Custom O-rings and non-standard O-rings to your specification, we can produce O rings and O section seals and gaskets with a cross section of down to 0.5 mm with a .02mm tolerance (with selected materials). We can manufacture non-standard O-rings and seals in a range of materials, colours and shore hardness's. Please phone to state your requirements. Using our in-house Cryogenic trimming technology and network of laser welding and tool polishers, we can supply seamless O ring sections for when the seal is critical. Examples: Formula 1 O-section head gaskets, discontinued standard O rings, specific material O rings.

-Rings & O-Section Gaskets

Custom Gaskets

Moulded, laser cut, water cut, stamped or fabricated, We can supply custom gaskets in a wide range of spec materials, as well as all stocked rubbers, sponges, plastic foams, paper, card, corks and leathers. We can manufacture self-adhesive backed gaskets using a range of glues including 3M transfer films. We are very happy to quote for your gasket needs.


Rubber to Metal Bonding

Whether it is a complex non-conductive HNBR to copper bonding or a simple steel to natural rubber bonding, Butser has the experience, scope and technology to make it work. From one-offs to mass production we use laboratory tested agents and ultrasonic technology to give your product the best bond possible.

Anti vibration mounts, engine mounts, rubberised circuit boards, suspension bushes, bonded tyres to wheels, bonded rollers.

Rubber to Metal Bonding

Moulded Rubber Retainer Straps

Butser Rubber manufacture both a standard range of straps and custom straps to meet customers needs. Standard Straps come in a selection of sizes and are or moulded from either Natural Rubber 50 IRHD or Neoprene Rubber 50 IRHD. The standard colour is black rubber, The standard sizes are: 30cm (12), 25cm (10), 23cm (9), 20cm (8), 15cm (6) all are 2.5cm wide (1). These come with a metal hook at each end of the moulding measuring 3cm x 1cm. Custom moulded rubber straps are to your design and material requirements. Feel free to send a drawing or your existing rubber strap. Custom straps can be made from the full range of rubbers listed on the materials page at

Moulded Rubber Retainer Straps


H section, P section, square section, silicone, sponge, coloured, ribbed or reinforced. We can supply extrusion to your needs. We have a number of standard product lines, but are very happy to talk about custom sections, material specs and die-cuttings. Butser is very keen to supply you with the correct product. We can tailor your section to your needs whether you need: colour-matching, heat, flame or steam resistance, food quality grade, tight tolerances or an extrusion that will work in either high and low temperature, please contact us.



Moulded, sheet, extrusion, stamped, punched or fabricated, we have a lot of experience with this material. Recent investment in new machinery has made sponge seal and gasket cutting one of our most exciting product lines. With the added advantage of PSA (self-adhesive) backed sponge products, customers have been able to use this type of material in a new manner of ways. For example, self-adhesive sponge seals fixed to aircraft, where the seals do not drop out as the lower housings are removed, making them, "A damn sight easier to fit, replace and work with as you don't need three hands". Examples: Sponge window seals, Silicone sponge compression seals, Slow return memory sponge, Protective sponge housings.


Rubber and Sponge Fabrications

Butser Rubber supply many custom fabrications for a range of different applications using a number of materials. Fabrications offer great product flexibility with low jig and tooling costs in comparison with injection tooling. Fabrications can provide fast turn around and short lead times on low too medium batch runs and is often used as an alternative to rapid tooling and prototyping. Fabricating extrusion to make compression set seals is one of Butser Rubber's largest and longest running product capabilities. Please enquire if you need your extrusions fabricated into the final component.

Rubber and Sponge Fabrications

Park Marking

We now provide a part marking service for your rubber mouldings, seals, grommets and bellows. You can add a part number and company logo, part marking provides both branding and traceability for your rubber products. Unique serial numbers can also be added, to find out more about this please contact a member of our team.

Company Video

Butser Rubber's product range includes:

Precision rubber mouldings
Rubber gaskets
Foam gaskets
Silicone sponge gaskets
Paper gaskets
Rubber - metal bondings

Rubber CV boots
Extrusions in silicone
Solid rubber & sponge
Rubber 'O' rings
Sponge 'O' rings
Moulded rubber hoses

Moulded rubber bellows
Rubber anti-vibration mounts
Rubber seals & grommets
Sponge mouldings
Moulded rubber housings
Polyurethane elastomers

We are very happy to quote for all your rubber needs & can manufacture from both drawing & pattern part. We are an ISO9002 producer & can manufacture using BS & Defence DTD standard Materials. Recent investment in a computerised MRP system gives rapid responses & full lot traceability.

For full details please visit our website using the link above or the enquiry form below to enquire on our materials. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you would like to view our BR Defence page please click here

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