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Biopharma Group

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  • Supplier of equipment to the pharmaceutical industry
  • Equipment to UK biotech & process industries
  • Specialisation in solvent removal / drying technology
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    Biopharma Group

    Biopharma Group act as a one-stop shop for the biotech, pharma, bioprocessing and diagnostics industries. Consisting of a set of brand divisions Biopharma Group is a leading provider of a comprehensive range of bioprocessing and lyophilisation equipment as well as CDMO solutions and services:

    Technical service support & capital equipment:
    Supplying the UK & Ireland with freeze dryers, high pressure homogenizers, fill-finish lines, analytical instruments and solvent evaporators.

    CDMO Solutions & Services:
    (GMP & non-GMP) Expert contract research, manufacturing and development for liquid formulations & lyophilized products. Global Services.

    Faster Airflow Lab Equipment:
    We have a dedicated division that specialises in supplying lab equipment dedicated to protecting personnel from hazardous substances like cytotoxic isolators, fume cabinets and MSC's (microbiological safety cabinets).

    Biopharma Group are trusted by leading companies around the world, we streamline processes, accelerate your R&D and accelerate time-to-market, partnering with growing biotech start-ups and pharmaceutical giants alike.

    Lyophilisation & Bioprocessing Equipment

    We have been providing solutions to meet your bioprocessing and lyophilisation needs since 1989. This branch is dedicated to the supply of capital equipment to the biotech, pharmaceutical, general process and food industries across both the UK and Ireland.

    Not only do we supply the equipment, we also have a specialist in-house team of engineers dedicated to service and maintenance. All of our engineers have many years of in-depth knowledge in a full product range.

    Lyophilisation & Bioprocessing Equipment Range:

    - Freeze Dryers
    - Food Production Freeze Dryers
    - Vial Handling & Fil Finish Equipment
    - Faster Airflow Equipment
    - Cryopreservation Storage Equipment
    - Centrifugal Solvent Evaporation
    - Analytical Lyo Instruments
    - High Pressure Homogenisers

    Visit our dedicated Lyophilisation & Bioprocessing Equipment Website

    Airflow Lab Equipment

    Biopharma Group are the UK's mainland distributor of FASTER s.r.l energy efficient, airflow products. Their range includes LAF benches, fume cupboards, microbiological safety cabinets (MSCs) and more... in fact we have over 100 different MSC models and size configurations all of which are tailored to your space and requirements.

    FASTER air flow products are the most energy efficient units you will find in the market, their entire range is made using renewable energy and manufactured in an ISO:14001 compliant factory!

    Not only do we supply airflow lab equipment we also install it for you. Our specialist installation team have already completed 1000+ installs in the UK, ensuring your equipment is installed professionally and safely.

    Airflow Lab Equipment Range:

    - Microbiological Safety Cabinets (Classes I, II & III)
    - Fume Cupboards / Hoods
    - Product Protection Work Benches
    - Isolators
    - Cytotoxic Cabinets
    - PCR Fast
    - Robotics Cabinets

    Visit our dedicated Airflow Lab Equipment Website

    CDMO Services & Solutions

    When it comes to CDMO services our highly experienced team have completed over 4000 projects in 30+ countries covering everything from consultancy and R&D solutions for liquid and lyophilized formulations to fill-finish GMP clinical manufacturing to the biotech, pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries.

    We are your strategic CDMO choice offering the following services & solutions:

    - Pharma CDMO Services
    - Diagnostic CDMO Services
    - GMP Production
    - Cytotoxic & High Potency Samples Handling/Processing
    - Lyophilization Training Courses
    - Analytical Lyo Instruments

    Visit our dedicated CDMO Services & Solutions Website

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    Products and Services

    1. Airflow Equipment
    2. Airflow Work Benches
    3. Analytical Lyo Instruments
    4. Bulk Process Equipment
    5. Centrifugal Solvent Evaporation
    6. Centrifugal Solvent Evaporator Systems
    7. Confectionery Process Equipment
    8. Cryopreservation Storage Equipment
    9. Customied Laboratory Equipment
    10. Customised Laboratory Equipment
    11. Cytotoxic Cabinets
    12. Cytotoxic Samples Handling
    13. Cytotoxic Samples Processing
    14. Diagnostic CDMO Services
    15. Electronic Laboratory Equipment
    16. Evaporator Systems
    17. Fill Finish Equipment
    18. Food Process Equipment
    19. Food Production Freeze Dryers
    20. Freeze Dryer
    21. Freeze Dryers
    22. Freeze Drying
    23. Freeze Drying Equipment
    24. Fume Cupboards
    25. Fume Hoods
    26. Glass Laboratory Equipment
    27. GMP Production
    28. High Potency Samples Handling
    29. High Potency Samples Processing
    30. High Pressure Homogenisation
    31. High Pressure Homogenisers
    32. Homogenisation
    33. Isolators
    34. Lab Equipment
    35. Laboratory Equipment
    36. Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers
    37. Laboratory Equipment Supplier
    38. Laboratory Equipment Suppliers
    39. Lyophilization
    40. Lyophilization Training Courses
    41. Materials Testing Laboratory Equipment
    42. Microbiological Safety Cabinets
    43. MSC
    44. New And Old Process Equipment
    45. New Packaging Machinery
    46. Packaging Machinery
    47. Packaging Machines
    48. PCR Fast Cabinet
    49. Pharma CDMO Services
    50. Pharmaceutical
    51. Pharmaceutical Equipment
    52. Pharmaceutical Industry
    53. Pharmaceutical Process Equipment
    54. Pharmaceutical Services
    55. Pharmaceuticals
    56. Preparative Chromatography
    57. Process Equipment
    58. Process Equipment Electrician
    59. Robotics Cabinets
    60. Solvent Evaporator Systems
    61. Stainless Steel Lab Equipment
    62. Used Process Equipment
    63. Vial Handling Equipment

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