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    Bliby Plastics

    Covering both the trade and domestic sectors Bliby Plastics offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of affordable high quality PVC home improvement products from some of the industry�s leading manufactures such as Deeplas, Freefoam and Brett Martin.

    �- High Quality Products
    �- Leading Brands
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    Being leading bespoke plastic fabricators in the UK, we have years of experience within the industry and have recently branched out adding commercial fabrications like Covid Safety Screens, Custom Made Machine Guards, Custom Machined Parts & Ad Lib Pig Feeders. If you have something you need fabricating our of plastic, Bliby Plastics can help.

    Fabrication and Machining Services
    As one of the markets leaders we have gained an enviable reputation for our design and manufacturing service.

    Bespoke Plastic Fabricators
    Serving a diverse range of industries including automotive, electrical, food, agricultural, transport, pharmaceutical and aerospace to name but a few we regularly manufacture bespoke products such as animal feeders, tanks, ducting, machine guards, Ad Lib pig feeders, Covid safety screens and custom machined parts.

    Covid Safety Screens
    Bliby Plastics ability for diversifying its manufacturing services also means we are able to provide a quick turnaround service for products such as Covid Safety Screens so if you have any requirements in this area please do not hesitate to get in touch. We have recently had an influx of orders for covid safety screens for many retail outlets like chip shops and convenience stores. Our covid safety screens are custom manufactured to suit your specific measurements and requirements.

    Ad Lib Pig Feeders
    Where animal feeders are concerned we pride ourselves on our ability to meet the specific needs of the agricultural industry. We are able to take flat sheets of a wide range of plastic materials and transform them into robust and long-lasting animal feeders and what's more at a competitive price.

    Custom Made Machined Parts
    As well as design and fabrication we offer you a customisation service for all of your plastic machined parts needs. Whatever your industry we offer machining, CNC routing, heat bending and die stamping services to name but a few.

    Custom Made Machine Guards
    If you're looking for machine guards to fit your specific machinery then look no more. Whether manufacturing machinery such as CNC equipment or safety guards for a conveyor system Bliby Plastics will meet all of your bespoke needs.

    Leading Distributor of uPVC Home Improvement Solutions

    Whatever your application or home improvement project we can help you save money on essentials, so whether its cladding, fascias, soffits, gutters, roofing, or drainage we deliver on all counts.

    Based in Kent we offer an exceptional range of great products and customer services including a reliable nationwide delivery service. Our wide experience gained over years in the industry also allows us to offer expert advice on all the products we supply so why not get in touch to find out more.

    - Guttering
    - Fascia
    - Soffit
    - Hygienic Cladding
    - Fortex Cladding
    - GEO Panel
    - Roofing
    - Twinson Decking
    - Trims
    - Plastic Sheets
    - General Accessories

    This is only a small sample of the wide range of high-quality products and services we have available. We're also continually adding new products to our online shop on a daily basis so why not head over there now to find out more.

    Areas Covered

    We offer bespoke plastic fabrication, custom machined parts, covid safety screens, custom made machine guards, ad lib pig feeders and home improvement products to the following locations and the rest of the UK:


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