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    NGK Berylco (UK) Ltd

    NGK Berylco (UK) Ltd are stockists of Beryllium Copper alloys. Since the company was established in 1986 we have become market leaders in the UK but have also established a reputation to supply customers worldwide when delivery and service are of prime importance. We hold in stock a range of Beryllium containing alloys. The main products forms being; strip, rod, bar, wire, hollows, master alloy.

    Berylco Alloys are preferred in critical applications ranging from miniature electronic connectors to aircraft bushings to oil field drill tool products. Applications can also be found in plastic and die cast mould tooling and non sparking hand tools.

    Beryllium Copper

    Beryllium Copper alloys processed by NGK provide a wide range of mechanical and electrical properties unique for copper alloys. Mechanical strength is achieved through the heat treatment process which ranks amongst the highest of all copper alloys. It also combines high electrical conductivity properties that far outperform other bronzes.

    Our Beryllium Copper Strip offers a range of properties particularly well suited for the exacting needs of many applications in the electronic, oil & gas, aeronautical, automotive, electro-chemical and watch industries. Widely used in applications such as connectors, contact springs and relays etc. This range from NGK is available in several tempers to meet these demands.

    Beryllium Copper Alloys are the most versatile of all copper alloy products and are ideal materials for the exacting requirements of many diverse markets and industrial applications. At NGK we supply a wide range of bar products in an equally wide range of specifications and sizes.

    NGK offers a comprehensive range of Beryllium Copper Rod products to meet the demands for cost, quality, reliability and general performance. By visiting our website you will find a range of PDF Brochure Downloads containing important data to provide all the essential information needed for your particular requirement. NGK can also supply profiles in square, hexagon and rectangular, cold drawn and hot worked so for more information please see our website.

    The Wire has similar properties to Beryllium Copper Alloys and combines formability with very high strength when age hardened to a maximum of 1750 MPa. It can also endure high bending stress, offer excellent performance at high temperatures and is extremely resistant to corrosion. We offer a range of Wire in diameters from 0.10 mm to 9.50mm although other diameters are available on request.

    The product range from NGK includes strips, rods, bars, wires, foundry alloys, chilli-vents, forged rods, profiles and plates. Beryllium Copper Plate is used extensively in the industrial sector for a whole range of applications. NGK supply one of the largest ranges of Copper Plate to meet these increasing demands so to find out more about our products please go to our website.

    Berylco Products are engineered to:

     • Offer the best combination of strength, ductility and conductivity
     • Sustain performance at higher temperatures
     • Excel in palatability and solderability
     • Reduce wear
     • Increase part life cycling
     • Meet severe fabrication operations to the most exacting specifications
     • Meet higher performance standards demanded by today’s technologies

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    Beryllium Copper Alloy Characteristics

    High Strength, Good Conductivity Alloys

    Berylco 25 alloy UNS C17200, can attain mechanical properties up to 200ksi and a hardness of RC 44. Berylco 33/25, UNS C17300 is a free machining version with the same characteristics as Berylco 25

    High Conductivity, Good Strength Alloys
    Berylco 10 and 14 alloys UNS C17500 and C17510 can obtain conductivity over 45% IACS and strengths up to 140ksi UTS. This combination of properties makes these alloys ideally suited for heat dissipating modules, resistance welding components and other electrical applications.

    High Strength and Elastic Modulus
    Beryllium Copper Alloys can attain high strengths through precipitation hardening. The strength of these alloys allow for the design of smaller, lighter components that can endure high bending stresses when used as a spring material. Typical applications include: springs, electrical switches, diaphragms, bellows, clips washers and connectors.

    High Fatigue Strength
    Beryllium Copper exhibits excellent resistance to fatigue strength under reverse bending (up to 45 ksi) which qualifies its use in applications where other alloys fail to provide the same level of reliability. Applications are varied & include: springs, electrical switches contacts, relays, connectors & washers.

    Spring Properties and Miniaturisation
    Beryllium copper can be machined into intricate shapes. Its machinability in the age hardened condition is comparable to many other copper base alloys and better than stainless steels. Its dimensional stability is far superior to any other copper base alloy.

    Abrasive Resistance

    It offers attractive wear resistant properties compared to other copper base alloys and many ferrous alloys because of its complex oxide transfer wear films. Typical applications are shell moulding, plastic moulds, injection moulding nozzles and cores, bearings and valves.

    Non - Magnetic
    Extremely useful for housing sensitive detectors affected by magnetic fields.

    Non- Sparking
    Beryllium copper is non-sparking and
    NGK Berylco produces safety tools for use in environments where flammable solvents, fuels, material, gases and residues are present, causing potential risk of sparks resulting in a fire or an explosion. While many non-ferrous alloys meet non sparking standards, only beryllium copper has the superior strength and hardness not found in safety tools made from aluminium, bronze, and brass. Berylco safety tools provide maximum torque and shear strength plus exceptional wear resistance. Typical uses are in mining, gas and petrochemical industries.

    Copper Nickel Tin alloys (CuNiSn)
    We now offer copper nickel tin alloys (GMX 96 & GMX 215) in bar and strip form which can meet the most demanding specifications of corrosion, resistance and friction. They provide a combination of high stress relaxation, high heat resistance and excellent thermal stability. Through age hardening CuNiSn strip can achieve the strength of 1200 N/mm2 and withstand very hard bending stress.

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