EFX Awards (Special EFX Ltd)

EFX Awards (Special EFX Ltd)

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    EFX Awards (Special EFX Ltd)

    EFX Take the Honours in Creative Award Design

    Creative Awards

    Unsurpassed in its ability to give a unique twist to any idea or concept, EFX leads the market in the production of the most spectacular show-stopping creative awards and honours, from unique design bespoke awards and miscellaneous awards including prestigious achievement awards, business awards, trophies, corporate gifts, medals and medal awards, plaque awards and business gifts.

    Visit www.efx.co.uk to find out more about EFX's advanced three-dimensional contemporary awards design services and high-tech award production facilities including its specialised awards casting and bespoke engraving capabilities.

    Personalised Awards & Trophies
    A personalisation service including laser engraving and laser marking enables bespoke awards, miscellaneous awards, business gifts, corporate gifts, engraved plaques and medal awards to be customised to suit each client's individual requirements.

    Market Leaders
    The market's leading trophy engravers with an unmatched reputation for the quality of its glass and crystal laser marking and bespoke engraving, EFX's unmatched award design services embraces engraved crystal glass awards, engraved plaques and plaque awards, medal awards and engraved trophies and personalised crystal, all ideal for use as achievement awards, recognition awards, team-leader awards, training awards, student awards, sales awards, sponsorship awards and sports awards.

    Working With Various Materials
    An unparalleled range of material options allied to the quality of EFX's awards design services enables unique awards and honours, business gifts and corporate gifts to be created for any event or industry with options including acrylic awards and acrylic trophies, engraved crystal glass awards, glass awards and, for the most notable occasions, gold awards, pewter awards and bronze awards.

    Providing Prestigious Awards
    The first choice creative awards and trophies, corporate gifts and business gifts supplier for blue-chip events and organisations worldwide, EFX is particularly renowned for its sports awards and trophies including its acclaimed tennis awards, golf awards, motoring awards, football trophies and rugby trophies.

    Prestigious sports awards and trophies commissioned include the Cola Cola Premier League Football trophies, the Autosport motoring awards, and the Birmingham City and recent Nike Show us Yours five-a-side football trophies. Other show-stopping sports awards that reflect the quality of EFX's creative design services include bespoke design tennis trophies celebrating the famous international Blackrock and Stella Artois tournaments, and a stunning collection of pewter awards for presentation to the the winners of the Mercedes amateur golf tournament.

    EFX's dominance of the market is not limited solely to the creation of the most inspired bespoke design awards and trophies but also extends to the production of innovative corporate gifts, business gifts, table gifts and speakers gifts and giftware including tankards, flasks and crystal glassware, personalised crystal and laser engraved metal gifts.


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    1. Acrylic Awards
    2. Aluminium Awards
    3. Architectural Awards
    4. Awards
    5. Awards And Honours
    6. Awards And Trophies
    7. Awards Medals
    8. Awards Trophies
    9. Bespoke Awards
    10. Bespoke Golf Trophies
    11. Bespoke Sports Trophies
    12. Bronze Awards
    13. Business Awards
    14. Castings
    15. Champions Trophies
    16. Circular Awards
    17. Consumer Awards
    18. Corporate Awards
    19. Corporate Gifts
    20. Corporate Trophies
    21. Crystal Trophies
    22. Custom Sports Trophies
    23. Customer Service Awards
    24. Cylindrical Awards
    25. Digital Awards
    26. Eco Awards
    27. Encapsulations
    28. Engineering Awards
    29. Engraved Awards
    30. Engraved Trophies
    31. Engraving
    32. Executive Awards
    33. Financial Awards
    34. Financial Services Awards
    35. Football Awards
    36. Football Trophies
    37. Glass Trophies
    38. Global Awards
    39. Globe Awards
    40. Gold Medals
    41. Golf Awards
    42. Golf Trophies
    43. Golf Trophies Distributer
    44. Golf Trophies Manufacturer
    45. Golf Trophies Supplier
    46. Golfing Trophies
    47. Health And Safety Awards
    48. Highly Commended Awards
    49. Incentive Gifts
    50. International Awards
    51. IT Awards
    52. Manufacturing Awards
    53. Marble Trophies
    54. Marketing Awards
    55. Media Awards
    56. Medical Awards
    57. Miniatures
    58. Miscellaneous Awards
    59. Online Awards
    60. Paperweights
    61. Partner Awards
    62. Personalised Crystal
    63. Pewter Awards
    64. Plaque Awards
    65. Plaques
    66. Printed Awards
    67. Printing Awards
    68. Professional Awards
    69. Promotional Gifts
    70. Promotional Golf Trophies
    71. Property Awards
    72. Public Sector Awards
    73. Recognition Awards
    74. Recruitment Awards
    75. Rectangular Awards
    76. Recycled Awards
    77. Regional Awards
    78. Renewable Awards
    79. Resin Awards
    80. Restaurant Awards
    81. Retail Awards
    82. Round Awards
    83. Rugby Trophies
    84. Runners Up Awards
    85. Sales Awards
    86. School Awards
    87. Silver Awards
    88. Silver Trophies
    89. Sponsorship Awards
    90. Sports Awards
    91. Sports Trophies
    92. Sports Trophies Distributer
    93. Sports Trophies Manufacturer
    94. Sports Trophies Reseller
    95. Stainless Steel Awards
    96. Star Awards
    97. Subcontract Laser Engraving
    98. Supplier Awards
    99. Timber Awards
    100. Training Awards
    101. Trophies
    102. Trophies Online
    103. Trophy
    104. Trophy Distributors
    105. Trophy Manufacturer
    106. Trophy Manufacturers
    107. Trophy Supplier
    108. Trophy Suppliers
    109. Uk Trophies Awards
    110. University Awards
    111. Utility Awards
    112. Web Awards
    113. Wholesale Awards
    114. Winner Awards
    115. Wooden Awards

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